Rangannath Mishra Commission- The Christian Missionary’s killer dose for Hindus- Part 1

via AS published on January 31, 2010

Firstly I would like to thank Haindavakeralam for giving me an opportunity to write on this deadly commission. I as a convent educated Hindu (surprising isn’t it?) did have a lot of sympathy towards Indian Christians. I also knew many of the so called low castes did embrace Christianity by trickle or en masse and my Moral science book told me that Christianity never knew caste.
One fine day in 1995-96 (The first time) our school closed in Protest of what they called “scheduled caste status” to Dalit Christians. Dalit Christian? What’s this word? They said that conversion didn’t change the status of Christians. Weren’t the Christian missionaries pioneers in promising what they called equality as far as in 19th Century colonial India.
Now take this scenario. Christian Community controls nearly all education in much of India with Convent schools in prime localities (and the large chunks of land gifted in free of cost). These Christian schools do offer special concessions to a Christian student and will be explicitly mentioned in the admission form itself. St. Stephen’s even created Dalit Christian quota. Go to the Site/Blog Dalit Christian Freedom network owned by John Dayal, in which he had projected Indian Christian population over 5% , but why then national census had it 2.3%.?
But inorder to get more and more Foreign funds the Christian population in India is being kept small artificially . More over when any one retorts to their aggressive conversion they can of course lament that why 80% Hindus are afraid of 2.3% Christians!
In Andhra Pradesh Christian Missionaries claim they are 10-12% much above the state census of 1.4%. Almost all border villages of Punjab have turned Christian particularly in Amritsar- Ferozepur-Moga- Gurdaspur belt. Most of North east India Central Kerala and South Tamilnadu are Christian. Ditto with Coastal India and Tribal belt of Orissa and Jharkhhand.
But despite this why is Christian Population shown as low?
The answer is Crypto Christians. Now many Christians claim SC status by posing as Hindus to get jobs. Hindu Scheduled castes who practice Sanatana Dharma are disadvantaged in double manner. Now how is this possible? As per the earlier statement much of education sector is controlled by Christians directly or by proxy. The reservations which are given to the Scheduled castes are not applicable in these so called “Minority Institutions”. Here is the catch. The convert can claim education by converting to Christianity much to the delight of missionaries and can influence whole family members plus locality and village to convert. Converted Christians can also enjoy OBC status eating into quota of Hindus again. They claim tribal status after abandoning every tribal practice and shunning their former faith. Now they want a Scheduled caste status by alleging discrimination. It makes me frightened that this very status can spurt conversions – To me the real Population of Christians in India is atleast 5% which means atleast 30 Million Crytpto Christians.
By the way if there are Dalit Christians there are upper caste Christians (yes so called upper castes) – I looked through names such s Shivanshu Aggarwal, Ankur Rathi, Sahil Patki, Vishal Arora, YSR(Of course) and many more. Church claimed to end discrimination but it was none other than Dr. B.R Ambedkar who had rejected this so called equality and even snubbed the Christian missionaries for he never wanted to denationalize the dalits.
After the collapse of Arya Samaj in 1950s and his defeat( he was defeated by a Congressman whilst Sangh Parivar went to help him in elections) in elections Nehru refused to pass the Hindu code bill in 1955. Then Dr. Ambedkar chose Buddhism only as a last resort and not as a political stunt (many Neo Buddhists of today do politics of conversion) .Thus the Indic faith was then also used to stop Missionaries. Why do missionaries want a whole share in education and job pie. They want OBC status for converts – its already given; tribal status for so called tribal Christians who have never lived as ones and now this- Mind you reservations are never given in so called minority institution be it for jobs or education and 2 of the sectors health and education are getting into Christian Hands. I am in health sector and I know how Hippocratus Oath is a big hypocrite for soul harvesters. Religion is used as a tool here too for jobs. Hindus as such never get jobs or education in a school run by Hindus , never gets concession even in Nagaland Mizoram Meghalaya or any place where Hindus are a Minority. Christian institutes get funds from abroad and govt. for missionary activity

To be Continued..

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