The 4 Gs of Hinduism

via Dr.Vijaya Rajiva published on November 29, 2010

This is the title of journalist Vir Sanghvi’s video (Hindustan Times,2008). It is a short but telling video, done before the allegations concerning his involvement with the Niira Radia tapes. He has written a response to this allegation on his website ( The present writer believes in giving him the benefit of the doubt, based on a viewing of the above video. Could such a person be involved in the monumental skullduggery of the lobbyist Radia ? In the video he mentions the 4 Gs: Ganga, Gayatri,Gita and Gau.

Ofcourse, he could be a split personality, but one doubts it. And his response is definitely better than the legalistic one put out by Barkha Dutt (also allegedly involved with the Radia enterprise) on NDTV.  Her defence is that she was merely engaged in journalistic enquiries.And certainly, neither of the two seem to have become involved in any monetary wheelerdealering. There are some reports ,though, which suggest monetary involvement also (www.powerbuzz).

Two journalists, Shri Shankarshan Thakur and especially Shri Gopikrishna of The Pioneer have rendered yeoman service by breaking the story. The latter has been working diligently to expose the scamsters and their connections. The nation also owes an indebtedness to Dr. Subramanian Swamy for writing to the PM regarding the need to prosecute A. Raja.

The Open magazine and Outlookindia have done a service to the nation by a detailed publication of the infamous Radia tapes. Editor Vinod Mehta pointed out to The Hindu that the intention was not to be judgmental but to present the public with the available information. Many responsible journalists have raised the question of where the lakshman rekha should be drawn between collecting information and catering to lobbyists.

Most recently Karan Thapar has a panel discussion on Vir Sanghvi and Barkha Dutt on CNNIBN. This is interesting because Rajdeep Sardesai of CNNIBN is one of the few top journalists who have been moderate in discussing the two journalists. Both Manoj Joseph (Open Magazine) and N.Ram of The Hindu have been very critical of the two journalists.

Be that as it may, for Bharat’s citizens the important thing is not only to bring the individuals involved in the most massive post independence scam of the last 60 plus years to justice and retrieve the staggering amount of money lost to the national exchequer (Rs.1,760,00,00,00,000) but also follow the money trail of bribes to their sources in the venal and corrupt government at New Delhi. This task cannot be foregone under any circumstances. Dr. Subramanian Swamy and other intrepid journalists and citizens are on the right track. His current explosive letter to the PM has to be taken seriously, if only because Dr.Swamy if a formidable antagonist and is very well prepared for any legalistic legerdemain from the opposition.

But concurrently, the nation must focus on what Baba Ramdev has sagely said: “We will have to work to save the country if the Government fails to enact a law against corruption.”

The present writer has suggested that the nation pay heed to Hanumanji’s prayer that
Lord Rama return to Bharat. Ayodhya is the symbol of righteous and dharmic governance. The long night of the two Occupations is over and the country must now take itself in hand and concentrate on the rebuilding of the nation which has been sadly damaged by the present UPA government.

Here, the question that needs to be addressed is whether the central government should follow a consistent model of development. It calls for a combination of the Modi-Nitish model of industrial development (Gujarat has emphasized agriculture also) and an old fashioned savings economy and a Gandhian style village economy such as those practiced by the Gram Vikas projects. These self help village economies can be linked to the larger industrial/urban economy in a variety of ways. There are also the self sufficient village economies initiated by individuals affiliated to the Sangh Parivar.

Baba Ramdev had such models in mind when he set out to bring yoga and ayurveda to the villages. And increasingly the integrated system of western and Indian medicine is being seen as an alternative to the depredations of the big pharmaceutical companies.

The Left seems to have shed some of its redundant baggage. It is not clear whether they are prepared to team up with what they perceive as ‘Hindutva’ forces. In a sense they are hamstrung by certain aspects of their Marxian legacy. While that world historical figure undertook a prodigious critique of predatory capitalism, his pronouncements on India were not always accurate. Take for instance his misguided humanism, the thesis that man is the measure of all things (a philosophy borrowed from the Greek sophist Protagoras).

While he castigated Britain for its exploitation of India he also added that on the whole British rule was a progressive force in India where Man who should be the master of Nature falls on his knees before Hanuman the monkey and Sabala the cow !

This is the opposite of the Vedic message where all beings in the universe are equal.
A resurgent Hinduism should build on this foundation and the Sangh’s efforts in this direction (abolition of caste) are exemplary. The Left should also abandon the misplaced criticism of  alleged survivals of feudalism in the Hindutva platform. This feudalism is also opposed by the Sangh, especially the RSS.

Can the BJP rise to the occasion or will it forever be caught in the dilemma of being a Congress B Team? Can the majority Hindus of the nation take seriously the 4 Gs of Hinduism ?  Theirs is the highest responsibility since Dharma cannot be followed without the deep devotion that Hanumanji represents. Ayodhya has not only to be dreamed about but fought for by dharmic warriors who will unflinchingly defend the Indian Constitution and implement its directives and principles. These are part and parcel of the 4 Gs.

(The writer is a Political Philosopher who taught at a Canadian university).

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