Terrorism = Jihadi Islam

published on November 22, 2009

The main debate going on through out the world (except the strangled Arab world) is whether Islam, as it is now, is a religion of peace. With new incidents (like Major Hassan) and new revelations (like David Hedley and Rana) everyday, it is almost impossible for politicians, lawmakers and rulers to keep away from such a debate. It is no wonder that someone like Ram Jethmalani decided to shout to the entire judicial world that the ‘King is indeed stark naked’. Rulers of Saudi Arabia , the fountainhead of Islam, are making no efforts to correct the mistakes in the practice of Islam. On the contrary, it is pumping billions of petro-dollars in aiding and abetting terrorism and misery throughout the world while a vast majority of own people are suffering due to hunger for food, freedom and knowledge.

In the very near future, India , Israel and USA , the three major sufferers from Jihadi terrorism will be left with no alternative but to confront the invisible enemy head on. Middle East countries, led by Saudi, are providing safe haven and money for sponsors of terrorism in these three countries. The entire setup works on the basis of a dangerous religious ideology of Jihadi Islam. Nationals from these victim nations are brain washed and used to create bomb blasts that kills thousands every year. These unpatriotic anti-nationals are not only provided prize monies but safe accommodation in the Middle East for intermittent rest until they do it again and again. Almost all the well known anti-nationals in India are having their own accommodation, business and respectable addresses in Dubai and Saudi. How long can this go on?

The intensity of Jihadi Islam is increasing day by day. Indians are used to living in unsafe and deprived conditions. And only a small section of Indian ruling elite is really bothered about the safety and well being of Indian nationals. But that is not the case with USA and Israel . Fear is growing within US society everyday. Every US Muslim is a potential killer and very soon they will start doubting their own President Hussein. Decline of a mighty nation that had shown the guts to stand up to evils like Nazism, Fascism and Jihadism will be faster than we expect. And that is exactly what the proponents of Jihadi Islam want. The one and only way to avoid such a catastrophe is to nip the terrible phenomenon without anymore delay. Declare Jihadi Islam as unwanted and unacceptable to the civilized world. UN must take the lead in directing reforms in Islam and strong punishment for erring nations. Any nation aiding and abetting terrorism for whatever reasons must be erased from the world map.

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