Outsourcing the Sins

via GSK Menon published on October 4, 2010

Vinod Kambli Embraces Christianity – News Report

I observe that it is individuals who are heavily distressed are those, often falling prey to the evangelist’s hyperbole. Vinod Kambli and Sachin started out at the same time, but Kambli is in the dumps because of his errant ways. Even now he is envious of Sachin and on some occasions has even berated him. Even at this age he is ambitious forgetting that hordes of teenagers are waiting to make their debut. Kambli is a failed horse and he is aware that his weaknesses has cut short his career.

Such distressed and remorseful people are aware that they have to pay for their sins, Karma will take its toll. It is precisely at this stage that the evangelist enters and by forceful absurd rhetoric woos the gullible. They console the victim by saying that “christ died for your sins” ! Can there be anything more stupid than such a statement ? Christ himself could not escape from the crucifixion torture and death, then how can he help others ? But the distressed individual who is seeking an escape valve finds this a comforting thought – you sin and somebody else suffers for you.

 In modern terms, you are outsourcing your suffering to another entity. Is it possible ? All other religions say that one has to suffer for one’s sins, it is only in christianity that you can dump all your sins on the head of christ ! But, what is the practical reality ? If one were to accept the evangelist’s theory that christ will suffer for your sins, then there should be no suffering for any christian, they should be the most happiest people on this earth. On the contrary, even their headquarters, Jerusalem, is the scene of violent bloodshed and misery ever since christ was supposed to have lived there. The church is full of homosexualty, lesbianism and illicit sex relationships between bishops and nuns. Western world is full of domestic family problems like divorce, abandoned old people, pre-marital sex, teenage unwed mothers, alcohol and drug abuse, etc. It is quite obvious that no christ has suffered for anybody’s sins, it is only some evangelist gangs who are making quick and easy money by such asinine theories.
Take the film world, it is a place for debased and degenerate values. Actresses have to indulge in heavy prostitution with all and sundry to make it big. Alcoholism and free sex makes the film industry. Girls have a torrid time catering to the base and vulgar sexual desires of producers, directors, financiers, cinematographers, make-up men, and co-actors. They soon get sucked up into the league of high class prostitutes. Some break down at a certain stage unable to bear the ordeal, for example Madhubala, Parveen Babi etc. Unni Mary @ Deepa, Naghma are all recent examples. The Tamil film industry is full of converts hiding behind Hindu names. The evangelists find them easy prey, they are loaded with cash both black and white, their loose morals make them vulnerable for some easy sex, their popularity can be exploited to get more converts. Rakhi Sawant is another example. Look at the type of stunts she does on TV, she has zero acting talent, their only claim to fame and success is their willingness to bare all. How long can you survive on such skin show ? They have made a mess of their lives, and the ultimate feeling that they have been exploited by everybody. Such people sink into depression and alcohol abuse in no time, it is these kind of people who find it comfortingwhen they are told that christ sufferred for their sins.

 Has this christ ever told anybody that all of you keep merrily sinning, Iam the only one who can suffer for your sins ! Is there any logic or meaning in such stupid statements ?Just watch the morning tele evangelists ranting and raving, about 90% is craps like, he died for you, he sufferred for you, he loves you, he talks to you, he never fails, only son, and all such kind of gibberish. But for the remorseful and guilty individual it is sheer solace if they can find a ghost-sufferrer , on whose head all guilt can be dumped, a kind of waste paper basket. That is why I often say that christianity is not a religion and christ is a myth.

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