Ten Communist Treacheries

via M.P.Ajithkumar* published on November 5, 2015

Soviet historians Berkin and Polyakov described World War II “The Great Patriotic War of the Soviet People”. “The Soviet people”, they write “rose in arms to a man in the great patriotic war against the Nazi invaders … Army and civilians joined in the heroic defence of their cities, laying down their lives to save their country”.  But one may not misconstrue that the Communists everywhere, especially those of India were patriots like the Russians.

Indian Communist movement right from its inception was anti-national. Whenever an issue of Communist fatherlands outside India Vs Indian nationalism occurred, the Indian Communists declined the Indian cause. When Gandhiji led the Civil Disobedience Movement the Communist were found nowhere in the picture. When the Father of the Nation launched the Swadeshi and boycott of foreign goods the Communists sported foreign suits as a gesture of solidarity with the textile workers of Lancashire. When Gandhiji educated people on methods of non-violence Communists asserted academically the right to use violence. Directed by Moscow, Indian Communists insulted on the sands of Chowpathy in Bombay the national flag of India yet to be born.

Outbreak of World War II exposed Communists’ double dealing. When the Soviet Russia was an ally of Germany in the war the Communists pooh-poohed the British war against the Russian-German front as ‘Imperialist war’. But when Russia left the German front following the German attack on Russia in 1941 and joined the British, Indian Communists lauded the same war as ‘People’s war’. They sided with England which was now the ally of Russia, their Communist fatherland. Imperialist War became overnight the People’s War by the magic of Communism! Having allied with the British government in India, CPI audaciously supported England. They backtracked from and backstabbed Quit India Movement and disparaged Mahatma Gandhi a ‘bourgeoisie’.  Introduced by the British Indian Home Secretary, Reginald Maxwell, the CPI General Secretary P. C. Joshi met the South East Asian Command and offered communist spy work to sabotage Indian freedom movement. He offered unconditional help to fight anti-British forces in India including the Indian National Army of Subhash Chandra Bose whom they dubbed a ‘Fascist Stooge’. They cartooned Netaji as the donkey carrying Japanese Premier, Tojo and offered help to arrest him. The CPI General Secretary described Gandhiji and Netaji as ‘traitors’ and ‘fifth columnists’ since they were fighting England, now an ally of Soviet Russia!

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