Student Politics and Communists of Kerala

published on October 27, 2007


Dr. TS Girishkumar


The Changanassery NSS Hindu College incident of a conflict between communists lead SFI and the RSS lead ABVP resulted in a police officer getting killed. Obviously this was an accident, as no one wanted any one dead, but then started the drama of the communists accusing the RSS for the death of the officer, in an attempt to become clean.


Perhaps it is interesting to look into the phenomenon, and of the claims of the clean images of the Communists.  The wide and wild claim of the Communists students union is that, they had been winning all the students elections and most of the colleges and universities are ruled by the Communists students union in Kerala. This is true, and let us examine as to why it is true. But, let us first see the academics in all world Universities, and their tilt towards the left; which is also a phenomena to be known.


The Teaching Faculties in Universities.



On a global basis, one can see the teaching faculties busying themselves with the process of doing researches, and getting things published in reputed journals, writing books etc. there is a difference between one writing some thing out of a want to communicate certain things to people, and the one writing some things just for the sake of getting them published for a career. Writing and publishing to build a career shall lack spontaneity and it becomes artificial and this indeed needs an extra effort, and mostly shall be simple synthesises. Unfortunately, these had been the case with many people all over the world. Yet another thing with the academics is to fall after trends, and do certain gimmicks for popularity. One such thing is to go against tradition and be critical about everything, with the postulate that to critique is to create and to confirm is to stagnate. Such attitudes are not without merits, but such attitudes shall definitely lack spontaneity and originality at the same time. To be slightly left, but at the same time not becoming a Communist fully is the contemporary tendency of academics the world over. This puts them more into the focus, popular, with many people accepting their write ups for publications. This shall be termed a game, which goes on in the Commercial Business of the field of Education and career making.


This utility oriented slight tilt towards the left from the academics, who actually do it of the sake of prudence makes an impression upon students that the left is something progressive and proper.


Communist students of Kerala


Communist students and the Communist party claim that all conflicts are caused by the Sangh Parivar. The Sangh is present in every nook and corner of India and also has a global presence. If the Communists were right, then there would have been conflicts where ever the Sangh has their presence. On the contrary, for all conflicts, one inevitable ingredient is the Communists. It is always a conflict between the Communists on the one side, and some others on the other. More over, conflicts are a phenomenon only where ever one finds the communist hold stronger. Statistical analysis shall demonstrate that conflicts are a normal thing with the communists, where ever they make their presence.  Sang Parivar do not make conflicts in other places or with other people, except for Nationalism and integration of Indian Nation. If the accusations of the Communists were correct, there should have been conflicts at all places where Sangh is active, but one can see conflicts with every one were ever the Communists are present.


Communist Students Winning Elections


It is true that the Communist students win more elections in the state of Kerala. One obvious reason is the presence of the Communist party who are in the ruling, but that is not the real reason. The real reason of Communists winning Student elections comes from the negativity of the Communist principles itself. Younger minds are more prone to negativities, and of negating traditions. Through such negations, youth is trying to find a space and recognition for them, which is much wanted at that particular age. They do not make distinctions between real freedom and spurious freedom, and become captivated in the communist propaganda of ‘right to love’ and also a ‘right to anarchy’.


Nonetheless, this influence is too short living. The moment one ceases to be a student, one can see him fast shunning Communism, and mostly becoming anti communists. Had the communist influences at student period any lasting impact of individuals, then the Communists could have been ever ruling, and not becoming vote beggars through filthy political alliances. If the student phenomena had any reflection on the society, then it would have been a permanent “communist regime”. So, communist students winning elections are not at all indicatives of communism or the principles of Communism influencing people, it simply is the impact as well as the power of the negative in operation with young minds, which simply ceases to be when they become matured.


There is also this Communist vandalism on top of all. They coerce and force others, they threaten and compel. The play with the emotions of the youth and project that being a Communist is akin to being Progressive. Radicalism, Negatives, Negation of Values, Negation of tradition and culture etc. are the methodology of the communists to keep young minds under their spell. Apart from this power of the negative, Communism is already an anachronism with the grown ups.


False consciousness


Communists have a theory of Ideology as ‘false consciousnesses. In practical field, one can see the paradox of communism becoming false consciousness for youngsters. Communism has a theory of Class, and Bourgeoisie and Proletariats, and exploitation, alienation and the like. In contemporary world, one sees Communism as an exploiting force, an alienating force and the high handedness of the Communist Bourgeoisie. It is true that Marx had once stated the “religion is the Opium of the people” for Germany, when he was writing a Critique to ‘Hegel’s Philosophy of Right’. Strangely, today Communism had become the opium of the people, not only for Germany, but also for the entire world.

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