Rajasthan boy Pintju Kumar’s scary revelations

via Raghavan Nair published on October 9, 2006

Every day we find in news papers reports about missing boys and girls, but seldom we hear about as to what happened with them or where are they ending up. Some cases, the public or the concerned relatives take up with law enforcing authorities and the court but after years of investigation, they face natural extinction.


But the revelation of a 10 year old Rajasthani boy who happens to be in custody of the police authorities at Trivandrum is an eye opener to the missing cases. This Rajasthan boy, Pintju Kumar  happened to run away from his native place and reached a railway station in Malabar area about a year ago. Someone at the station promised him shelter and took him to a place about 3 hours drive from the railway station. He was put in a camp where he was converted to Islam and taught Malayalam and Urdu. He was promised a job abroad and lured to learn Koran. The boy could repeat to police the by hearted Urdu syllables and dialects, and also narrated the harrowing experience he had at that camp where many such boys are camped and trained. Pintju Kumar managed to run away from the camp when he found an opportunity during the `Namaaz’ time.


Intelligence authorities and the police are aware of the presence of many such camps in Malabar and the central Travancore area. Some are disguised as Orphanages and others as Madrassas.  It is to the knowledge of people in Malabar area that the coastline from Chavakkadu to Ponnani is known as the operation site of NDF where others do not dare to penetrate. The `Green Valley Foundation’ at Mancheri with an area over 100 acres is one such fortress where even the law enforcing authorities prefer to keep away. So is the case with Madani’s Allwarssery University and Yatheem Khana at Sasthamcotta.


The Rajasthan Boy episode must be regarded as a very serious matter which warrants a combing operation by the police authorities and carry out a head count of the inmates in all Orphanages, Yatheem Khanaas and Madrassas and verify the identity of the inmates.  It is unfortunate that when a case like that of Pintju Kumar comes to like, the police authorities exhibit  their over enthusiasm by going straight to the media rather than making discreet enquiries and unearthing the mystery behind the episode.


It is the duty of every concerned citizen to press for further investigation into this case and bring the culprits to justice. Or else, there is no guarantee that our children are safe in the state. The unfortunate among them falling into the hands of these thugs may end up as jail birds, human bombs, forced kidney donors, terrorists or fanatics like the few we already have among us. There is every possibility that the missing children are being taken out of the state or out of the country. The very young boys used for Camel races in Gulf Countries and an infamous hospital in Rawalpindi carrying out kidney transplantation at reasonably low rate,  all need the young.  So, do watch out.

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