On the Muslim Question

published on March 1, 2007

Dr. TS. Girishkumar


I had been interacting with the Muslims in a most strange manner, and looking at their feelings, expressions and so on. Prima facie, things are far more complicated and elusive than one might think at first is the impression it all gave me on a final analysis. This interaction was through the inter net, and this made me converse with people from all corners, and rather all kinds of Muslims. Ultimately, it all leaves me with the feeling that some things is not just right with them, at least those who were airing out their views, and this, they are never going to understand, and understand if they, then there would have been no Muslim problems at all.


Khizer Hyatt Mallik of Pakistan is only fond of abusing Hindus. He speaks abusive literature on Hindus, and Hindu practices. Minhas of Pakistan is different, trying to say that just because he is a Muslim, he is different from other Indians. Shaik Hyder of Pakistan is a kind of expert; he finds all kinds of anti Hindu writings and keeps posting them.


Then comes Indians, and perhaps all of them are Keralites. I could not come across Indians from other parts of this country; all Muslim and Christian writers are from Kerala. Kutty O Hamza is a person who is still left with some reason. Regi P George is a person who wants India to melt in the ocean like what Shakespeare says; let Rome in Tiber melt! There is another person, Liyaret Sunil; also from Kerala, with this strange name, who speaks just like a Pakistani or Taliban.


All arguments they put forward can be summed up in the following manner. Hinduism is only Brahmanism, which is the domination of the Brahmin caste. RSS is an instrument for maintaining the Brahmin domination over the Indian land scape. There is Devadasi practice in Hinduism, and Hinduism supports this. This lets prostitution permissible in the Hindu religion. There is this horrible caste distinction within the Hindu society, and RSS wants to maintain caste discrimination. The Hindus burn their brides should they fail to bring dowry. The Hindus burn their brides along with a dead husband. Further they say that the Hindus worship monkeys, snakes and the Linga.


Just these and nothing more. For them, there is only one true God, and all others are false. Every one ought to follow this one true God, and Islam. All others are very unfortunate since they could not become Muslims till now. Pakistan had always been right and India wrong. There are more and more to this, but they are all details, these are just points to ponder over the Muslim mind.


The Ali brothers, Mohammad and Shoukat Ali were so clear about what a Muslim ought to be in Indian context; and it is to none other than the Gandhi they told that: “Primarily we are Muslims and then Only Indians”. Their priorities are to Islam, and then if something is left, to Hindustan. Gandhiji must have swallowed these words, as he was later found refusing to attend a round table conference for more autonomy with the Khilafat in the swing, since the British did not release Ali brothers from the Jail. Finally, these Muslims kicked Gandhi ji below the very belt, by shifting loyalties to the British.


They all spoke the Hindustani language. But the Muslims wanted it to be written using Persian Script and give it the name Urdu. They refused to write their mother tongue in Devanagari script, which is Vedic and Indian. They can take a script which has nothing to do with their ancestors, but they had agitated against Devanagari script. They wanted the language to be called Urdu, instead of calling it Hindi.


Now they keep spreading hatred and curse upon the Hindus and India. As a matter of fact, these lots are immensely frustrated and goal less. They do not want to acknowledge their follies, and short comings, and venture out to debate and as they become unable to debate, they abuse. They are abetted by some Indians like Liyarat Sunil in their spurious attack on RSS, Hindutva etc. they are unable to withstand the fact that just a handful of Hebrews are teaching all the Arabs the much wanted lessons. When they were put to this question: ‘If the Muslims were in the position of the Jews, then can you imagine what would have happened to the world?’ no one except Shaik Hyder tried to answer. He tried to wriggle out saying that the Jews are smarter, educated and gets aids and so on.


I must sum up it all in this manner. Such Muslims with the Jihadi and fanatic bent of mind are irredeemable, and there is absolutely no point in trying to reason with them. There are other Muslims of course, but they are not at all in the lime light. These people can only be dealt with a firm hand.

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