PK – Dedicated to Belittle Hinduism

published on December 31, 2014

PK movie is an attack on hinduism disguised as a movie against organized religion.Almost the entire movie is dedicated to belittling hinduism with one or two soft references to other religions.
The  movie concentrates on attacking false godmen , which has general  support from the urban masses,  but mostly shows hindu god images in poor  light and how hindu gods dont respond to prayers . The parts where sivalingham and godess vikrahams(idols)  are belittled should be called out on court as blasphemous.Belittling hindu gods was the main purpose of the movie and any outcry from hindu community would be called out by them as godman supporters and fanatics’ cry.

We keep hearing how censor board cleared the movie.The head of censor board is Leela samson . Is there any surprise she didnt find it offensive. Only reference to christianity was how jesus died for other sins on the cross.Lack of bad references to xtianity happened  most likely by her directive.

Only reference to islam was some opposition to alcoholic bottle which is actually a good thing. Mr Aamir khan who famously goes for haj and wears islam in his sleeve has the nerve to say..”only those who fear go to temples”.
Aamir who has an active role in the creative proccess of all his films had to think before saying such blasphemous dialogues.

Would he dare say ” dont go to mosque it is useless . Allah doesnt answer your prayers” .Jesus christ was god in human form.Would he dare call Jesus a godman.

The film should be banned for being blasphemous and all profits generated should be confiscated and used for charity.

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