State of Nandigram: anarchy; state of media: disgusting

via Kalyanaraman published on November 10, 2007

Nandigram is burning and no one in the national media even barks, maybe, treating nandigram as an issue to be sorted out between CPI-M goons and poor villagers who no longer owe allegiance to this rotten party.

It is disgusting indeed that the so-called, much-touted ‘mainstream’ media seems to think that the issue will go away by turning a Nelson’s eye to the happenings.

What is happening in Nandigram is as a result of a state which is governed by a party and not by the lawfully constituted bodies in constitutional governance.

It is welcome that Governor has spoken but is it his role only to issue a press statement. I also issue press statements. How is this Governor fit to govern if he does not see it fit to recommend dismissal of Buddha government?

Just because it is important to stay in the sattaa, Antonia and Manmohan who depend on CPI-M (and their left cronies) to stay in the sattaa, seem to think that the problem will go away by simply stating that law and order is a State issue.

This ain’t no state issue. It is an issue of the rashtram, the nation.

Civil governance has broken down in Nandigram area which has become an anarchic ‘war-zone’ with private initiatives to provide anna daanam to those poor people who have become refugees in their own nation.

This is a national issue. How do we want to treat the citizens who are forced to flee their homes by some rascals and goondas?

I submit that CPI-M should be banned as an unlawful party and the Buddha government should be dismissed by Her Excellency.

We can’t even talk about dharma in these rotten times, given the state of Nandigram. May Durga give the governors, those in governance, sad buddhi. Maybe, she has to incarnate as mahishaasuramardini to eradicate these worms calling themselves politico-s applying dumdum dawai.

For me, this is the most insulting moment of shame that the citizens of the nation have not risen in revolt at the happenings in the state of Nandigram.

Delhi door aast. So is Nandigram for many bharatiya. But we cannot forget the memory of Caitanya mahaaprabhu spreading the word of Sri Krishna and his leela-s.

Hey Krishna, come now. You said; yadaa yadaa hi dharmasya glaanir bhavati bharata, abhyutthaanam adharmasya, tadaatmaanam srujaamyaham. baa re krishna, begane baa; come hey krishna, come quickly. Your children are being burnt alive and rendered homeless in their home, the bhaaratam.

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