Secularism Vs Minorityism

via G.Vijayalakshmi, published on May 29, 2006

Secularism in India was replaced with pseudo-secularism, and now what is being practised is plain minorityism. The anti-BJP UPA partners used to taunt the BJP as being communal, but now these parties   have shed their pretences and now they stand exposed as being the worst communalists and casteists.


The UPA now has the dubious distinction of polarizing India on caste and communal lines.   Anti-BJP parties are brazenly playing the caste and communal cards for petty vote banks. These parties prefer the organized minorities to the unorganized majority, master-minded by the communists. Enlightened citizens have to play their part to save the country from sinking deeper into the quagmire of minorityism and revive the secular fabric of the country.


The two major Dravidian parties of TN are engaged in one-upmanship over the ‘anti-conversion law’. It is imperative to bring in a centralized ‘anti-conversion Bill’ to maintain communal harmony and protect the majority Hindus from the cultural assault of the aggressive religionists. Why should Hindus allow themselves to be led like dumb animals to the sacrificial alter? It is common knowledge that Christian groups want to ‘plant the cross in India’ by hook or by crook.


Aggressive proselytization is already going on in the country. Contrary to the Pope’s baseless allegation that there is religious ‘intolerance in India, the truth is that it is the Christian hierarchy that is intolerant of other religionists. In Russia, the Orthodox Christian church is vehemently opposing the Hindus there from being granted the permission to build just one temple for themselves in Moscow, after the mayor of Moscow demolished the one and only temple that was there. To make matters worse, the Archbishop Nikon had described our lord Krishna in the vilest terms. No Hindu religious leader has ever used such bad language against any religion so far. The Pope cannot feign ignorance about the happenings in Russia and in India.


That Christians are using overt and covert means of conversion is common knowledge. A Sikh friend of mine was in tears when she told me how her daughter got converted to Christianity and the ‘fathers’ also visited her house to ‘bribe’ her sons, who stoutly showed them the door.


The other day when I was passing through Mylapore, I saw a poster showing a couple of religious leaders in light orange-coloured clothes. I also saw the names ‘Veda nayaga Sastriar’ and the word ‘sat kalakshepams’. Curious to know who these Swamijis were, I went closer to read. I was taken aback, because they were not Hindus. The ‘christian harvesting society’ or some such organization was holding this meeting. The words ‘sat kalakshepams’, ‘aradhanai’, Bhagavathar Veda nayaga Sastriar’ etc. and the poster itself was meant to entice naïve and gullible Hindus to attend the ‘sat kalakshepams’ and convert them in a deceptive and fraudulent manner! 


It is also a myth that Christian organizations do more social service than Hindus. Christian organizations, who get lot of foreign money, very often misuse the money to convert people. They never help their own community people who are in dire need of help. A few months back my husband and I brought a six-year old boy afflicted with congenital cataract, and his parents from Kerala to Sankara Nethralaya to help the boy gain his vision. The eyes were operated free of cost there because they were poor patients and we bore all the other expenses. We will be booking the tickets again for the check-up next month. When they were here, I asked the boy’s mother that since Christian organizations have lots of money, why they did not approach any Christian organization to help them with the surgery. She said they never help- even in the Mission hospital they will not get free medicine. So much for Christian charity! When they do help others, it comes with a price-the person has to embrace Christianity! But we Hindus, in accordance with the teachings of our Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, indulge in service by ‘nishkama karma’, i.e. we serve without expecting anything in return. That is why hundreds of Hindu social service organizations serve without publicity. Political parties must know this truth.


It is a sad commentary on our political life that unscrupulous politicians, with an eye on the vote-bank, are pampering the minorities and trying to crush the majority Hindus. It is a dangerous game to give preference to alien religions over the native Hindu religion which is the most tolerant of all the religious faiths in the world. It is the duty of all Hindus to see to it that the pristine glory of Hinduism is maintained, not only in India but also in Nepal, Russia and the world over.




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