RSS indicted by all ‘inquiry commissions’ eh ?

via H Balakrishnan published on October 8, 2010

Dear Sir,

Reference your your  ‘ grovelling JI – HUZOOR ‘ edit – ” Rahul Gandhi weighs in ” -  (TNIE – 08 Oct).

Your ‘ very learned ‘ edit writers wrote : ” The RSS has also been indicted in nearly all  the judicial inquiries into communal riots”.  A ‘ Daniel to the Judgement ‘ , indeed !!

Haven’t we heard all this ‘over and over, again and again ‘ ? Facts, nay, ‘ TRUTH ‘, unfortunately has ALWAYS proved otherwise !!

For example, Gurumurthy in his ” Secular Hoot and Scoot: Tell Lies and Run Away ” ,  published by your paper on 29 June 2004, wrote : ” But most people even now believe
as truth the lies the `secular’ media had massified earlier. Innumerable editorials, opinions, and comments were written by the seculars based on the falsehood as the truth. Debates were held on TV trusting the fake as fact. For instance many people fed on the lies today believe as truth the version of Irshat’s mother about her daughter, not Irshat’s diary on her terror plans. After the truth was revealed contrary to the lies they purveyed the `secular’ media has run away. They even remotely never felt guilty about the damage they have caused to the nation and to the Hindus. Is it just a genuine, isolated error? No. This is their behaviour, their character “.

” Further.  `Hindu fundamentalists are burning down churches in Andhra and Karnataka’, screamed the `secular’ media. Investigations by `secular’ governments in the two States later established something entirely different. That Anjuman-e-Islam, an Islamic fundamentalist organisation linked to SIMI, had carried out those acts to create trouble between Hindus and Christians. Again the `secular’ media ran away after this was revealed. Just illustrations, these do not exhaust the lies. See the damage caused to the image of the Hindus and to India”.

Gurumurthy concluded:  ” Tell lies, as massively as they can, and then after the truth is revealed, run away, so that the lies masquerade as truth and serve the ‘secular’ cause. This is `secular’ hoot and scoot. Why do they not regret telling lies after they come to know the truth? That does not, but lies, serve the cause of secularism. That is why “.


RSS indicted by all ‘inquiry commissions’ eh ?

Here is the conclusion of the Justice Wadhwa Commission of Inquiry, that went into the murder of the Australian missionary, Graham Staines :  ” The Commission has scrutinised the evidence before it and especially the evidence of the associates of Dara Singh who were involved in the catrnage at Manoharpur. There is NO EVIDENCE to suggest that any of the persons involved in the crime was in fact a member of either Bajrang Dal or BJP or any organization. There is nothing to suggest in the EVIDENCE BEFORE THE COMMISSION, or in the investigation conducted by the Crime Branch and the CBI thus far that there is involvement of any organization, even that of Bajrang Dal, in the planning and execution of the crime”.

(REF:  ” Harvesting our Souls: Missionaries, Their Design, Their Claims “,  Arun Shourie ,  ASA Publications, New Delhi (2000) -  (pp-23)

And, now from the same book of Arun Shourie, quoted above. Here is a ‘ feather in the cap ‘ of The New Indian Express and its ‘commitment to TRUTH’ !!

” B.P. Panda, who was the DGP, Orissa, told the Commission [Justice Wadhwa],  that The New Indian Express – that is, the southern editions of the Indian Express – of 25 Jan 1999,
quoted him as saying : ” Over 50 people suspected to be activists of the Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad were involved in the incident [murder of Graham Staines],
and so far 47 persons have been arrested “
.  He told the Commission that, as he had not said this, he sent the paper a contradiction. THE PAPER DID NOT PUBLISH THE CONTRADICTION.”   (pp-21,22).

Says it all !! Laudable Commitment to ‘Asatyameva Jayate’ !!

That is not all. There is a ‘hoary history’ of these ‘secular lies’ !!

Mr. RNP Singh, a former IB Officer, has published an excellent and well researched treatise bon ‘communal riots’, entitled : ” Riots & Wrongs “, India First Foundation, New Delhi,
(2004). His chronology of the riots starts from 1719 and goes upto 2003. He has come to some interesting conclusions, based on his research, which will be totally unpalatable to the ‘seculars’ of all hues, shapes and sizes,TNIE INCLUDED !!

He wrote: ” It would be wrong to allege communal conflict to be the result of systematic attempt of the majority community to devour the minority community for cultural and economic gains. Had it been so, Muslims would have found it quite difficult to bear the brunt of the Hindus who account for about 85% of the total population. Another important factor of the behaviour pattern of the majority community is worth mentioning. The chronological view of the communal riots suggests that areas with thick Muslim population are mainly riot prone. Wherever the Muslim population has been scattered, the riots have been scarce. This clearly indicates that the Hindus hardly indulge in communal conflict where they are not provoked religiously or otherwise. Communal tension is usually generated at those places where the Muslim communal organizations, MULLAHS & ULEMA have stronghold and where they are able to sow the seeds of discord and hatred”. (pp-145-146)

An example of the finding of an ‘Inquiry Commission’ from the above referred book. The ‘Justice Jagan Mohan Commission of Inquiry ‘, that inquired into the  ‘Ahmedabad Communal Riots of 1969 ‘ -  (The ‘ Rakshas ‘ Narendra Modi was not in power please !! It was a ‘secular’ Congress Govt.!!)   And the finding :  “  – – -   On this evidence it is difficult to hold that the rally of the RSS had created any communal tension between Hindus and Muslims. A great many suggestions were made about the activities of the RSS and Jana Sangh, just in the same way suggestions were made about the Jamiat-ul-Ulema Conference. But that, by itself does not satisfy the conclusion that they indulged in arousing communal passions or creating communal tensions”.(pp-155)

The foregoing clearly establishes the fact that the RSS was never the instigator of the communal riots. BUT TO OUR ‘SECULAR MEDIA’ : ” The RSS has also been indicted in nearly  all the judicial inquiries into communal riots “. Period !! How dare -a contrarian opinion – even if it be the TRUTH !!

Here are the sage words of Arun Shourie : ” Several groups have several reaons for manufacturin calumny – from money to ideology to the crassest kind of politics. Many of
these are well organized, some, as we shall see, have well knit,  world wide networks. And they have honed expertise in MANUFACTURING ATROCITY STORIES, in broadcasting them round the globe, and in putting THEIR MANUFACTURES TO PROFITABLE USE. One of the simplest of these techniques is to create an ECHO CHAMBER. Select some out of the way place. Manufacture an occurrence at this place. ‘Nun raped in Baripada’. Get a wire service, one newspaper [LIKE TNIE !!] or better still some T.V. Channel to pick it up.
Get your groups to broadcast it on Internet, over your publications, your radio network. By the time newspapers and channels get to send some reporter to reconstruct the incident, THEY WOULD HAVE CARRIED THE FABRICATION SO MANY TIMES THAT THEY WOULD HAVE TO THINK FIRST OF THE HARM THE FACTS WOULD DO TO THEIR OWN REPUTATION. IN THE NATURAL COURSE, THERFORE, THEY WOULD HAVE A PRE-DISPOSITION TO ‘REINFORCE’ THE VERSION THEY HAVE BEEN CARRYING”.

Also. ” And the condition of the media today makes it an easy instrument for spreading such fabrications: purveying allegations without any examination, SERVILITY TO INTELLECTUAL FASHIONS , SUPERCILIOUSNESS – – – each of these traits
is familiar to readers, each of them has fateful consequences”.  (pp-13-14)

Therefore : ” The RSS has also been indicted in nearly all the judicial inquiries into communal riots “. Q.E.D. !! BRAVO !!


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