Taslima is a thorn in the flesh for two imports: communism, islamism.

via Kalyanaraman published on November 24, 2007

Pseudo Secular’s enthusiasm to compare Tasleema with M.F.Hussein

When psecs make absurd comparisons, they expose themselves as a pathetic lot. MF Hussain indulges in smut, no art is involved in his vulgarity; he doesn’t get a fatwa only because sanatana dharma tolerates even rogues. Taslima makes a social issue. Her problem is that she is a muslim revolting against an oppression called islamism manipulated by the mullahs. Hussain’s problem as a pervert is too deep for contempt. He is sick.

This odious comparison between Hussain and Taslima is p -secs’ diversionary tactic; the p-secs do not want to come to grips with the real problem faced by the commies: the choice between two imported religions — communism and islamism. They will do well to take a lesson in sanatana dharma, they should start reading Chaitanya prabhu and also, Ambedkar, a true revolutionary who fought for social equity. Commies have lost their senses, prioritisng the need to save the party cadre by creating a killing field in Nandigram and proving themselves to be hypocrities having promised once the land for the sharecroppers and taking it away for a cup of tea from the elite Salim Ali or Ratan Tata.

Commies have lost their sense of purpose, have no clue as to design of projects for abhyudayam and are far removed from the reality of poverty by simply treating the poor as mere cadre-fodder who will vote at gun-point, or get terrified by the hammer-and-sickle painted on red silk flags fluttering on every culvert. Move over, commies, you may flaunt a gun, but the muzzle will not wipe the tears from that raped child of Nandigram. Commies, like Hussain, are sick.

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