Tehelka fabrication factory exposed!

published on February 26, 2011
By Krishna Baalu

Re: http://www.tehelka.com/story_main48.asp?filename=Ne050311CoverStory.asp

Dear Ashish Ketan

At the outset the timing of publishing your fabricated research paper just a day before the final awarding of punishment to the convicts in the Godhra Conspiracy case, is ill intent.  

After a careful reading of this false investigative report, one can easily conclude that your attempt was to phoo phoo the theory of “conspiracy” but to settle for the theory of provoked mob frenzy rather than ‘hatching of a pre planned conspiracy’.  Puzzle is you have referred Justice Banerjee Report but did not comment on it either supporting it or denouncing  it.

Where exactly you have failed is, you trapped yourself in the melee.

The article itself is full of holes exposing your sham of fabrication from first line to last one, from one para to another. My endeavor is to bring the ‘Tehelka Conspiracy’ to fore.

One good thing your article has exposed. You have unmindfully described the insensible account of the whole community, their living standards, their contempt with the majority community and the populace direct connection with Pakistan have all been put  in a platter.

The fact was: A thousand strong Muslim mobs has burnt the coach S-9 with petrol killing 59 innocent Hindus, woman and children is undisputable fact.

To counter the truth two theories were manufactured and distributed by Pseudo secular Media in order to bail out the criminals.

1.      The incident was a pure accident in which no Muslim was involved. Some inflammable material was caught fire accidentally in the coach which burnt the coach and killed 59 Hindus.

2.      In order to overcome the sham of the above accident theory, another ‘justification’ is floated for the burning of the coach. In this theory the media has indirectly implied that ‘the coach might have been burnt by Muslim mob, but only after repeated provocation by the Kar Sevaks at Godhra Station.

In this article you have failed to establish any one of the above. Throughout you efforts were to prove that it was an accident. The wonder is if it so, why you were harping on ‘provocation angle? You repeated and timed the so called provocation in to, THE FIRST PROVOCATION and SECOND PROVOCATION.  In an accident provocation has no role to play.

Where is the question of provocation in a theory of ‘accident?  Neither you were able to prove the accident theory, nor disapprove the conspiracy theory. In the mêlée of your fabrication, you indirectly suggest that it was certainly a mob frenzy enacted by the local Muslims.

Ø  You have claimed that the witness who deposed in favor of conspiracy theory was coerced and who deposed in favor of Two Secular theories was genuine.

Ø  You have stated the arrival of the train at 7:43 AM. To my knowledge in 2002 in a remote RS no electronic devise could have been installed to record the timing in exact minutes like a stop watch. You yourself concurred in the preceding Para, that the train arrival time was recorded manually.

Ø  In another Para you stated that the train reached at 07:43 AM

Ø  In Barias statement the stone pelting stared at 07:15 AM How come? read further.

Ø  You have concluded on your own in the subsequent Para of the article that “It was this aborted abduction of Sophia that aggravated the situation. By this you have concluded the fact that it was a thousand strong Muslim mobs that burnt the coach in retaliation of the provocation of Hindu Karsevaks.  

Ø  You have stated that the train was supposed to halt at Godhra station is 5 minutes. Going by your time of arrival of the train as 07:43 AM the departure time would be 07:48 AM. But you have specified the time of departure as 07:45 am that is a halt of just 60 seconds. Wonder is within 60 seconds of the halt, all the atrocities that is stated to have taken place, like altercation with Muslim tea vendor, abduction attempt of a Muslim Girl, and all the skirmishes on the platform.

Ø  How such a rumor could within 60 seconds spread, and a mob of over thousand people could gather before coach S 6, shouting for the release of the Muslim Girls inside the coach,(S-6) unless and until it was a pre- planned conspiracy.  Simultaneously the reported skirmishes at the same platform was taking place all over the platform, all within that 60 seconds? Is it believable?

Ø  Another shocker is a commonsense point of view. If the  gathered Muslim mob were really convinced  that the two Muslim Girls were inside the same coach S 6, why they tried to burn the same coach in which case obviously the Muslim Girls too would have been burnt along with Karsevakas Any thought on this angle ? If you defend yourself on the same ground that it would not have been the gathered Muslim mob, that would have burnt the coach, then I wonder, either the very ‘abduction theory’ itself is fabricated to justify the burning of the coach or the provocation theory is redundant. I do not want to explain more here and I leave to the readers.

Ø  Further you stated that after the failed abduction of the Muslim Girl, that rumors started spreading   in Godhra that more Muslim Girls were abducted. So even spreading of rumors, gathering of the mob of over one thousand before S-6, happened within 60 seconds?

Ø  The Second Halt was at 8 AM so what happened between 7:47 am to 8:00 am (13 minutes) No incidents. The time took for restoration of Journey.

Ø  In the subsequent paragraphs of the article above, you have well described the events (as Mr Meena’s testimony) that how the Muslim crowd chased the train after its second departure at 8 am. From your own narration that it was all the way the Muslim mob chased the train, keeps pelting stones on S-6 and followed it.

Ø  The driver testified that coach S 6 separated by 8-10 coaches, S-6 burning conspiracy might have planned at the Plat Form itself. They probably pulled the chain twice to gain time to move further the stored petrol? And as they never anticipated the skirmishes to consume time?

Ø  In the opening paras you said it was petro, later you said it was kerosene? Why this contradiction?

Ø  In Beheras confession he stated that he came out of the Guest House at 7:15 AM he saw the hawker Mr. Mahboob Latika came running and informed that some hawkers pelting stone on S-6 Coach. According to you, the train itself arrived at only at 07:45 am (scheduled arrival was at 02:55 am )

Tehelka could you answer my the above inaccuracy in your report?


You are only rebuffing the conspiracy theory, but in other way, the manner you have presented the sequences of the events etc it suggests you are

1.       Not denying the fact that it was all along the Muslim mob that torched the coach as a result of only provocation but not part of conspiracy

2.      Not denying the very fact that the coach S-6 was burnt and 59 innocent Hindu woman and children were burnt to death.

3 Not supporting the accident theory of Justice Banerjee.

Over all, you ran your story in two parallel tracks. On the one track you have narrated the events of teasing, ragging, bullying of Muslim vendors and finally kidnapping of a couple of Muslim girls by karsevaks on the platform, and subsequent gathering of local Muslims in hundreds from surrounding Godhra, chasing the train, targeting coach S6 upto Cabin A etc.  

On the other track you ran the story of rivalry between BJP, Muslim and Congress men, which lead to the hatching of conspiracy by the 9 BJP men implying that they grabbed the opportunity to take revenge on Muslim corpora tars.  While naming the Muslim accused, you have addressed them as ‘respectable’ citizens of Godhra, but while addressing the BJP men you were silent on their social status.

You have brought both the narration up to S-6 coach at cabin A and maliciously ended the story, without concluding or committing yourself, that the coach was burnt by the gathered Muslim mob. So cunning.  

Regardless of conspiracy theory, your investigation saw eye to eye the following facts.

1.      There was a thousand strong Muslim mob at the site at the time of burning the coach

2.      Coach S 6 was fully packed with kar sevaks.

3.      The windows and doors were shut after the second departure of the Sabarmathi Express.

4.      The coach in fact was burnt along with hundreds of karsevaks in it.

5.      59 Hindus charred bodies were recovered from the coach.

What you did not commit yourself is;

The coach was burnt by the gathered Muslims at the site,

What you imply is  the coach caught fire accidentally from inside while the violent coach was surrounded by one thoushand  Muslim mob ready to attack the coach;

What I wonder from your own account is the following:

1. If it was a sudden provocation how a thousand strong Muslims could able to mobilize themselves with in a short time of 60 seconds? unless they were gathered  outside the station well before zero hrs waiting for the train to arrive at 2:55 am in the early hours? (scheduled arrival of the train)

2. Bahera confessed that on the fateful day morning at 7 am, he came out of the Guest House after watching the TV. Why Bahera was in the Guest House at early hours of that fatefull day? unless he stayed in the guest house from previous night at least? why then he was watching TV at that early hour? for what news?

conspiracy from another angle

There is every probability of a conspiracy of the mob

when a conspiracy to kill en-mass people with out any provocation, they need an excuse. From this angle it could be possible that a few of them from the mob might have deliberately provoked the karsevaks for an excuse

to execute the crime. This view strengthens from the fact that it was never recorded WHO provoked who, but it is suffice to point the fingers on the USUAL SUSPECTS i.e Hindus FOR BEING IN MAJORITY and also the fact such a grave crime cannot be occurred naturally with in 60 seconds.

One good thing your article has exposed. You have unmindfully described the insensible account of the whole community, their living standards, their contempt with the majority community and the populace direct connection with Pakistan have all been put  in a platter.

Dear Tehelka in your zeal to protect our own Indian criminals, burying the truth and blaming the other Indians the victims, who are un-fortunately belong to a Majority community, causing irreparable damage to our Country. Your imprudent fabrication of this article would mark an indelible awful impression in Indian Journalism and would fuel more heart burns among both the communities.

Thanks Mr Kethan for your efforts to bail out the criminals on the grounds of Religion.

The readers also has a right to know the other fact of Tehelka which is widely circulated on net, which you may please either accept or deny in the interest of  journalism standards of our country..

Note: My emphasis on 60 seconds out of 120 seconds as only first half time is considered for normal activity unless it is a conspiracy of mob to provoke karsevaks in haste.

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