Return of Sanghvi to his “Secular Roots”

via H.Balakrishnan published on August 1, 2010

Dear Sir,

Reference Vir Sanghvi’s ” BJP’s passion for Shah could prove expensive ” – (TNSE-01 Aug).

Sanghvi wrote: ” For most of the last decade, Gujarat has been something of an international embarrassment for the BJP. Such countries as the United States will not grant a visa to Narendra Modi and his global standing is only a few grades above some Serbian war criminal “. Bluntly put, in Sanghvi’s skewed ‘secular’ logic, Modi = Serbian genocide of Bosnian Muslims.  Q.E.D!!

It is in order here that we educate Mr. Sanghvi on his use of the phrase “Serbian War Crimes“,  and also his Left Lib comrades who casually bandy the phrase “genocide” at the drop of a hat!! Open source literature reveals that a majority of legal scholars, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) have ruled that, in order for actions to be deemed genocide, there must be physical or biological destruction of a protected group and a specific intent to commit such destruction. To date, only the Srebrenica massacre has been found to be a genocide by the ICTY, a finding upheld by the ICJ !!  But to the likes of Sanghvi & ‘secular’ Co., Srebrenica = Bosnia = Genocide = GUJARAT !!

Besides, the Court found “that Serbia has not committed genocide” nor “conspired to” or ”incited the commission of genocide”. It did however, find that Serbia had failed “to take all measures within its power to prevent genocide in Srebrenica”. By the narrowest definition of a genocide during the Srebrenica massacre between 8,000 and 9,000 Bosnian muslim (Bosniaks) men and boys were murdered and the remainder of the population (between 25,000–30,000, Bosniak women, children and elderly people) was forced to leave the area. And, in October 2009, the Research and Documentation Center in Sarajevo,published its findings and found 97,214 persons dead, of whom 57,529 were soldiers!!

And, once again for the ‘education’ of Sanghvi & ilk, Government of India’s numbers on Gujarat 2002:
(a) 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed. 223 more people were reported missing;
(b) 61,000 Muslims and 10,000 Hindus fled their homes;
(c) preventive arrests of 17,947 Hindus and 3,616 Muslims were made. In total 27,901 Hindus and 7,651 Muslims were arrested;
(d) nearly 10,000 rounds of bullets were fired by the police, killing 93 Muslims and 77 Hindus.

And yet, to the ‘Secular hoot and scoot: Tell lies and run away’ (TNIE-29 Jun 2004) GANG – It was a POGROM in Gujarat !!! Yet, it was the very same Sanghvi, who wrote in the
Hindustan Times of Feb. 28th, 2002, an Article entitled : “One Way Ticket”. He wrote: ”

There is something profoundly worrying in the response of what might be called the secular establishment to the massacre in Godhra. …There is no suggestion that the karsewaks started the violence … there has been no real provocation at all … And yet, the sub-text to all secular commentary is the same: the karsewaks had it coming to them. But there comes a time when this kind of rigidly ‘secularist’ construct not only goes too far; it also becomes counter-productive. When everybody can see that a trainload of Hindus was massacred by a Muslim mob, you gain nothing by blaming the murders on the VHP or arguing that the dead men and women had it coming to them.Not only does this insult the dead (What about the children? Did they also have it coming?), but it also insults the intelligence of the reader.There is one question we need to ask ourselves: have we become such prisoners of our own rhetoric that even a horrific massacre becomes nothing more than occasion for Sangh Parivar-bashing? Basically, they condemn the crime; but blame the victims …”.Amidst his preoccupation with ‘ food & beverages ‘ T.V. programmes, Sanghvi has forgotten his own words !! Nothing surprising in ‘secular’ India !! ‘ Selective Amnesia ‘ comes naturally to our ‘secularists’ !! Cheers !!

The Goebbelsian propoganda that has been going on in the ‘secular’ media in the past few days, is best recounted in the words of journalist Kanchan Gupta:

” Their  pre-determination of guilt, both by implication and association, which finds more than an echo in what the CBI now alleges through stories which are touted as ‘investigative journalism’ by newspapers and news channels whose bias renders them incapable of distinguishing between fact and fiction, cannot be allowed to supplant the judicial process. The fact is, it has filed a chargesheet but has no evidence to substantiate its allegations. And so the CBI has sought more time from the Supreme Court for ‘investigation’. Doesn’t prosecution follow investigation? Or is it the other way round for the Congress Bureau of Intimidation? And is that why it wants the case transferred out of Gujarat? “

It is ‘touching’ to see the ‘secularists’ tell that the CBI is investigating the case at the behest of the Supreme Court. The fact of the matter is that the Supreme Court said that because the investigation requires to be done in five states, let it be done by the CBI. The apex court was right. But where is the investigation in Andhra Pradesh? Sohrabuddin was also wanted by the AP police!!.

Any answers Mr. Vir Sanghvi?

After 4 weeks of ‘communal writings’, Sanghvi had to return to his ‘secular roots’!! That’s the meaning of this  weeks ‘ Sabbath Pontification ‘ !!



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