‘Secular Lies’

published on March 25, 2008


1)From H. Balakrishnan

Apropos India must not get intimidated” – (TNIE – 25 MAR).


The writer stated : “After the Gujarat violence in which THOUSANDS OF MUSLIMS WERE KILLED BY THE MOBS – – -“.

goes the ‘secular LIES’ ad infinitum!! For the record, in 2005, the
Minister of State for Home of the UPA coalition (comprising the
‘secular’ friends of Muslims) made a written statement in Parliament
that 254 Hindus and 790 Muslims were killed in those riots.Who killed
the 254 Hindus? Was it Narendra Modi and his government or was it the
lunatic Hindus themselves or was it the…?

have seen enough of this ‘nonsense’. This reader is quite aware of the
‘secular rabble-rouser – Seema Mustafa’!!Here is a sampling, of the
‘secular English media’s’ casualty reporting in Gujarat!! Its virtually
an a La Carte Menu!! Thus, in its issue of April 28, 2002,The Times of
India reporter,Sanjay Pandey, told us that of the 726 people who had
been killed by then in the post-Godhra riots,168 were Hindus. In its
issue of June 24, 2002, The India Today magazine carried an article
saying that the official figure of all people killed in Gujarat was 800
in the three months following the massacre at Godhra station of 58 Sri
Ram’s kar sevaks in the Sabarmati Express; of these 800, a quarter were
Hindus, wrote the weekly.
Now I wonder ‘ Who is telling the TRUTH ‘? From ‘HUNDREDS’ its a small matter of adding just ‘ONE MORE ZERO’ for Seema Mustafa’s ‘THOUSANDS OF MUSLIMS KILLED’!!
Again, the writer stated: ” Well known artist M.F.Husain,despite being an Indian citizen,is not allowed now to set foot in his country “.Thats
a NEW ‘SECULAR’ ONE, for sure!! The fact of the matter is that the well
known purveyor of ‘pornography’ – M.F. Husain- is a ‘fugitive from the
Law of the land’.He is an ‘absconder’.No more. No less.
apart, the Article has raised a serious doubt in my mind. Since it has
appeared on the ‘ Editorial Page ‘ of TNIE, I wonder whether the ‘
EDITORIAL POLICY ‘ of the paper? All I can then say is ‘ What a Fall
for a most WONDERFUL NEWSPAPER OF YESTERYEARS ‘.From over an hour that
I used to spend in the 70s/80s poring over every line written in the
then INDIAN EXPRESS- and at least reading the Editorials ‘twice’, I now
‘scan’ the TNIE. It takes me just 2 minutes.Sad. But then ‘YOU HAVE
BECOME SECULAR’. And if Seema Mustafa is becoming a regular columnist,
time is at hand for me to cut my 4 decades ‘love affair’ with the
Indian Express Group of newspapers. Enough of this ‘secular’ rubbish.

2)From HARAN.B.R


was a shocking surprise to see “Seema Mustafa” in TNIE! At the outset,
it looks as though she has changed her outlook, but after reading the
complete article, we are assured that she had not changed at all. The
changes, which are visible, are only minor. For example, she had
mentioned the Gujarat Chief Minister’s name without her favorite prefix
“Ugly Indian”! Probably the bitter lessons she had learnt in her
previous establishment would have been the reason.


to the article, she had not written anything new, apart from her usual
diatribes against the so-called Hindu fundamentalism. This word
“Hindu-fundamentalism” has been coined by the p-sec brigade and is
widely used by the English media, which is dominated by Marxists and
left-oriented columnists. One, who has some basic knowledge on the
“fundamentals” of Hinduism, that is Sanatana Dharma, will definitely
not use the word Hindu-fundamentalism in the wrong sense of it. That
is, he/she will not equate the Hindu fundamentalism with the
fundamentalism of other religions.


the hundredth time we are reading that “thousands of Muslims were
killed in Gujarat” and “MF Hussain, despite being an Indian Citizen, is
not allowed to set foot in his country” and all such secular lies.
Firstly, the present “secular” home ministry itself has clarified that
750 Muslims and 250 Hindus got killed in the riots
apart from the 60 Hindus who were roasted inside the train compartment.
Secondly, the whole world knows that, MF Hussain never acted like a
true Indian citizen and that, he had been a habitual offender
repeatedly & deliberately hurting the sentiments of the “majority”
Indians and that, he ran away from the country not for fear of life but
to escape from the rules of law of his own country.


have had more than enough of “sickular” lies on Gujarat and MF Hussain.
Please put a full stop to this nauseating stuff. Seema, having changed
her establishment, must attempt to give the readers something ‘new’ and
‘refreshing’. But instead, if she continues her usual style and stuff,
then sorry, the result will be damaging, may not be for her, but for
her new establishment! One man’s poison may be another man’s food; one
man’s loss may be another man’s gain; But, TNIE must not feel that it
has “gained” a “loss”!


Thanks & Regards,



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