Pandhae says no more relation with Madni; But will Pinarai agree?

via HK published on December 12, 2009

New Delhi: The alliance made with PDP and Abdul Nasser Madni during Parliamentary election was a mistake , Says CPM Polit Bureau member and senior leader M K Pandhae.
CPM leaders should not have shared dais with Abdul Nasser Madni and from now on we will make sure there won’t be any bussiness with Madni adds M K Pandhae.

Though the alliance of CPM with PDP was against the view of majority of it’s leaders, Fearing the wrath of dictator Pinarai Vijayan they kept mum and instead of opposing they too joined the bandwagon to give a clean chit to this notorious Jihadi terrorist.

Was Pinarai Vijay a fool who could not judge the pulse of Kerala society asks his critiques but few points out that there is much more than meets the eye. It is the support CPM receives from the Middle East. Those who believe CPM is running the Party machinery, Party Channels, Party Magazines, Party Amusement Park, Party Five star complexes all from the bucket collections and money collected from it’s activists are in a dreamland.

There is a well developed Jihadi – CPM nexus in Gulf countries. Jihadi’s are not supporting CPM out of their love for Marx and Mao but to use CPM as a cover for their Jihad against Hindus and Christians in the state. Hardcore Jihadi’s like KEN are now the policy makers of CPM and in their eyes there are three enemies who are acting as a stumbling block in their path.

One Achuthanandan group , Though Jihadi’s managed to buy many supporters of Achuthanandan to Pinarai side. The open diatribe against Kerala Chief Minister by KEN in several programmes are all part of the agenda.

Second – Christian groups, From the lessons they learnt from History Jihadi’s know very well that inorder to Islamize Kerala they need to counter Christian designs as they too are involved in the same game plan but through Delhi. The drift happened recently between Church and CPM is part of this Jihadi agenda.

Third- Hindu organisations , Growth of Hindu organisations in Kerala is an unexpected development which is now deterring their evil agendas. Jihadi’s know very well that as in the past they cannot declare open war against Hindus through mosques. Inorder to wipe out Hindus the best tool they discovered is again Hindu comrades of CPM! So that in the attacks either a Hindu comrade or a Hindu Nationalist will be the victim.

Apart from ’Secularzation’ of Abdul Nasser Madni and toppling the investigations of Jihadi Terrorism in the state, Introduction of Islamic Banking, Allocation of huge funds for empowerment of Muslim students by offering them stipends, scholarships , Hostels and entrance coaching classes, Promotion of Arabic and Madrassah education, Inviting Aligarh university to Kerala , Approval and justification of Love Jihad are all not because they know it’s against their Ideology but out of compulsion. If not the Jihadi funds will stop and the sons and relatives of many CPM leaders who are enjoying high profile jobs in Dubai and other countries will have to pack their bag from there.

Considering the CPM compulsion to promote Jihad in Kerala it is very unlikely that they will stop all these pampering measures. 

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