Oppressed Black Christians in America

via Kannan published on May 13, 2008

Christianity and Islam practiced slavery for several centuries. Blacks,
native people, and women were enslaved, transported and sold in open
markets for profits. In fact, for several centuries, African Blacks
were liberated from their cultural tradition and enslaved with dogmatic
Christianity and Islam by force. These enslaved Blacks still suffer
from insult, discrimination, prejudice and hostility from white
Christians. In the United States,  Black Christians still attend Black
Christian Churches. They are discriminated and face economic
deprivation, and prejudice.
While Christian Evangelists corner and manipulate poor Hindus and
Buddhists for conversion with false promise of economic opportunities
and paradise, they treat converted Black Christians with scorn,
hostility and discrimination. It is a reminder for those poor Hindus
who join with Evangelical groups for few breadcrumbs, that conversion
is no panacea for their personal and social problems.
For example, in America, the land of the free and the home of the
brave, founded on Christian principles, have now put more Black
Christians in prisons. Thirteen American states have smaller white
Christian population than Black Christians in prisons. American Prison
authorities reports that the U. S prison population with Black
Christians have increased at an alarming rate, the equivalent of
building and filling about fifteen hundred new prisoners a week.
Thirteen percent of the American population are converted Black
Christians. The shocking facts is that highly disproportionate number
of Black Christians are-more than seven times as many as white
Christians- are incarcerated as a way of segregating Black Christians
from white Christians. The Sentencing Project of Washington estimates
that the 683,000 Black Christian males behind bars outnumber those
Black Christians enrolled in higher education.
In total, one out of every four Black Christians are behind bars,
permanently segregated from white Christians. Converted Black
Christians are discriminated by the media, in politics, by the
judiciary and they also  lack economic opportunities. Once Black and
native Indians are converted, they are abandoned by
Christian Evangelical groups. White Christian rejection of Black
Christian’s request for racial equality, economic and educational
opportunity is widely known.  Plight of Black Christian in America and
their Pathetic life is a clear indication of how converted poor Hindus
and Buddhists will face in India
under their enslaved Christianity. Christian slave masters will never
abandon their idea of owning and enslaving poor converted people for
their own selfish advantage.

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