“Thar!! Blows the Secular Delphic Oracle” –

via H Balakrishnan published on April 1, 2009



This has reference to  ‘ secular fundamentalist Delphic

Oracle ‘ Bee Gee Vee’s column –

It is mostly maya ” – (TNIE – 01 Apr).
I must confess that the ‘ fulminations ‘ of this
crass ‘fundamentalist’ was anticipated in the light of events of the
past few days !! It is the usual mix of  ‘secular fulminations ‘ and
for garnishings – a wee bit of other issues like NREGS and the ‘ nuke
deal ‘.

How can this ‘SECULAR Kerala Christian chauvinist ‘ not include ‘Gujarat’?  His column cannot be comlete, otherwise!! Same goes for ‘Hindu Bashing’ !! 
However, our ‘secular worthy’ casts a Nelsonian eye to a recent opinion
poll survey of the ‘Hell on Earth’ – Gujarat!! The report stated:

” According to the
poll, 51 percent respondents said the government has done a good job on
the front of communal harmony and over 85 percent stated that Muslims
do feel
safe in the state.”

  Now, would our
‘secular fundamentalist ‘ dub this poll as ‘communal’, even if it was
undertaken by the ‘secular and Congress biased NDTV’??
Again a well known sociologist academic had
recently written in the  ‘ secular English media ‘ an interesting
Article on Gujarat, where he concludes : ” Where then is that fundamentalism
is supposedly breeding in the smouldering slums of Ahmedabad? In fact,
if anything, it is just the reverse. Instead of Islamic terror becoming
an election issue, why not this move among Muslims to develop and
integrate? Is this not what they are beaming to us from Gujarat?”
However , our ‘double-speaking secular worthy’,  in
his blind praise for the Congress conveniently suffers from a bout of
‘selective amnesia’!! 

The Congress believes that it will be able
to consolidate the votes of Muslims by striking a deal with a Muslim
organisation headed by a maulana who had openly called for the
assassination of Mr George W Bush while the former US President was
visiting India in March 2006 and offered a reward of Rs 25 crore to
anybody who would undertake the ‘holy mission’.
 ‘Secular Maya ‘ , one presumes !!
Thats not all. The Congress’s alliance with
Ittehad-e-Millat Council is of a piece with its strategic decision to
pander to the community’s lowest common denominator by lacing its poll
with hate speech meant to rouse communal passions and thus consolidate
the ‘Muslim vote’. On March 15, the Congress held an election meeting
at the ground adjacent to the
Jama Masjid in Chandigarh. Ms
Mohsina Kidwai, a senior Congress leader, Mr Imran Kidwai, chairman of
the AICC’s Minorities Cell, and Mr Pawan Kumar Bansal, Minister of
State for
Finance and Parliamentary Affairs in the UPA Government
and the Congress candidate for Chandigarh parliamentary constituency
addressed the meeting, largely attended by Muslims. And what did Mr Imran Kidwai say in his fire-and-brimstone speech, seeking the votes of Muslims for the Congress?“Arre
mujhe to badaa afsos hai yaaron… ki main mufti nahi hoon. Pawan Bhai,
main mufti nahin hoon iska mujhe badaa afsos hai, kyunki mufti log
hamare yahaan fatwa wohi de sakte hain. Aur agar main mufti hota to
sirf ek fatwa deta main. Aur fatwa yeh deta, ki Musalmaan ka BJP ke
saath jaana kufr ke baraabar hai… aur main yeh saabit kar sakta
hoon… yeh aise hi nahi keh raha hoon main…” (I regret that I am not
a mufti… Pawan Bhai, I truly regret I am not a mufti, because a mufti
alone can issue a fatwa… Had I been a mufti, I would have issued a
fatwa that for Muslims to go with the BJP is similar to going with
Again, par for the ‘secular course’, one presumes!! Only Varun Gandhi is at fault in ‘secular eyes’!!
Also, the English daily Mumbai Mirror in its edition of 29 Mar 2009, had reported ” Ulema vow to defeat Cong-NCP “, and written : ” Angry with the Congress for not giving tickets to
and for not accommodating Muslim candidates from other ‘secular’
parties, a section of the city’s ulema on Saturday resolved to work for
the defeat of the Congress-NCP combine – unless it declared the names
of at least five Muslim candidates from Maharashtra by April 2. The
meet, called by Maulana Ather Ali of the All India Ulema Council,who
had contested as a Samajwadi Party candidate in the 2004 Assembly
polls, also vowed to ensure the victory of the two prominent Muslim
candidates from Mumbai: the Samajwadi Party’s Abu Asim Azmi, standing
from Mumbai North West, and the BSP’s Mohammed Ali Shaikh, contesting
from Mumbai South “.
Once again – par for the ‘secular course’!!
However, I harbour no doubts, if a Hindu seer had uttered anything similar , the ‘secular Heavens would have fallen’!!
Similarly, in Kerala , Christian priests have been
telling their ‘flock’ about whom to vote for or against, on just ONE
ISSUE – whether that political party has given a ‘ticket’ to a
Christian or not!! That, one presumes again, is ‘real and true secularism’ of the ‘Bee Gee Vee Order’ !!
Bee Gee Vee has been repeatedly fulminating against
the BJP in his columns in your paper todate. Now that makes me wonder
what he has to say, when Cardinal Mar Varkey Vithayathil
in his book ‘Straight From Heart ‘, wrote as follows about the BJP:
‘The commendable thing about the party [ BJP ] is that they want to
preserve the good aspects of Indian culture like modesty of women and
promoting certain moral values, for which they would opt for stricter
media censorship. For them religion is very important and they support
democracy and human rights “. Further, the Cardinal wrote:
” ‘Besides protecting ancient culture and heritage of India, like
Vedas, Upanishads and the great philosophical teachings to the six
systems of Indian philosophy, BJP respects, preserves and promotes
knowledge of Sanskrit and Ayurveda “.

” Amen ” – (pun intended) !!
From matters ‘secular’, to the social issue of the
NREGS. Bee Gee Vee, would have your readers believe that ‘Milk &
Honey’ are indeed flowing in the districts where this scheme
has been in progress!! Interestingly , here is a report from a ‘secular English daily ‘ dated 20 Mar 2009 :
Widespread poverty in the villages of largely arid Mahendergarh
district of Haryana ensured that it was the first district to be
brought under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS)
when it was introduced in the state in February 2006. In view of an
acute water shortage, the scheme mainly targeted digging of ponds. But
three years hence, the water shortage and poverty remain as pronounced,
and the ponds are testaments to implementation failure.These ponds,
constructed at a cost of Rs 8.37 crore in 2006-08, are without water.”
Continuing, the report in this English daily stated:
A recent report of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has
described this expenditure as “without planning and infructuous”. As
Jagbans Singh, Accountant General (Audit), Haryana, says, “While
approving these ponds, some basic factors like whether they are
required or not, what is the source of water etc were not taken into
account. Inexplicably, the opinion of the engineer-in- chief of the
Irrigation Department was not respected either. He duly intimated the
Revenue Department that the area was undulating and sandy, so
construction of pucca water courses with pipes would be required for
filling these ponds with water, for which additional financial
assistance was never approved. Today, ponds dug in 10 villages are
without water.”

It is not for nothing the journalist Swapan Dasgupta had dubbed the NREGS,
at its conception,
as the “National Corruption Guarantee Scheme” in one of his Articles . It has lived up to that billing!!

But to Bee Gee Vee – successful it is!! JAI HO


press.com/ news/nregs- telltale- empty-ponds- empty-promises- in-haryana/ 436730/)
us now cast our glance at the ‘Nuke Power’ that is going to light all
our homes , according to the Delphic Oracle!! The ‘naysayers’ to the
deal had repeatedly cautioned the Govt. in Parliament about NPT once
the deal went through. That fear has started to come true. Reuters, in a recent report from Washington D.C. had reported: ” The Obama administration
to build on a U.S.-India civilian nuclear power deal to work with the
India to strengthen the global non-proliferation system, a senior U.S.
diplomat said on Monday.U.S. Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg
said the 2005 atomic power deal allowing New Delhi to import nuclear
technology after a 33-year freeze gave both countries a duty to shore
up the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty system.” Both the United States
and India have the responsibility to help to craft a strengthened NPT
regime to foster safe, affordable nuclear power to help the globe’s
energy and environment needs, while assuring against the
spread of nuclear weapons,” he said.

Shorn of the ‘diplomatese’ – it tells India – “Sign the NPT or

else – -“.
Now to the interesting part!! In an enlightening expose in the Huffington Post of 25 Mar 2009,entitled – France’s Nuke Power Poster Child has a Money Melt-Down – Harvey Wasserman wrote :
The myth of a successful nuclear power industry in France has melted
into financial chaos. With it dies the corporate-hyped poster child for
a “nuclear renaissance” of new reactor construction that is drowning in
red ink and radioactive waste. Areva, France’s
nationally-owned corporate atomic facade, has plunged into a deep
financial crisis led by a devastating shortage of cash. Electricite de
France, the French national utility, has been raided by European Union
officials charging that its price-fixing may be undermining competition
throughout the continent. Delays and cost overruns continue to escalate
at Areva’s catastrophic Olkiluoto reactor construction project in
Finland. Areva has admitted to a $2.2 billion, or 55%, cost increase in
the Finnish building site after three and a half years. The Flamanville
project — the only one now being built in France — is already over $1
billion more expensive than projected after a single year under
construction “.
And AREVA is bidding for the reactors to be set up in Mahrashtra near Ratnagiri!!  But
to Bee Gee Vee it : ” – – is a boon, will assist progress towards
medium-long term energy security at lower carbon cost – -.”

Dear Sir, your paper solicits ‘ feedbacks ‘ from your readers.


Here is mine on the Delphic Oracle. He writes a load of  ‘ Secular Bullshit & Poppycock ‘.
Vande Mataram

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