Satyam cannot be hidden for long, The effulgence of satyam will cleanse us all.

via S. Kalyanaraman published on October 7, 2008

Orissa arrests 2 Christians for Hindu leader’s murder

News Report

Govt. of Orissa and the police force led by IG Arun Kumar Ray should be complimented for listening to the plea of Acharya Sabha and VHP President Ashok Singhal ji.

Hopefully, the law enforcement agencies will get to the kingpins of the christist conspiracy. Some emphatic leads are already there. See note appended.

Satyam cannot be hidden for long. The effulgence of satyam will cleanse us all.

Hon’ble Substitute PM should introspect before pronouncing ‘national shame’ against the victims, ignoring the murderers and assassins. The conspiracy of the diabolical assassination of Swami Lakshmanananda unravels, it appears that the jury is still out. Indications are that the Orissa law enforcement agencies are slowly getting to the reality. A report just in says that two christists have been arrested in the context of the assassination. So, Manmohan, don’t rush to judgement. Let the law take its course. Let justice and truth prevail, not half-baked opinions sucking upto western christist diktats.

So what is a national shame? Allowing christist evangelists to recruit assassins? What cost evangelisation? This permissive lawlessness, this evangelism run amuck is a christist shame. Let Sarkozy and Condoleezza Rice introspect and weep before rushing to make baseless complaints and accusations against the Hindu.

Yes, Hindu are outraged and rightly so. Go to the root of the problem and bring to justice the assassins of the Hindu swamiji and his four associates. Their aatman united with paramaatman will be the guiding light for upholding and protecting dharma for this generation and for generations to come. No paramilitary forces can take away this reality of the cosmic order, this dharma that shall protect us.


Evidence -  Christist conspiracy in assassination of Swami Lakshamananda


h indunow/kandhamal-christist

co nspiracy


Swami Lakshmananda Saraswati and his colleagues were assassinated by Christists on Aug. 23, 2008 




1(A)-Christians passed a formal Resolution in their meeting on May 25, 2008 to assassinate Ven. Swami Lakshmananandaji Saraswati and his Sah-Yogis (colleagues) within 3 months on August 23, 2008   

(Contains Decisions # 1, 2, 3, 4)

1(B) -The literal English translation of the telling Resolution passed in Oriya language

See three PDF documents referred herein for –


(i) The literal Hindi translation of the said Oriya Resolution (See document ) Document 1 





k andhamal-christist-


/ kanmal.jpg?



(ii) The transcription of the original Oriya Resolution in Devnaagri (Hindi)

script to get the original words used  


Adhiveshan No. 10 of 25 May 2008 11 AM 

No. 10 of 25 May 2008 11 AM 

(Signatory: Praful Kumar Nayak, Parish Parishad Sampadak) 






Summary minutes of the Adhiveshan No. 10 held on 25 May 2008







(iii) Scanned copy of the original Resolution recorded in handwritten Oriya

script and language (See document 2 URL)


Document 2 















1(C)-Follow-up meetings


1(D)-X’ians ASSASSINATE SWAMIJI and Sah-Yogis on August 23, 2008 evening as they had decided earlier:


2. Swamiji – Brief Sketch of his Life and Works


3. Reasons Behind the Assassination


4. History of Previous Attacks on Swamiji


5. Hard to Believe Maoist Angle


6. The Security Failure

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