Skewed and hopelessly biased pseudo-secular writer targets Sabarimala

via GSK Menon published on January 24, 2010

Dear Mr.T.P.Rajeevan

I read the article ‘The good lord needs no state intervention’ by you in  The New Sunday Express dated January 24th 2010. It is amazing how pseudo-secular and anti-Hindu writers like you are blind to so many things related to other religions ?

You are writing ” Even the lower caste Hindu communities didn’t have the right to enter temple premises ——————— Sabarimala doesn’t have such an ignominous past.” Will you please enlighten us as to which religion does not indulge in such discriminations ?

All these Muslim pilgrims who go for Haj do not get an oppurtunity to see the stone in Mecca. Only Saudi royalty and other VVIP’s are shown the actual stone, which is generally covered by a black shroud. Is this not a discrimination ? What is it – ignominous past or ignominous present ?
Christians who go to their Holy Land are full of complaints about how the Orthodox Jews there look down upon these converts . What is it – ignominous present ?

Next, you claim that “–now Vavar is  integral to the Ayyappa myth”. Will you please enlighten us as to how Ayyappa can be a myth and Vavar can be real ? Your logic appears skewed and hopelessly biased.

Your next grouse is against the Makara Jyoti. All things on this Earth are performed by human beings only. The Mosque at Mecca, the Church in Jerusalem, Rome, Velankanni are all built by human beings only, is it not ? How did you miss out the pair of birds that circumambulate the Sabarimala temple and the Star that appears visible at noon ! Similar claims are made by Christians of Kanjoor church, near Ernakulam. They also state that birds are doing pradakshinam at Kanjoor Church and a Star is also appearing at daytime!. Of course the Christians of Kanjoor are yet to invent a Jyoti !

My point is why only Hindu beliefs and customs are targeted by pseudo-intellectuals like you ? How is it that you are blind to the follies of other communities ? Is it a fear for your personal safety ? Or is it rank cowardice ?

Again your tirade that “–the Makara Jyoti is a shame on a hundred per cent literate state like Kerala”, sounds very very hypocritical. Have you not heard about the miraculous treatments performed by Sister Alphonsa ? If you have still not heard about her, then watch the Asianet serial on her. Why do we need hospitals and medical colleges ? Mother Teresa’s claim to sainthood is based on a claim that she cured a lady of stomach cancer ! All cancer hospitals can be shut down, why waste money when Mother Teresa is curing free of cost ?  See the advertisements in the newspapers about thanksgiving offered to various Christian gods. Fantastic miracles are being advertised, how did your eyes miss out on these advertisements . Forget about” astrophysicists telescopes “, your eyes also seem to be highly selective in choosing Hindu targets alone ! That itself appears as a miracle to me !

I can go on and on with innumerable examples. Discrimination, superstitious beliefs, miracles are all part and parcel of every religion. There is no such thing as a pure scientific religion anywhere on this earth. In an ultimate sense religion is a product of man’s imagination. Nobody has seen God, either Hindu or any other religious denomination. Hindus are worshipping Hindu idols, Christians are worshipping Christian idols, Muslims are worshipping a stone, Buddhists are worshipping Buddha idols and so on, none of these can be equated to the Supreme Being. So, let us be tolerant about the belief’s and rituals practiced.

To denounce one particular religion and keep a cowardly silence about others does not speak well of one’s wisdom and intellectual prowess, if any.

GSK Menon

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