Thank You Barkha, Thank you NDTV !

via HK published on March 23, 2009

Thank you !!

That goes out to Barkha Dutt for reminding Varun Gandhi and the nation on national TV that he is Feroze Varun Gandhi and he is only 25% Hindu as his grand father was a muslim.

That again goes out to her and her co-panalists for reminding Varun and the nation that a ‘Gandhi’ tag can win the top posts in the Congress party but not in the mind of the nation. Thanks for reminding the Gandhi clan that they can’t use the name tag simply to play politics alone.

She should have also reminded Varun that he or anyone in the Nehru family can’t use the ‘Gandhi’ tag as Feroz’s father’s surname was Ghandy and not Gandhi. His father converted to Islam from being a parsi before marriage. So Feroz was a muslim. And Indira Priyadarshini Nehru threw the Nehru tag after marraige and may be possible conversion and took a modified version of Ghandy to suit her political ambitions as per the special directions of none other than Mohandas Karachand Gandhi.So the Nehru’s have nothing to do with the Gandhi’s.

The nation needs to be told if this family is a muslim, hindu or christian family. We are a secular nation and it doesn’t bother us what religion they follow. And the Ghandy family need not worry about their religion either. If Varun Gandhy comes forward to say he is a proud Hindu, who gets hurt?

Why won’t Hindus get hurt when the communists run to the bishop to seek his blessings in the election or when the Church tells the Congress who to put up for elections?


Why won’t Hindus get hurt when Sonia Maino Gandhy calling Narendra Modi a blood sucker is and a man standing up for the Hindu community is a communalist.


Why Mulayam distributing money at a function isn’t not a national issue or violation of Poll norms for EC, but Varun’s is?


Why won’t the Hindus be hurt when a terrorist who attacked the nation’s parliament is not hanged and supported by secular hum right activists simply because it could lead to communal tensions?


Why won’t the Hindus be hurt when our external minister of state has taken innumerable trip to the middle east and has almost always went there for the cause of the Muslim community. He should he called India’s Muslim Minister.

The panelists also were shocked that a person considered as an intellectual and a poet stand up for the Hindus. We have no dearth of intellectuals who have come forward for the Hindus including Swami Vivekananda. Vajpayee is a great poet and has stood up for the Hindus all his life.


In this count Barhkha Dutt and her channel will have to line up a whole lot of intellectual communalists !

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