Opening up of Indian Sharia Stock Market

via K Vijayan published on December 28, 2010

Opening up Indian Sharia Stock Market – AFP; 28-12-2010

We already have Sharia Personal Laws for the many branded muhammedans in India, though applied selectively for items like circumcision, halaal butchery, multiple marriage and superfast electronic divorce, killing kaffirs, destroying temples, pimping, looting Hindu real estate, etc which are kosher, legal, and Their Cultural Thing to which Indian Laws cannot apply. However Shariatic penalties like cutting off arms, beheading, blinding, whipping, stoning to death, gang-rape cannot be applied to them. Their futwa-issuers will never futt about, nor have ever imposed such Islamic punishments on their Faithful, nor have we heard their AIMPLBs, WAQF Boards or Munnetra Kazhagums rooting for such punishments being awarded by Indian Courts.

It has already been declared by Benches of the Supreme Court that all muhammedan criminals will be tried only by Courts in states of their own choosing, and they have the Right to choose their own Judges, Prosecutors, witnesses etc.

An earlier attempt to establish a Shariatic Bank in Kerala was frustrated by the Courts, but apparently no one thinks of linking that move, or the present Bumbai Stock Exchange gameplan of establishing a Sharia-compliant Stock Market to the trillions of dollars of Black Money stored and managed abroad by World Bank Indian Experts headed by Manmohan Singh.

Perhaps the Nationalist-Minded and Patriotic Traitors who have accumulated part of that Black Stuff decided to bring some of it back for use in the criminal-friendly Indian Climate. Noblest of motives of course.

Talking of “sinful goods”, trading in which is forbidden (haraam?) in Islam, we wonder if such items listed are only confined to those proscribed (if any) by the barbaric Prophet, and if up-dating has been done, or will be permitted by mullahs, kazis and such, Curranically-hadithially speaking. Like alcohol, firearms and tobacco are mentioned, but swords, bichhuas, cocaine, hasheesh, a-bombs, tear-gas, water-cannons, AK-47s, RDX, AIDS, etc are not.

However, since some of the most notorious arms dealers (Niiira’s abbajaan for one) have been cutwas, and the most notorious money-lenders of yore were Pathans (Kabuliwalas, they were called in Madras Presidency), we do not think that the Secular Laws of India were at any time a hindrance to muhammedan money-dealers, Share Marketers, usurers or “businessmen”. So why a Shariatic Stock Market, unless it is for legalising export of sex slaves?

The National Budget was Doctored by Manmohan Singh to amnestyfy the thousands of crores Stud Farm Ali and/or his benamis owed India by way of Taxes, and 15% of Hindu Tax Payers money was set aside for Muslims. As alleged, India has more muhammedans than any other Shariatic country, and more ‘listed sharia-compliant stocks’ than all the muslim countries put together.

Time for UPA to Go all the Way: bottoms up in Mucca-Mudina style.

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