On the Muslim Question

published on March 1, 2007

Dr. TS. Girishkumar


I had been interacting with the Muslims in a most strange manner, and looking at their feelings, expressions and so on. Prima facie, things are far more complicated and elusive than one might think at first is the impression it all gave me on a final analysis. This interaction was through the inter net, and this made me converse with people from all corners, and rather all kinds of Muslims. Ultimately, it all leaves me with the feeling that some things is not just right with them, at least those who were airing out their views, and this, they are never going to understand, and understand if they, then there would have been no Muslim problems at all.


Khizer Hyatt Mallik of Pakistan is only fond of abusing Hindus. He speaks abusive literature on Hindus, and Hindu practices. Minhas of Pakistan is different, trying to say that just because he is a Muslim, he is different from other Indians. Shaik Hyder of Pakistan is a kind of expert; he finds all kinds of anti Hindu writings and keeps posting them.


Then comes Indians, and perhaps all of them are Keralites. I could not come across Indians from other parts of this country; all Muslim and Christian writers are from Kerala. Kutty O Hamza is a person who is still left with some reason. Regi P George is a person who wants India to melt in the ocean like what Shakespeare says; let Rome in Tiber melt! There is another person, Liyaret Sunil; also from Kerala, with this strange name, who speaks just like a Pakistani or Taliban.


All arguments they put forward can be summed up in the following manner. Hinduism is only Brahmanism, which is the domination of the Brahmin caste. RSS is an instrument for maintaining the Brahmin domination over the Indian land scape. There is Devadasi practice in Hinduism, and Hinduism supports this. This lets prostitution permissible in the Hindu religion. There is this horrible caste distinction within the Hindu society, and RSS wants to maintain caste discrimination. The Hindus burn their brides should they fail to bring dowry. The Hindus burn their brides along with a dead husband. Further they say that the Hindus worship monkeys, snakes and the Linga.


Just these and nothing more. For them, there is only one true God, and all others are false. Every one ought to follow this one true God, and Islam. All others are very unfortunate since they could not become Muslims till now. Pakistan had always been right and India wrong. There are more and more to this, but they are all details, these are just points to ponder over the Muslim mind.


The Ali brothers, Mohammad and Shoukat Ali were so clear about what a Muslim ought to be in Indian context; and it is to none other than the Gandhi they told that: “Primarily we are Muslims and then Only Indians”. Their priorities are to Islam, and then if something is left, to Hindustan. Gandhiji must have swallowed these words, as he was later found refusing to attend a round table conference for more autonomy with the Khilafat in the swing, since the British did not release Ali brothers from the Jail. Finally, these Muslims kicked Gandhi ji below the very belt, by shifting loyalties to the British.


They all spoke the Hindustani language. But the Muslims wanted it to be written using Persian Script and give it the name Urdu. They refused to write their mother tongue in Devanagari script, which is Vedic and Indian. They can take a script which has nothing to do with their ancestors, but they had agitated against Devanagari script. They wanted the language to be called Urdu, instead of calling it Hindi.


Now they keep spreading hatred and curse upon the Hindus and India. As a matter of fact, these lots are immensely frustrated and goal less. They do not want to acknowledge their follies, and short comings, and venture out to debate and as they become unable to debate, they abuse. They are abetted by some Indians like Liyarat Sunil in their spurious attack on RSS, Hindutva etc. they are unable to withstand the fact that just a handful of Hebrews are teaching all the Arabs the much wanted lessons. When they were put to this question: ‘If the Muslims were in the position of the Jews, then can you imagine what would have happened to the world?’ no one except Shaik Hyder tried to answer. He tried to wriggle out saying that the Jews are smarter, educated and gets aids and so on.


I must sum up it all in this manner. Such Muslims with the Jihadi and fanatic bent of mind are irredeemable, and there is absolutely no point in trying to reason with them. There are other Muslims of course, but they are not at all in the lime light. These people can only be dealt with a firm hand.

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  1. Dr.P.E.S.Kartha Reply

    March 1, 2007 at 11:41 pm

    Re: On the Muslim Question
    Dear Girish,

    A very good perspective indeed. May I complement your point with another thought?

    All of us are more or less aware that India is, not only the last frontier, but necessarily also the only hope for the,
    1) Christianity with diminishing strength elsewhere and starved of new ‘lambs’,

    2) Islam, feeling this country as a yawning gap in their dream Islamic corridor starting from Europe (Turkey will soon cease to have the ‘sole’ Muslim domain status in Europe) to Indonesia, and

    3) Communism, which being an anachronism at the best of its time, and on the death bed globally, is getting a lifeline thanks to our myopic polity, is dreaming of a red flag on the Red Fort.

    These three vested interests view Hinduism as the only hindrance between the proverbial ‘lip and the cup. That explains their anti-Hindu cult (AHC) philosophy.

    The more alert we are, the more secure we would be.

    Let us believe in ourselves, our roots, and our virtuous position.

  2. Prathikarn Reply

    March 2, 2007 at 12:56 am

    Re: On the Muslim Question
    Dr. TS. Girishkumar’s observation/findings are 100% correct. I am working in Saudi Arabia. I am familiar with the attitude of Muslims especially Indian Muslims. According to them Hinduism is an uncivilised “practice”. They say Islam is the true religion. Their life time goal is to make India an Islamic state. For this they have already started ground work long back. Population increase is the main objective. Each family has now six children. A newly formed party “Tamil Muslim Munnetra kazhakam” has pasted posters in many parts of Saudi Arabia in this regard. They glorify and praise
    India’s invaders(Mughals) . Their favourite hero is “ Aurangazeb.

    In my opinion we did a big Blunder in 1947. We should have kicked out these anti nationals to Pakistan in 1947 itself, as the country is divided on religious grounds. Now it’s too late!!!. Its like cancer now.
    I am worried about the future of Indians in India.

    Jai Hind.

  3. K.Venugopal Reply

    March 3, 2007 at 7:30 am

    Re: On the Muslim Question
    Dear Dr. Girishkumar,

    Your attempts to understand the Muslim mind is worthwhile and your report makes fascinating reading. I note the following points as it comes to my mind:

    1. Islam is a dogmatic religion (that is, what is written in the Quran has to be followed letter perfect), whereas Hinduism is a philosophical religion (that is, the letters in its scriptures are only a guidance to the larger spirit of its teachings).

    2. In Islam, the Creator and creation are separate and irreconcilable entities and the relationship is as between King and subject or Master and slave. In Hinduism, the Creator and creation are understood to be eventually the same and therefore the relationship between Creator and creation is as between, say, the Ocean and its waves or as Lover and beloved in bhakti.

    3. Islam has survived this far only because it has always been a State religion or a religion protected and supported by the State. Questioning Islam is taboo and over the generations, the very idea of questioning Islam has become an offence to the Muslims. Hinduism has survived through the power of the Gurus and their accessibility to the masses. Questioning is the very basis of teaching Hinduism.

    4. The internet is the first medium in history that has the power to question Islam and get away with it. These questionings of Islam, from the marriage of Mohammad to minor Ayesha to errors in the Quran, are slowly bringing Islam to a level playing field.

    5. Islam (and Christianity) with its “My God the only true God” position, is extremely vulnerable when contrasted with the Hindu teaching of “Truth is one and the wise express it variously.”

    6. Hindu culture with its vision of Advaita has been eminently successful in amalgamating and keeping distinct at the same time various forms of expressions of the divine and therefore we have had the religions of Veda, Vedanta, Shiva, Vishnu, Shakti, Buddha, Jain, Sikh, Sai etc. living in great harmony in India. In Islam the Sunni-Shia animosity occurred within 50 years of its founding and till today they have not been able to find a solution to their rift in spite of following one scripture and prophet and God. This is because of their dogmatic approach to the Quran.

    7. Islam has political ambitions and Islam cannot be practiced completely unless it has a State to implement its constitution, that is, the Sharia. Therefore secularism, where the State is not an instrument of religion, is not acceptable to Islam. The goal of Hinduism is moksha or individual liberation and it has no need for the State.

    8. After the partition of India, the Muslims are now trying to get themselves outside the purview of the Indian constitution, as witnessed by the passage of the Shariat law by the J&K assembly. This move must be questioned.

    9. Hindus have arisen, but are not awake yet. We have to awake and prove it by getting rid of the spectre of terrorism inspired by Islam that is threatening India. 5

  4. panam Reply

    March 3, 2007 at 11:23 am

    Re: On the Muslim Question
    Please send this letter to wwwfaithfreedom.org 5

  5. vijayan Reply

    March 5, 2007 at 4:42 pm

    Re: On the Muslim Question
    You are right.
    The very moment one becomes a Muslim, he looses his commonsense. You can see many atheists, who have lots of humanity in them. But you cannot see Humanity in a Muslim.

    This is because the Muslims are Hysteric. They are not living in real at all. OR you can say, they are lunatics.

    For example, feared of the sword of Tippu Sultan, Thousands of Hindus had to accept Islam, in Kerala. The same Hindus, who had to accept Islam, is now praising Tippu Sultan. The same Muslims make Babur, a hero. So they have lost the mental balance

    Not even a single Muslim in this world is confident in their religion. They are ashamed that they are Muslims, though they act otherwise. So the only way for them to live is to destroy every other religion, so that they will never be compared. If humanity and love for people, were the reasons for them to convert others, they should not have forced it.

    So Muslims are a group of people, who are CRAZY.

    Muslims cannot stand erect, if there is a Hindu , Christian or Jew in front of them. All Muslims are ashamed of their religion. In fact if you go to Saudi Arabia, you will see that the Indian Muslims mistreat the Indian Hindus, where as the Native Saudi Muslims don’t have that much problem. This is because the Indian Muslims are ashamed and the Saudi Muslims are not aware of other “religions” in existence. So they are confident in whatever they have. They think they are the BEST. So no frustration at all.

    The reaction of “hatred” comes out of their shame. So the Muslims will try to destroy the whole world. They don’t care if they live or not, because they cannot face a non-Muslim anymore.

    They have become lunatics and Psychopaths……..

    Only way to get these poor guys to mainstream life is to have few Muslims ( if any of them have commonsense left ) to convert back to any other religion in this world…..like Christianity, Budhism, Jainism or anything like that.

    I have heard, many Muslims in Iran are trying to revive the old Zoroastrian religion……..

    Poor Muslims !!!!!!! They are psychopaths……
    But we have to take care of ourselves, because mad people can do anything……

    Its not practical to convince a lunatic or a man with schizophrenia in rage. If you want to live, then you have to stop him before he gets you. FORCE will be needed to resist the Crazy people.

  6. narendran Reply

    March 12, 2007 at 7:48 am

    Re: On the Muslim Question
    Muslims and Christians live in perpetual fear of their own offsrings denouncing their reigion in the same manner as their forefathers did it in the past because if one could change his Gods once there is no resaon why they should not barter them for some other whenever they find it conveient Abusing or critisising Hinduism is nothing but the outward manifestation of this agony. 5

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