Professor’s Hand

via Synonymous published on August 31, 2010

Chopping of a Professor’s hand by alleged Islamic extremists in Kerala is a major turning point in Kerala’s history. Perhaps it is a major one like Parasuraman’s creation of Kerala, Diwan Velu Thambi’s Kundara speech and the Puthencruz’ Synod. It can aptly be considered as 9/11 for Kerala’s pseudo-secular society. It may well be the last wake-up call and the last opportunity for a final attempt to save the secular fabric of Kerala. If we analyse the history behind the hand-chop, it is the hand of P.T. Kunjumohammed (who originally wrote the controversial screen play) that should have been targeted. But the militants chose the Professor’s hand only because they want to frighten their competitors in Kerala warfront. God’s Own Country must ultimately become Allah’s Own Country, and the impatient terrorists could wait no longer. They wanted to kick-off the final round sooner than later.
Dead silence of the entire spectrum of intellectuals, academicians, leaders and captains of associations, organizations and clubs that may run into a few thousands in Kerala is something unheard of. Prof. Sukumar Azhikode, the self-proclaimed intellectual giant, who comments on even make-up wigs and undergarments of the cinema superstars, was nowhere heard. But then we learned that even the furniture in his new house is donated by an Gulf businessman and he is tongue tied on the issue. The silent majority in Kerala was eager to hear some saner voices and reactions from all sections of the society. But all the minor whispers died down like the chopped-off hand. Cardinals and Bishops who usually choke the media with their ‘parish’ letters could not even lift their fingers out of fear. Calculation of the terrorists has proved to be completely right – Fear is the key for complete surrender. Almost all Christians have left Jerusalem out of fear and the same is expected here as well.
The Professor’s hand is highly symbolic and means much more than a mere part of his body. It is the symbol of India ’s ruling party and the chop off is a direct warning to the party that resuscitated a ‘dead horse’ to life once again (Nehru had aptly referred to Muslim League as a dead horse after 1947).  The horse has not only woken up but is now reproducing in dozens. Some of the offsprings have become wild and even turned mad with hatred. The unbridled horse with enormous Gulf money as its clout has given the final warning to the Bishops who were busy harvesting souls to achieve their conversion targets. The battle lines are already drawn in Kerala’s landscape for a decisive battle between Crusaders and Handchoppers. Rest assured that the current investigations into Professor’s hand-chop will lead nowhere and Kerala becoming another Lebanon is not an impossibility anymore.

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