The Anatomy of Islamic Espionage and Sabotage

via Dr. Babu Suseelan published on June 12, 2007



Islam lays claim to a glorious history. Islam has seen victory after victory during their earlier conquest and destruction of ancient civilizations. This is merely an attempt to prettify itself a brilliant Islamic image in the eyes of innocent people. As a matter of fact, Islam has no glory to advertise at all.


The most prominent characteristics of Islam is its eternal Jihad war. Establishment of Dar-ul-Islam has been Islam’s highest goal since its inception. In recent years, Islam has been infiltrating every parts of the world like a cancer cell and grows malignantly beyond control. Democratic nations are unable to prevent Islamic infiltration or stop its expansion. Much of democratic societies have been flooded with Jihadi terrorists or Islamic elements. These Islamic elements are further strengthened by leftist liberals, phony intellectuals, liberal media, pseudo secular political leaders and Communist academicians. These leftist liberal groups have established an unholy nexus with Islamic fascists. They do not believe in any generally recognized principles of morality and justice. All of their principles are used entirely for supporting Jihadi terrorists not the victims of Islamic terrorism. They keep changing their surface appearance by putting on new clothes. This Janus face of leftist liberals provides various forms of opportunity for Jihadis to gather more power and strengthening its operation and pursuit of evil Islamic goals.




Muslims are eager to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that Islam is peace. But their goal is the forceful overthrow of all existing social structures. Violence, intimidation, and terror are the main means by which Islam gained power in the past. This character trait has been passed on to all subsequent form of Islam since its birth. Islam grew out of the use of violence against infidels. During the past 1,200 years, Islam has slaughtered over 100 million infidels. Muslims want to either convert or annihilate all infidels by force.


Mohammad established an Islamic empire by murdering Jews, Christians and Pagans. Therefore, Muslims naturally inherited the willingness to kill. During colonialism, Westerners used violence to gain political power. But there has never been a political ideology disguised as a religion as eager to kill as Islam. One of the theological theory Muslims use is to divide humanity into two camps: Dar-Ul-Harb and Dar-Ul-Islam. Muslims want to establish Dar-Ul-Islam by forcefully converting all infidels.


The power of Islam over the individual results from Islamic religious school’s prolonged course of indoctrination. The brainwashing starts in schools, mosques, where Mullah sanctioned answers are rewarded, answers that do not comply with commonsense or human nature. Muslims receive Islamic indoctrination when they attend primary school, middle school and the way to college, and they learn Mullah sanctioned standard answers, otherwise, they are brutally punished. A Muslim must remain consistent with Islamic line when speaking publicly, no matter how he feels privately. Mullahs control power on top of controlling the entire life of a Muslim. This unique structure of indoctrination, threats and punishment is the most important feature of Islam.


Today, Islam has degenerated into a fascist political ideology struggling to promote terrorism, violence, hatred and bigotry. Islam is not interested in pursuing any lofty goals of democracy, freedom, peace, tolerance, human rights and coexistence. Islamic rigidity, fanatic belief system, indoctrination, and oppression and unconditional conformity has not changed. Islam still situating itself above humanity and human nature, removes any Muslim deemed detrimental or potentially detrimental to its own rigid system.




Islam does not hold universal standards for human rights. The concepts of good and evil, as well as all civil and family laws, criminal justice administration and judicial proceeding, and rules are arbitrarily manipulated by Islamic Mullahs. Benevolence, pardon, righteousness, wisdom, tolerance, coexistence, and freedom are all good, but not applicable when Mullahs are not willing or do not want to consider these virtues. Islam completely rejects the universal standards of human rights, religious rights of non-Muslims and women’s rights, independent judiciary and equal opportunity for all citizens.




The history of Islam shows a process of its gradual accumulation of every kind of brutality and wickedness after Mohammed invaded Mecca and Medina. Islam, after the death of Mohammed has perfected its inherited wicked traits with deceit, incitement, espionage, robbery, targeted assassination, violence, terror and mass murder. For hundreds of years, Islam has consolidated and strengthened its power and reach and solidified its malignant characteristics.


Ruthless and violent followers of Mohammed destroyed ancient civilizations in Babylonia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Persia, Afghanistan, and North Western India. Islamic theory of violence has no antecedent in any earlier systems of thought, philosophy or tradition. The Islamic brutality fell upon on several countries as if from nowhere.


Islam forcefully converted traditional, peace loving people with the sword, liberated them from their life sustaining moral standards, and enslaved them with the absurd, rigid, fanatic, dualistic and violent Islamic ideology. Islamic fascists presented the fantasy of an Islamic paradise and indoctrinated converted people, and severed the lifeline that connected the traditional peace loving people. Islam through deceit, incitement, assassination and mass murder robbed their wealth, and plundered their traditional land. Islam has done many things with absolute cruelty and genocide. A reign of terror was used to eliminate philosophers, poets, intellectuals, artists and free thinkers–to achieve a single Islamic goal, to control the populace through the use of terror.




Islam has used a two sided strategy, one side soft and flexible. It is meant for softening non-believers in democratic countries and the other hard and stern for Muslims in the Mosques. The softer strategy includes propaganda that Islam is peace, justice, fairness, equal opportunity and brotherhood. This is a dress rehearsal for softening innocent people for the final Islamic assault. Propaganda is an attempt to infiltrate, penetrate and subvert infidel societies. The success of the Islamic mission depends on capturing infidel’s stronghold from within. To this end, Muslims employ a variety of techniques. They are in the market places of America, Latin America, Africa, Europe and India in social organizations, in correctional institutions, in the U.N, on street corners, even at social organizations, academia, political parties and the media. The ultimate aim of Islam is to establish Dar-Ul-Islam where sharia law will be the rule of law and non-believers will be Dhimmis.


To achieve the long-range goal, Islamic fascists and their leftist cohorts carefully, attentively and skilfully take advantage of democracy, secular laws and use anything to advance the ultimate goal of establishing Dar-Ul-Islam. Their obligation to defend Islam dictates their tactics in seeking to obstruct and undermine public confidence in social policy. In seeking to curry favour with leftist liberals, Muslims employ tactics bringing attention to social problems including Alcohol and other Drugs addiction, divorce, crime and taxes to incite and agitate the public.


Islamic fascists have long followed the practice of making full use of democratic liberties, judicial procedure, civil laws, lawful agitation, propaganda and free speech and social programs. However, if it will help, Islamic fascists don’t hesitate to use illegal methods, such as underground operations, riots, violence, terrorism, mass agitation, targeted assassination, kidnapping and public beheading. To the Islamic fronts, everything that promotes their goal is moral, legal and justified.




To understand Islamic strategy, tactics and game as designed to destroy liberty and democracy, we must understand Islamic indoctrination techniques. The Koran and Hadith contain contagious patterns of cultural information that are passed from mind to mind which directly shape and propagate deviant actions. The Koran contains catchy phrases, behaviour norms, rituals, dress codes and rituals. Islam amplifies these behaviors through replication and through rote learning at Islamic religious institutions. Islamic schools and Mosques provide ideal conditions for propagating and dispersing Koranic mind viruses. Islamic organizations provide affinity spaces by means of shared activities, Islamic ‘talking points’ and propaganda platform-designed for deceptive and specialized appeal aimed to advance Islamic causes.


Islamic front organizations provide tunes, ideas, catch phrases, clothes fashions, and living structures. These Islamic memes planted in the mind of Muslims literally parasitize their brain, turning it into a vehicle for the propagation. These Islamic ideas or memes mutate and is spread like a computer virus. The Islamic cognitive and behaviour pattern is transmitted among Muslims and they act as a carrier of the meme. This process of self-reproduction of Islamic memes becomes contagious. They are replicated in unlimited ways by communication between Muslims through internet, media and indoctrination session at the Mosques.


Islamic religious organizations and Mullahs are very effective in enforcing Islamic memes, codes, and ideas with threat and intimidation. Muslims are told that they will suffer ghastly torments of Allah after death if they violate Islamic principles. This is particularly a nasty technique of persuasion, indoctrination, causing great psychological damage. But it is highly effective. Ruthless Mullahs enforce irrational blind faith by Fatwa. Islam allows murder of those Muslims categorized as apostate and those who renounce Islam. Thus Islam maintains the meme machine and turn it against infidels.




W should be aware of and guard against political correctness and moralizing politicians who promote Islamic atrocities in the name of free speech. The pressure on ordinary citizens in democratic countries from pseudo secular, Islam sympathizing politicians and phony leftist liberals to tolerate Jihadi terrorists has greatly weakened the resolve to confront the evil specter of Islam. Recently, Jihadi terrorists and their front organizations have made significant gains and there is no reason to expect the pressure from leftist media and liberal politicians to tolerate intolerance of Islamists to diminish. They are firmly rooted in the phony root social cause theory of Jihadi terrorism. Leftist liberal ideas reflect the continuing tendency of supporting hate filled policies of the Islamic fascists.


A population buffeted by transitional morality on all sides and educated to tolerate intolerance will be reluctant to confront Islamic political dogma disguised in ecclesial terminology. The underlying strength of the western democracy, freedom of speech and multiculturalism has permitted glib Islamic fascists to promote the Koranic hatred and bigotry by propaganda and deceit. This will bring about a resurgence of Islamic politics that are tricky and dangerous. Given the explosive Islamic forces lying so near the surface in democratic countries, one cannot discount the potential for a sweeping transformation of the political scene by a political movement that is neither liberal nor passive. This is critical for the maintenance of democracy, freedom and preservation of our culture. The time has come for a decisive action. It is time to abandon for good all illusions about Islam.


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