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via News Today Editorial- published on August 28, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI has reportedly condemned the attacks on the Churches, prayer houses and missionaries in the wake of the murder of Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswathi and four of his disciples by Christian terrorists. While making a passing mention on the murder of the Swamiji as ‘reprehensible’, the Pope has, however, not said anything about the murderers, who belong to World Vision and other evangelical organisations.


This is not the fist time the Papacy has interfered in


‘s internal matters. When Pope John Paul made his second visit to


in 1999, that too as a State Guest, he provocatively called for ‘harvest of souls’ in


in general and


in particular.

Since then proselytisation of the ‘infidels’  has been going on in a large scale, leading to speculative rumours about a possible connection between the rise in conversion activities of Roman Catholics here and the presence of Sonia (a Roman and catholic) in the seat of power.  

When the Rajasthan government passed a law against forcible conversions, the Christian organisations made a big hue and cry about it and the Papacy summoned the Indian Ambassador in the

Vatican City

and registered its opposition against the proclamation of such rules, calling them as attack on religious freedom. If this was not meddling in others’ affairs, then heaven knows what is.

The Papacy’s contempt for Hinduism came out in the open when it openly welcomed the declaration of

Hindu Kingdom


as a ‘



‘. It has also followed it up with increased evangelical activities with the connivance of the Maoists, who have captured power in



The Maoist-Missionary nexus has been already established in northeast resulting in complete Christianisation of three states and the same has been going on in Orissa and despite the stiff resistance from Hindu organisations like the RSS and the VHP. Just mull over this: The Christian population in Orissa has increased from 1.7 percent to 2.4 percent within two decades. The tribal district of Khandhamal alone accounts for 13 per cent of Orissa’s Christian community.

This could not have been possible but for the sustained conversion activities. It is a fact that the Churches and missionaries take the help of Maoists to fight Hindu organisations and


must be aware of it, as it organises enough funds for such activities in the name of education and health care.

Also, with the blessings of the Papacy, many coercive methods have been operationalised by the Christian Missionaries and the ‘inculturation technique’ is one among them. Adaptation of Hindu cultural customs and rituals to propagate Christian faith has been vigorously going on and it has reached its height with the release of ‘Indianised’ New Community Bible (NCB), which includes references from the Vedas, Upanishads, Mahabaratha and other Hindu scriptures.

This inculuration modus operandi is devious strategy, literally mocking at the Hindu majority and provoking them to beyond the limits of tolerance. Such provocations, added with militancy, insult the Hindu majority forcing them to react. Even then, they do not stop their activities and continue with the help of the pseudo-secular media and political parties.

A new breed of missionaries tied to expansionist evangelical movements from the


, GB and


are playing havoc in tribal and coastal areas. The destruction caused by the 2004 tsunami was fully utilised by these missionaries to convert many coastal belts of Taminadu.

They constitute ‘Indian Evangelical Teams’ (IET), which are very aggressive and unprincipled in nature. The Christian Science Monitor reports that these IETs have already planted 2000 Churches and they have set a goal of 7,777 Churches by the end of 2010.



, which called for the evangelisation of


in 1999, cannot claim to be ignorant on all these matters. The Pope, who had said that St.Thomas had never landed on Indian soil, has also agreed to promote the movie on St.Thomas being produced by the Madras Archdiocese, knowing pretty well that a total distortion of history and inclusion of false history has been a part of the making.

On one side the Pope has been appealing for love, peace, harmony and co-existence of all religions and on the other side, he has been promoting all sorts of evangelical methods.


must understand that such double-standards would rub the majority on the wrong side and the consequences would be dangerous.

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