Television in India dooms our kids

published on July 22, 2013

On a recent visit to India, I have visited a prestigious school. I asked the question: How many of you have read “Panhathantra”and  Saroupadesha Kathakal”. The answer was no. None of the students and teachers ever read Panhathantra and “saroUpadesha Kathakal”. I bought several Hundreds of Hindu books including Panchatantra and SaroUpadesha kathakal to students. I have illustrated this event only to show that our kid’s attention span has reduced due to excessive watching of television.
Television has become the most powerful medium in India.  The television  industry generates crores of rupees every year. Television has become an Indian pastime and it is part of the urban Indian family. Family members learn important lessons, values, guidelines, social codes and norms from Television. For many Indian citizens, television is the only contact with the outside world. In many families, television like Manorma TV, (Christian) Jeevan TV (Christian) Jaya TV (AIDMK) Surya (DMK) DOOR DARSAN (Bogus Secular Government) Kairali TV (Marxist) has replaced the local library, community activities and family gatherings. These television channels present distorted stories of our Puranas, and Ithiahasas. Meaningless, immoral and vulgar stories are presented to the general public. These deviant, deliberately cooked up shows, distorted, and unethical pictures and characters are embedded in the Indian consciousness. 

Indian people are addicted to Television. It is very disturbing. Our kids, and grown up adults have no time to read, debate, argue, or to form their own opinions on local, national and world events. Television experts provide the viewers ready- made answers from childbirth, marriage, life span development to death and dying.

In a mad rush to grab viewers, television companies are employing “Television shockers”. The Television and their “shockers” pollute the air-waves with “shock waves”. The anti-national, anti-Hindu “Talk show” hosts discuss openly vulgar topics to the point that common decency has disappeared from Indian Television. Traditional family values, spiritual values, corruption in India, Jihad terrorism, bus hijacking by Islamists, coercive religious conversion and looting of money from the treasury are never television theme.

Guest on many evening programs never go deep into the national malady affecting the nation. Televisionon management deliberately ignores important issues. Television shock shows present an unending series of crime thrillers with seductive sex images and tantalizing sex stories. Even most disturbing is that television grants undue publicity to criminals, fraudsters, smugglers, counterfeit Pakistan printed currency distributors and crooked politicians.

 To win the television battle, program directors are very eager to present anti-heroes. In such shows family and our sacred Vedic values are reversed. The concept of duty, karma, Mokasha and Jnana,Gurus, goodness, our spiritual practices, beauty, rights, morality, ethical practices, and family virtue are reduced.

How can we stop the destructive nature of Indian television? This is a terrible misuse of freedom. It is a war against our sacred land, our Dharma, and Hindu values.

Indian children watch an average of twenty thousand murders and violent scenes on TV before they reach the age of 18. Imagine, during the formatting years what type of Kids are developed. How are we going to free the minds of our children from grotesque TV images? Unless we change  the content and style of TV, our children are doomed.

The government and responsible citizens have the duty and obligation to stop the TV nonsense. The public should demand decency and decorum in television. The future of India depends on moving from the shadows of the television screen to the limelight of truth.

How can the citizens expect to have decent television shows highlighting our values, spiritual practices and Hindu Dharma? In a democracy, the general public should participate in the election and elect decent, corrupt free GOD fearing Hindu leaders. Have Indian citizens forgot GOD and efficient administers and nationalist Integrating Leaders?

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