Secular Double Speak-Letter to IE

via H.Balakrishnan published on January 23, 2007

Dear  Sir,


The Edit ‘Bangalore Burns’ (TNIE-23 JAN), is a classic example of ‘secular double-speak’ that one has got used to reading over the years!!


You have no hesitation in writing ‘Pro-Hindu outfits have organised a series of rllies in different areas of the city’. However,one doesn’t remember reading anything like  ‘Pro-Muslim outfits,led by the former Union Minister,C K Jaffer Sheriff had organized a rally on Friday,which eventually led to violence- – –‘.It is as if your paper CONDONES the depredations visited by ‘THE BELIEVERS’ on ‘THE KAFFIRS’ on FRIDAY, but the ‘KAFFIRS’ must be ‘DHIMMIS’,for ever!! Some convoluted logic,this!!


One wonders at the necessity for a rally to condemn Saddam Hussain’s hanging.Such pan-Islamic issues led to the Khilafat Movement in 1920,resulting in the ‘pogrom’ (to use the secularist parlance) of over ‘ten-thousand’ Malabar Hindus.The late,Dr. Rafiq Zakaria in his ‘COMMUNAL RAGE IN SECULAR INDIA’,has quoted from an Article in the Milli Gazette,which stated:‘Indian Muslims who have been in the forefront of PAN-ISLAMIC CAUSES for a century,will have to take stock of their situation’.Evidently,this sage advice has fallen of deaf ears!! And our ‘secular hypocrites’ continue with their stale mumbo-jumbo!!


Dr.Zakaria,in the same book,wrote: “As for the leaders of the Muslims, they raised NON-ISSUES,fomenting religious controversies which had LITTLE TO DO WITH THE WELFARE OF THEIR CO-RELIGIONISTS”.


Dr. Zakaria is ‘SPOT ON’. Regrettably your Edit,in cricketing parlance,will be called a ‘WIDE’, by any neutral umpire



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