Privilege makes Muslims radical

via Amitabh Tripathi published on July 3, 2006

On 22 June 2006 America based research centre Pew research centre for people and press released its report titled How Muslim and west view each other based on  a comprehensive   Muslim attitudinal survey covering   13 countries with 6 Muslim majority countries and 7 Muslim minority countries of western Europe and Asia. Pakistan, Indonesia, Jordan, Turkey Egypt and Nigeria were involved in this survey as countries with Muslim majority and in rest 7 countries Britain, Germany, France, Spain were from western Europe and India , China and Japan were   Muslim minority   states of Asia.


This survey unfolded the mindset and thinking of Muslims across the world, however these findings were dismaying but not surprising. Survey was mostly devoted to how Muslims and west view each other and how much gulf of mistrust has been widened between them.


Survey reveals Muslims and west has polarized on some matters as they were never before. On the one hand western people view Muslims as unfavorable to them and find them greedy, immoral, fanatic, arrogant, dishonest, devout, violent and intolerant on the other hand people of Muslim majority states have same feelings for westerns.


The most striking feature of this survey can be divided into two parts as inclination of Muslims towards conspiracy theory and support for terrorism. Majority of Muslims which were polled either in Muslim majority or in Muslim minority states denied the role of Arab Muslim in 911 attack. It is remarkable development particularly when two three years back most of Muslims believed as it was handiwork of Arab Muslims now most of Muslims of Muslim majority states and Muslim minority states blame America, Israel or some other agency for this attack.


This phenomenon is a clear vindication for Islamic apologists and liberal-Leftists who were at the centre of this conspiracy theory. It also implied as theory of atrocity on Muslims and Jews as conspirator justifies Islamic terrorism. Story does not end here Majority of Muslims hold Jews responsible for their deteriorating relations with West. Just like when Muslims were asked whether they believe lack of prosperity in Muslim states has anything to do with Islamic fundamentalism or corruption in Muslim states they negated this fact and blame policies of west in general and America in particular for their poverty and lack of prosperity. It is another example how Muslims are not ready for introspection and have chosen the path of blame game. It is also a gateway for Leftists to enter in citadel of Islamic terrorism with their Anti-American policies to consolidate Islamic-Leftist nexus.


Another striking feature of this survey results as growing support for Islamic terrorism among Muslims. Wide range of Muslims from 8% in Turkey to 72% in Nigeria have faith in Osama Bin Laden and suicide bombing is also popular among Muslims as 13% Muslims in Germany to 69% Muslims justify these suicide attacks.


After release of findings of this survey malign relationship between Muslim and west was discussed in media circles but some findings of this survey were overlooked. India was also part of this survey and some important revelations came out from Indian side.


According to this survey Islamic terrorism is the biggest concern for Indians. 85% people who participated in poll were concerned with this problem in some way or other. Indians also have started becoming unfavourable to Muslims, percentage of Indians who are  unfavourable to Muslims is 51% in comparison to Christians with whom 36% Indian are not favourable. Just like westerns Indian people have wide range of mistrust for fellow Muslims from 50% to 73% people view them greedy, violent, intolerant, immoral, devout, arrogant and dishonest. This mistrust has resulted from Indian Muslims support for the cause of global Jihad and active involvement with    terrorist organizations like Al-Queda which according to survey is 41%.   This figure is relatively high in compare to other Muslim minority states.


Although Indian peoples fear for Islamic terrorism is visible but they still have some sympathy for the sentiments of their fellow Muslims. On the question of caricature of Prophet 67% Indians believe west did not care of the sentiments of Muslims and 33% people believe Muslims overreacted on this issue. But Indian people do not have any sympathy for Muslims whose protest was violent this way of protest was condemned  with big majority of 74%.


Finding of this survey in Indian context is more relevant for two reasons one it expose the propaganda of Indian Islamic apologists, secularists, liberal-leftists ,anti Hindu crusaders that Indian Muslims are not part of Global jihad and outfits like Al-Queda or other Islamic terrorist organizations.


Second, Indian establishment is ignoring the ground reality of growing mistrust between Muslim and non-Muslims. Instead of checking radicalization of Muslims in India government is alienating them with more privilege. This chasm could pave the way the of new polarization in India .


In light of this survey if we go beyond Indian context one interesting conclusion can be drawn from this reading of Muslim mind across the world.


Two liberal democracies India and Britain whose secularism has been defined as Muslim pampering has found their Muslim population as more radical in comparison to other Muslim minority populated country. According to the results of survey Britain is a nation where non-Muslims have less negative views for fellow Muslims in compare to other Western countries like France, Germany and Spain. British were more liberal towards Muslims during cartoon controversy and even they defended Muslim protest and blamed west for playing with sentiments of Muslims. But in return British Muslims are not generous to their fellow citizens and their Anti-West sentiment is much strong and fanatic than other western Muslims. It suggests more freedom, right or privilege make Muslims more hostile.


Same is true with India. Indian establishment is providing every facility to Muslims to drag them in mainstream but they prefer to help the cause of global Jihad and support Al-Queda. India lives in state of denial that is busier in dissolving problem rather than resolving it. Reservations, packages, more funds and more privilege will only alienate Muslims and make them more radical and fanatic. Providing more funds and privilege you can buy their vote but not faith for nation which reside with Islamic ummah .


A nation whose people believe that 41% Muslims are actively involved with most notorious terrorist organizations what else fact could be a wake up call for government. After the incident of 911 America declared war against radicalization of Islam, Britain decided to tighten screws on radical clerics after transport system was targeted in last year June by Islamic terrorist, France decided to save its identity from threat of being Islamised with excessive Muslim immigration and banned head scarf at public place,   Germany introduced some harsh immigration laws to check suspicious immigrants and Dutch government fall on the controversial revocation of citizenship of Muslim MP Ayan Hirsi Ali , all these western countries reslised the threat of Islamic terrorism and Islamic imperialism but in comparison to these states what initiatives Indian government took after Attack on  Parliament, Akshardham, Raghunath temple, Varansi temple, National capital before Hindu festival Diwali, RSS Headquarter, government every time blamed some desperate terrorists for these attacks with nefarious intent to  derail Indo-Pak peace talk and disturb communal harmony.


Why Indian government never tried to check sermons of Muslim clerics or activities of those clerics who are under suspicion. Why never Masjids or madrasas came under scanner of government agencies to know what relationship these Masjids or madrasas have with potential terrorists of sleeper cells of terrorists organizations like Let and Jaish-E-Moahammed.


It is still not too late  for government to sense the sentiments of people against Islamic terrorism and   march along with other Jihad affected nations to fell heavily on radical forces of Islam and take some harsh steps to curb radicalization of Indian Muslims instead providing them  more incentives and privilege.


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