Practice of Religous-Apartheid in India

via Surinder Paul Attri published on September 26, 2006

1)Until recently, the only regime that practiced apartheid, was the white minority government of South Africa. The world community led by America and United Nations was finally able to identify and ostracize the white regime, leading to its dismantling and transfer of power to majority black native Africans. But in India, religious apartheid is alive and kicking fiercely.


2. Special rights to Muslims for religious education:

Under article 27 of the constitution of
India, the government is barred from making any payment from the government exchequer, for the promotion or maintenance of any particular religion, or any institution of a religious denomination. Under article 28 of the same constitution, no religious instruction shall be provided in any educational institution, what is wholly maintained out of state funds. Hence there is a Specific-Ban.


But as a consequence of strong-protest from Moslem Groups of India, article 30 of the constitution lifted this specific ban, in the case of minority institutions. Thus Moslems and other Minorities, are now free to impart religious education in their institutions, but Hindus Cannot do so. This is Discrimination and Double-Standard, by any standard of reckoning.


3. Article 48 of the Indian Constitution, specifically directs the government to prohibit, the slaughter of cows and calves. But the government has failed to implement this article, because the Moslems oppose it. This violation is not only unauthorized but unlawful as well. It shows that playing-politics takes precedence, over articles of constitution in India. Indian politicians are more interested in making political hay, than in the strict observance of the codes of constitution, or regard for the feelings of the Hindus. This kind of hostile treatment of the Hindu feelings, makes the Hindus discomfited and discomposed all over India.


4. Article 370 was added to the constitution, strictly as a temporary provision to placate the Moslems, who are a majority in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This article was also a departure, from the general rule of accession, under which J&K became part of India. Even after the lapse of over 50 years, this article has not been deleted from the constitution, because the Moslems oppose it. This act is an act of appeasement of the Moslems of India in general, and of J&K in particular. The government has gone a step further, in stepping over the feelings of Hindus, by declaring that, article 370 was an important part of the constitution, when in fact it was not, it was strictly a Temporary Measure. Some Phoney-Liberal politicians of India, go even one step further, by declaring that they are prepared to grant maximum autonomy, to the state of Jammu and Kashmir, within the limits of the constitution.


Question: Why is so much appeasement being given to the Moslems of India, and why so much hostility is being shown to the Hindus of India? Answer to these question, lies in the practice of Phoney-Liberal politics, that has been going on for over 60 years in India. Many more examples of the practice of Double Standards and Discrimination, against the Hindus of India, can be cited, but a few words for the wise, especially to keep this article short.


5. As long as we are calling a Spade A Spade, it is worth recognizing that, Moslems in general, do not believe in peaceful coexistence, with the majority community in a Non-Moslem state. They do not believe in integration, they believe in separation. Islam by its definition and by its nature, an exclusivist religion. Islam does not believe in living in peace, or in the principle of mutuality, or of give and take. Moslems try to take all they can, and give nothing in return. Moslems want to appropriate to themselves, all the rights, privileges, and concessions. Moslems refuse to accept the laws, customs, traditions, language or the culture of the Non-Moslems. They have no use for the constitution, or the laws and rules of a Non-Moslem country, which attempts to bring them into the mainstream of the nation, on the plea that, all such rules and laws are Un-Islamic, and they use their veto to scuttle all such laws, rules, and moves.


6. Moslems oppose the common criminal and civil codes of the country. Article 44 of the constitution, mandates the government to secure Uniform civil code for the country, which the judges say is imperative, not only for the protection of the oppressed, but for the promotion of national unity. But the Moslems of India boycotted article 44, and threatened the government that, they would shed their blood, if there is any interference in their Personal Laws (of Islam). It is worth noticing that government has already passed laws of acts of marriage and of succession, which has changed the very nature of Hindu Personal Law. If this is not Discrimination and Double-Standard, then what the devil, is it?


7. Nuisance of Moslem Namazies on Busy-Streets: Moslem Namazies often gather in busy streets, and block all traffic, even preventing the transport of sick patients to the hospitals. People have gone to the courts, which ruled that Namaz should not be allowed on such busy streets. But the Moslem Clergy has warned that if Namaz is not allowed, then the situation in the country may develop into a civil war, stating that Moslems have a right to come in the streets, to protect their religion. If any Hindu Clergy had made such a threat, he would have been tried in a court of law, and prosecuted. But Moslems of India, are exempt from the Penal Codes Of India.


8. Some Moslem Clergy are saying:

Oh Moslems: Don’t worry. Islam is still alive and Quran is still there. What do these Kafirs think, who are laughing secretly? The battle of Karbla is yet to be fought in India. If any Supreme Court or law, tries to challenge the Moslem Personal Law, we will kick it with the tips of the toes of our shoes. Normally, this kind of statement cannot escape the contempt of the court, or the notice of the Supreme Court. But no such action has been taken. Why no action?

Answer again is the practice of the Phoney-Liberal politics of India, that has been underway for over 60 years. It is unbelievable how much appeasement of the Moslems is going on. As a result, Moslem Clergy is exempt from Law. Government is reluctant to arrest Moslem Clergy, on the ground that such action would cause, law and order problem in the country, and that dropping of arrest-action, would create a peaceful environment in the country. What a bunch of hooey?


9. Appeasement of the Christians of India, is even on a greater scale. But a discussion of this subject is beyond the scope of this short article.



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