Oh my God! What a change!

via B.R.HARAN published on February 6, 2007

When His Holiness Sri. Sathya Sai Baba visited the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi at his residence, some of us felt that he should have avoided the visit and some of us felt that, this visit could bring in a change in the mentality of the Dravidian leader. I also received a few responses for my previous write-up (Dravidianism surrenders to Hinduism! Theism wins over Atheism!) saying that, ‘If Baba’s visit changes MK by at least 1%, then it would be beneficial for the state’.  

Now I would like to share the ‘hypocrisy’ of Karunanidhi with all of you (some of you would have read about this in the vernacular media – it was not reported by the English press -). 

On the 2nd of February, Karunanidhi attended the Marriage Reception of the daughter of Chenji Ramachandran (rebel leader from MDMK) and as usual utilized the function as a political platform to come out eloquently on the recent visit by Sri Sathya Sai Baba and many more. The function was also attended by Dravidar Kazhagam Prsident K.Veeramani and Thol Thirumavalavan, leader of Dalit Panthers of India (Viduthalai Chiruthaikal Katchi) apart from many other Dravidian stalwarts. 

K.Veeramani has said, “The Dravidian movement has attained such a glory that even religious Gurus have started coming towards us”. 

Thol.Thirumavalavan has said, “Religious gurus are coming towards us, because, they are attracted by us”.  

Chief Minister Karunanidhi has given a long speech, which I have given below: 

“Some people are afraid of our joining the religious Gurus in the service of the state. They fear that they would lose their livelihood. Who ever it is and where ever they belong to, the state needs the unity of every body in the service of the Tamils. They are coming to us not because of our victory over them, but because we have the intention of embracing & taking them along with us in our services to Tamils & Tamil Nadu. Even this good mentality of ours is being made fun of by some people. They are always ready to support others, but at the same time they indulge even in ‘betting’ to prove that we are wrong. Baba visited my house. He also took part in a function organized for felicitating & thanking him for completing the Rs.200 crore water project. Four Chief Ministers & a few Central Ministers also attended the function. As far as I am concerned, I have discussed with the concerned person, that is, DK President Veeramani, and then only I gave my consent to attend the function. This shows that, we would not go out of our principles. Even if the heaven breaks and gold coins pour down through it, we would not sacrifice our principles, as we are the students of EVR Periyar” 

“I have appreciated even Ramalinga Adigalar (Comment: As if he is much superior to the great saint Ramalinga Adigalar). We have never discarded our opponents, but only their views. We do not hate Brahmins, but only Brahminism (Comment: Is that why he keeps Brahmin Doctors & Brahmin Lawyers & Brahmin IAS Officers around him?). We never shied away against opponents & their views”. 

“It was said that Kribananda Vaariyar had sacrificed his life for Tamil. But he is a person who can talk about ‘Rice & Dhal’ for months together. I have attended his discourses as a student and cornered him many times with my rational questions. History would prove such war-fronts(Comment: History has proved that he had hurt Vaariyar Swamigal by throwing stone & foot wear on his face and C.N.Anna Durai had apologized for that disgraceful act on his behalf). “Times have changed & keep on changing. In the course of time, we have never gone ‘there’. But he (Vaariyar) only came here to invite me for the opening of his College in Salem. I went & inaugurated his college. Later on, I had built one ‘Mani Mandapam’ for him” 

“Is Kunrakudi Adigalar an atheist? No, he is a religious person loving the ‘self-respect’ movement. He has devoted his entire life for the cause of Tamil. I have even made him as a member of the Legislative Council. That is a chapter in the history of Tamil Nadu” (Comment: The ‘Kunrakudi Clan’ is well known for its surrender & attachments to the Dravidians for self interests. Even some of the present ‘Adheenams’ submit themselves to the Dravidian leaders for self interests).  

“In the interest of the public, there is nothing wrong in welcoming them (religious people) and having relationship with them, if at all they are useful for the state. If we say that we welcome good people and join them for the service of the state, some people make vote calculations on our stand with vested interests”. (Comment: Every one knows that the entire affair was scripted & acted in the fear of losing a major chunk of Hindu votes)

“Some people say that we have become one. No. It is not so. We just make use of them to unite the Tamils by kindling the spirit of the Tamil creed. Those who ridiculed us by asking questions such as ‘Why Karunanidhi acted against them then?’ And ‘Why Karunanidhi has joined them now?’ are all useless ‘story-tellers’, who are afraid of losing their livelihood. I would like to make it clear to them that we would never come to you. We will continue as we are and you act as you are. But, if we take a united stand to serve the people of Tamil Nadu, we will be certainly useful & we will also make use of you and that is the approach of Dravidian movement. There is no question of selling & enslaving ourselves to others for the sake of compromises”. 

Through out the speech he had not spoken any thing about his family’s obeisance to Baba and the ‘rings’, which his family members got from him. After this futile attempt to justify his short unison with Baba, he shared the dais with Mata Amrinandamayi Devi in yet another function at Nagapattinam. Later on in Chennai, he had said that his wife Dayalu Ammal prostrated before Baba, not because of devotion or Bakthi, but because of culture & respect.  

But the Tamils from the land of Temples, i.e., Tamil Nadu, are asking, “Where is Culture without Devotion and where is Respect without Bakthi?” He will not answer, because he cannot. He will not change even 1%, because he cannot afford to. It is only the Tamils who should change and shed their ‘Dravidian’ colour & mind set and become truly Tamilians

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