Stop the murder march of the Marxists in Kerala

published on June 12, 2012

What is happening in Kerala? The Political power Elite whether they are Marxists, Muslim League, NDF, Or Christian Congress, or phony secularists—they lie, indulge in corruption, and graft so vast, so organized, so utterly criminal as to sicken the average citizen  of Kerala. The power elite obscure the truth of their crimes. Their goal is to manipulate the silent majority, to suppress the pain and suffering of the victim and their families, and silence those who object the political murder march.

Recently T.P.Chandrasekharan, a former Marxist Party Member and now Revolutionary Marxist Party Leader was  murdered by some hired murderers by the Marxists Party. The murderous Marxisty thinks that T.P. Chandrasekharan was instrumental in the defeat of Sathi Devi, the Marxist candidate (she is the sister of Jyarajan, the Marxist mouthpiece) at vadakara Parliamentary election. The Idukki Marxist Party secretary M. Mani admits in public that he ordered killing of several opponents. Prior to Mr.T.P.Chandrasekharan’s brutal murder, Marxist party hired gundas killed several RSS volunteers in different parts of Kerala.

The Marxist Party believes that murdering its opponents and violence is an essential and inevitable means to societal advancement.  Mass murder, violence and riots are inherited traits of the Marxist party. Whether they are in government or in opposition, Marxists like Jihadis believe in simple elimination of its opponents. The Marxists, Jihadis and the Christian Congress party have their own intellectuals, pen pushers and media people to offer their opinions and use their speeches to justify their crimes.  Deception lies, and manipulation plays a very important role in gaining and maintaining control over the so called intellectuals in Kerala. The Marxist Party is successful in manipulating party members, deceiving the intellectuals and deceiving its party followers to gain control.

Muslim League MLA Basher was implicated in a murder case. Unfortunately the Muslim League MLA was not apprehended, questioned for his crime because of political interference of the powerful Muslims League. We can see from the police in action the evil specter of the Christian Congress /Muslim League government. However, while forcing its followers on a road to ruin, Pinaroy Vijay an, the Marxist General Secretary in Kerala forced itself into a dead end by ordering murder of T.P. Chandrasekharan. No matter how the party plays games now, the Marxist party will not change its history of killing—it killed before, is killing people now, and will continue to kill in the future.

The Marxist party in Kerala and its cohorts used various ways to kill its opponents, depending on the period of time. In most situations, the Marxist party created propaganda to justify their murder march. Pinaroy Vijayan and his useful Idiots often said that opponents are KULUMKUTTHIKAL (traitors) and deserves to be killed.

The Marxist General Secretary Pinaroy Vijayan encourages and justifies killing innocent RSS volunteers through hired criminals but also actively mobilizes people from Thalassery, Calicut, Kannoor, Pannor, Kuthuparambu and Mahi. These Marxist strongholds, the day and night life is in stark contrast to each other. With day being the center of business activity and night a witness to crimes including contract killing, bomb manufacturing, bombing, arson, home invasion, burglary, robbery, and other deviant activities that are hushed up for the benefit of the Marxist party and Jihadi groups. During such a night T.P.Chandrasekharan was butchered to death. The obvious question is why the Marxist Party and the Islamic terrorist groups  secretly killing outside the law. Why cannot the Government nipping the problems in the bud? They hire poets, writers, novelists and media persons to coceal the killings and distort the soul of the public.

The Murder March of the Marxist Party in Kerala should be stopped. In its long history of killing, the Marxist Party has metamorphosed in to a deranged serial killer. Through killing, the Marxist Party satisfies its perverted sense of the ultimate power of deciding people’s life and death.

Despite the Congress Chief Minister Omman Chandi’s occasional outbursts disguising it through redressing murder victims, politicians will continue their political game plan. They will never change their game plans in the future. No one in Kerala believes that criminal and corrupt politicians will ever stop continuing crime in Kerala. The political parties in Kerala, Christian Congress, Muslim League, pseudo secular anti national Sonia Congress, NDF and the Marxist party consider that their party rule is always above the laws of the nation. These criminal parties are singing an irrevocable contract to control the body and soul of Kerala.

No matter where you are in Kerala, you can be robbed, gouged, and beaten or even killed. Almost everything seems to end up in wrong hands. You have to offer kickbacks for services.  Now it has been perverted in Kerala where massive dose of Pakistan printed counterfeit Indian currency is in circulation. Billions of counterfeit Indian currency printed in Pakistan and foreign money received by NGOs are used to buy land, property and businesses, by Jihadis and Missionary groups in Kerala. It is debilitating the economy, increasing crime and violence and corrupting the police, judiciary and bureaucracy.

Few years ago Jayakrishnan Master was brutally murdered by hired criminals in front of his students. No real culprits or the Marxist goons behind the brutal murder went to jail. After Jayakrishnan Master’s murder, several RSS workers were murdered by Marxists and Muslim league criminals. Sister Abhaya was killed at her Nunnery by some Priests.  Remember Manamartuhi Murder case where an innocent lady was brutally killed by a Priest. None went to prison for her brutal death.

Purse snatching, home invasion, drug peddling, burglary, contract murder, land invasion, counterfeit currency distribution and several other  crimes are happening now, and are happening all at once in Kerala, in part the government is failing to comprehend the criminal mind.

Why citizens are not protesting against corrupt politicians’ inability to safeguard life, limb and liberty of ordinary citizens? Why there is intelligence failure? The Omman Chandy government failed to overhaul the state’s security operations after several high profile criminal cases. The main reason is cowardice and the country’s vote bank politics. Politicians belonging to Muslims League, Christian Congress, Marxists or phony secular Congress party usually distort facts; misinterpret the motive behind the murders if the victim is a Hindu. This criminal politician’s overall outlook is biased and is limited to Particular party ideology. These criminal politicians ignore the victims, their plight and make politically appropriate decisions to fit the political purpose in hand.

The state of Kerala is facing an unprecedented moral crisis. A country with degraded morality cannot possibly provide security to its citizens.  From 1947 onwards, political parties in power seized the opportunity of Hindu indifference, apathy and denial to wreck havoc on Hindus. The political criminal gang has taken away thousands of Hindu lives, destroyed Hindu temples, looted its wealth, and sacrificed ecological resources and ruined our families and economy. What is even more devastating is the near destruction of Hindu families, its moral foundation and rich cultural traditions.

What will Hindus future in Kerala? What directions will Hindus take? Such serious questions are too complicated to discuss in a few words. However, one thing is for certain-if there is no unity of Hindus, no renewal of political participation of Hindus, and if there is no assertive and strong activism, it will be impossible for Hindus in Kerala to have a bright future.

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