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published on April 18, 2007





This has reference to your Edit “Spiritual ‘Das’hing”- (TNIE-18 Apr).

May I query the necessity for a Hindu-hating class like the CPM, to
write to the mangement of the
Guruvayur Temple? If proof was ever
needed on this score,the Indian Express of 18 Apr, carries a story
entitled “CPM sleepless over yagya in Left heartland”.


The report states: “The comrades aren’t impressed. CPI(M) feeder outfits have been busy holding public meetings condemning the “medieval hocus-pocus”.Left-inclined intellectuals, led by writer and thinker Sukumar Azhikode, will head the rally aiming to “prevent people from being pushed back to the dark ages of superstition”. Doesn’t the minister’s letter then reek of hypocricy? Hindu haters managing Hindu Temples!!This can happen only in India!!


I also wonder at the necessity for your Edit. You don’t baulk at the
first available opportunity to give your valuable and considered opinions to Hindus/Hindu society.However,I am sorry to state that such well meaning advices are rather conspicuous by their absence when it comes to the “caste apartheid’ prevalant in the monotheistic creeds.Why?Who are these ‘Dalit Christians’ as the Ranganatha Mishra Committee has just ‘discovered’? Who are the ‘Ashrafs’ and ‘non-Asrafs’ among the momins? One thought that ‘all were equal in front of the ONLY TRUE GOD’ of their respective Faiths.Have you thought it fit to write on that subject?The
answer is in the negative,and for a very simple reason.Indian


The veteran journalist,M.V.Kamath,had recently written a web based Article,entitled “Secualrism Redfined”.He stated:


“There is something cowardly about our secularists and there is ample  evidence to prove it.Only the other day ‘Organiser’ carried a story on the number of Hindu temples being pulled down in Malaysia and there was not a single whisper of protest from our secularists much less from the Congress-led UPA government.‘The Times of India’ (February 27) carried a report from Karachi which said that Pakistan’s main Islamist alliance held demonstrations in different parts of the country against what it termed as government’s conspiracy to spread anti-Islamic culture by allowing the celebrations of the “purely Hindu” festival of Basant which left 14 people dead”.Is there any word of condemnation either from our UPA government or from our ‘secular’ leaders? Are they cowards? But let the BJP speak about the Babri Masjid and then the mediacomes down heavily on it.That is secularism, Congress brand. Need we say anything more?”


I would add its the media brand of secularism also!!


Have you thought fit to write about the wanton destruction of the ‘Ramar Sethu’,by another group of Hindu-haters, which apart from hurting Hindu sentiments,is going to be an ecological disaster for the Nation? No Sir.Because you wear your ‘Secularism’on your sleeves!!Less said the better.



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