North East Terror And Liberation Theology- Understanding Ideodynamics Of Tribal Bloodbath On Christmas Eve

published on December 31, 2014

The belief in a perfect future inevitably inspires a passionate (and otherwise inexplicable) hatred towards the imperfect present. The first agenda of social redeemers is to dismantle the existing social order, which means their intellectual and political energies are focused on the work of destruction.

– David Horowitz on the Left

The Chief Minister of Assam Tarun Gogoi reeling under shock of indiscriminate violence done to Tribal people asked – “What could be the reason for such ghastly attack? Why would someone kill children and women? “

Ironically the answer underlies that same statement where he adds – “Our priority right now is to make sure that the clashes don’t escalate.”

The implied rationale for killing of over 65 Tribals, mostly women and children with such killings become a fashion statement of late, by every Terrorist group is quite obvious – to trigger a vicious cycle of sectarian clashes. But there are Objectives that may not be that apparent.

The answer to this question – why this savagery? Needs asking another question- What is the National Democratic Front?

NDFB claims be a representative of the Bodo people, who form around 10% of Assam’s population. The main grievances of the group are the under-development in the region and the influx of immigrants. It aims to address these issues by seceding from India, and establishing a sovereign Bodoland.[2]
The NDFB constitution, adopted on 10 March 1998, lists its objectives as the following:[3]
Liberate Bodoland from the Indian expansionism and occupation;

Free the Bodo nation from the colonialist exploitation, oppression and domination;

Establish a Democratic Socialist Society to promote Liberty, Equality and Fraternity; and

Uphold the integrity and sovereignty of Bodoland.”

The promotion of the Roman script for the Bodo language is also a significant demand of NDFB. The group’s members are mostly Christians, and are opposed to the use of Devanagari script for the Bodo language.[3]
(“National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB)”. SATP. 2014-05-03.)

‘It was ‘Terrorist attack’ and indeed so, but who are these Terrorists, what is their ideology? What do they strive for as an objective, doing mindless violence?

And lastly and one that most concerns the Government of India- why now?

On eve of Christmas Day?

No media discusses in depth. This latest act of barbarism is just a long festering Insurrection inspired and largely guided by a certain Geopolitical Ideological entity-
Liberation Theology.

But this never gets mentioned.

If it had the same telling links and affiliations to a Hindu ideological movement- headlines would be screaming by now- ‘Saffron Terror strikes again, Tribals slaughtered in North east”, “when will Hindu terror get satiated-its tribal blood now”.

There would be tireless blast of how Hinduism and its organizations are sponsoring myriad terrorist groups and guiding Insurgencies that target certain ethnic groups and are aiming at carving out a United States of Assam – a Hindu conspiracy for a homeland under control of the Vishwa Hindu parishad.

We will see TV tickers how a peculiar version of Hindu Terror has systematically been funded, given political direction moral support to do this Terrorizing of poor Tribals- with captions and quotes from its hidden religious leaders. Op Eds will inform indignantly how a cabal of religious bodies is sowing Ethnic Hatred employing Eliminationist language.

Scoops on Hindu Theological conspiracy for Ethnic Cleansing manipulating Tribal and ethno-linguistic fault lines and who they were and what they been doing since decades.

 Unfortunately for the Talking Heads- they cannot dig these dirty truths about Bodo Terror- since that would mean typing a Headline-         

“Christian Terror strikes North East again- NDFB’s  Bloody X- Mas to tribals ”.


For sake of brevity, the Liberation Theology as name explains is a Christian doctrine concocted as a heady Cocktail of Theology and Marxian dialectics of Class warfare.

The West and Vatican devised Liberation Theology as an attractive alternative to the then spreading Left wing communist insurrections, as official churches were unable to thwart Communist rebellions surfacing in Christian societies of South America and Africa.

If Christian west cannot stop communism in America’s backyards, the idea then seemed better the Communist Revolution be Christianized.

Peruvian Theologian and Dominican priest Gustavo Gutiérrez Merinowrote a book Teología de la liberación, perspectivas – Theology of Liberation- Perspectives in 1971 that laid the foundation of Liberation Theology movement.

He had the right ingredients to kick start this political subversion among the indigenous and poor Latinos.

He studied in major Catholic Universities of Europe and was an ordained priest since 1950s, very much a denizen of privileged class moving among the elite and acquainted with likes of French socialist economists like Francois Perroux who lent the Socio-economic ideas of the ‘underdog Third World’.  

He was besides a Theologian, a doctor and specialized in Psychology and of mixed Spanish-Red Indian stock. He was an activist in Belgian Leftist scene, with Catholic Workers and Student organizations.  

He promptly set to work among the ‘poor and the downtrodden and began pumping this Marxist revolution bottled with catholic labels as a Liberator.  

Other Theologians from Spain, Brazil and Uruguay began amplifying and elaborating this Christian ideology. Soon enough come the resources and groups to launch insurrections in competition with Communist expansionism that suits American interests to subvert it.


Like all armed insurrections that was laced with anti-western and anti-establishment ideas, the movements took the Marxian ingredients much seriously, and began viewing the sponsor Church and its hierarchy as part of the problem to be gotten rid off.

In the power struggle within Catholic establishment, the Liberation Theologians began maneuvering to wrest power from the Conservative orthodoxy, taking quite seriously the logic of Liberation and apply it to Vatican itself.

The alarmed Catholic top brass pushed back and decided to put an end to this danger threatening their privileged position.

Through Ratzinger, the future Pope, Liberation theology was given the shove and naturally the proxies on field had to largely fold up shop.

In March 1983, Cardinal Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict XVI), head of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), made ten observations of Gutiérrez’s theology, accusing Gutiérrez of politically interpreting the Bible in supporting temporal messianism, and stating that the predominance of orthopraxis over orthodoxy in his thought proved a Marxist influence. Ratzinger objected that the spiritual concept of the Church as “People of God” is transformed into a “Marxist myth.” In liberation theology he declared, the “people is the antithesis of the hierarchy, the antithesis of all institutions, which are seen as oppressive powers. Ultimately anyone who participates in the class struggle is a member of the “people”; the “Church of the people” becomes the antagonist of the hierarchical Church.”[29

Besides by this time, the Liberation Theology inspired movements had earned a reputation for its savagery. Soviet Union was crumbling, making need for Liberation Theology redundant.

There was consternation and outrage among Conservative Christians regarding this Church dipping of its Catholic hands into innocent blood- particularly South America where Liberation movements ended up gushing rivers of blood with casualties into hundreds of thousands and million.

The disowning of Liberation Theology and ambivalence of its Councils- alternately supporting and then denouncing is a sham by Vatican, to play it for keeps.

Nevertheless a clear denunciation came about due mainly to such embarrassing levels of church involvement, and of Church activists with genocidal and sanguine conflicts.  The irrelevance after fall of Soviet empire and with it the threat of Communist expansionism finally made it obsolete.


LT is not more of Marx than Christ but stated in that fashion camouflaging its christen doctrines in a Marxist terminology- since this cocktail was meant to be served among not necessarily a Christian population.

For example the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, most of whose members being Tamil Hindus never recognized that their organization was in fact a Liberation Theological movement and insurrection.

The fore runner of this NDFB was the Bodo Liberation Tigers Force.

The cadres of Liberation Tigers of Bodoland laid down their arms during Vajpayee regime and were absorbed into the Border Security Force and paramilitary. The movement converted to a political Party- Bodo People’s Progressive front.

This was not without a reason- Vatican had by then eschewed Liberation Theology as a heresy of Christian doctrines.

The decades-long insurrections had embroiled the Catholic Church and its clergy in serious violations of human rights as Liberation theological movements soaked South America in horrendous bloodbaths.

Throughout the 1990s, Ratzinger, as prefect of the CDF, continued to condemn these elements in liberation theology, and prohibited dissident priests from teaching such doctrines in the Catholic Church’s name. Leonardo Boff was suspended and others were censured. Tissa Balasuriya, in Sri Lanka, was excommunicated. Sebastian Kappen, an Indian theologian, was also censured for his book Jesus and Freedom.[35] Under Cardinal Ratzinger’s influence, theological formation schools were forbidden from using the Catholic Church’s organization and grounds to teach liberation theology in the sense of theology using unacceptable Marxist ideas, not in the broader sense.

Which was why around 2003 the Bodo Liberation Tigers lays down arms and the LTTE too was starting to reluctantly ‘negotiate’ and do ‘peace talks’.

Note also that Ratzigner had rejected Guitierrez when such a rejection of Liberation theology was the need for Vatican.

But the global Liberation theology movement would have its fortune reversed when a certain Father Jorge Bergoglio starts to rise up in rank.

This again would have another change of geo-political reality that would need badly an Insurrectionist Theology and a crisis of faith in Church that has lost for her the moral high ground thanks to pandemic sex scandals.


Post 9/11 the world woke up to for the need to end all State support for violent political causes whatever is their apparent justifications.

But this De-legitimization of armed Political movements would not last.

In a simpler sense it can be seen as Western nations wanting to counter the Religious Extremism they faced in global Jihadism. If the strategy to marginalize the Jihadis using Moderates failed, then arming the good Taliban against bad Taliban could work. But it was not happening- so then why not bring back a Christian version of the world wide Jihad.

LT began staring at prospects of revival with this Western Imperialism’s new need.

An obscure but controversial Jesuit Liberation Theologian Father Bergoglio would promptly be made the new Pope Francis.

The West dominated by a Left leaning Obama administration had meantime abandoned the Zero Tolerance to terror doctrine that obtained world consensus.

Under the new policy line, toed largely by western democracies, arming of insurrections began once again as Arab Springs. Since the ill construed project ended up in a horrendous Islamic Caliphate-

Liberation Theology is getting readied to receive that covert support and sponsorship of armed insurrections that Jihadis are getting from the West. The idea is that this Christian Jihad would check the Global Islamist Jihad, if things go out of hand as it already had at Syria and Iraq and hitting home.


 During the 60s and 70 s even as father Borgoglio the future Pope Francis would support the Argentine guerilla movement of the Montoneros that would perish in the long bloody clash with Argentinean army.

Now as the Pope, Francis would start rehabilitating every Liberation movement, theologian and ideologue that were denounced and kicked out.

The Founder of the Liberation Theology would be invited to Papal Vatican residence.

On September 11, 2013, Pope Francis hosted Fr. Gutierrez in his residence, leading some to comment that this was a sign of warming relations between the hierarchy and liberation theologians.[38][39]
The same month, L’Osservatore Romano published an article praising Gutierrez by the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Archbishop Gerhard Müller.[38] On January 18, 2014, Pope Francis met with Fr. Arturo Paoli, an Italian priest whom the Pope knew from Paoli’s long service in Argentina. Paoli is recognized as an exponent of liberation theology avant la lettre and the meeting was seen as a sign of “reconciliation” between the Vatican and the liberationists.[40]
Miguel d’Escoto, a Maryknoll priest from Nicaragua, was sanctioned with an a divinis suspension from his public functions in 1984 by Pope John Paul II, for political activity in the leftist Sandinista government in Nicaragua. Pope Francis lifted the suspension in August, 2014, in response to a request by d’Escoto [41]
In India- this would signal itself in the Channel 4 picking up of Liberation Theology’s urgent cause for revival-by raking up the alleged War Crimes of Lankan Civil war.

Much earlier would be the UPA adaptation of another pet theme of Gutierre- Preferential Option of the Poor- rendered in hindustani as Aam Admi. This would be hailed as ‘Inclusive Growth’ and unsustainable massive subsidies and doles would bleed the exchequer -subsequently stall and stunt India’’s Growth story.

 The privatized BBC channel 4 which is Greek cross- would instigate feelings of outrage among Tamils in India by selectively highlighting the war crimes of only the Lankan side and deify the LTTE and Martyrize Prabakaran and his son not unlike Christ’s martyrdom in Marxist liberationist terms.

Jesuit Catholic Loyola College would persuade the clueless Tamil student movements entice Politicos to pick up the Liberation Theology movement of LTTE’s lost cause- creation of Eelam as an ethno Linguistic Just Cause of liberation of Tamils.  

The Liberation Tigers of Bodoland, whose remnants are the NDBF have struck terror in North East.

The choice of Christmas eve was no coincidence.


The revival of Liberation Theology movements is under way in India.

Besides the revival of LTTE and turning Tamil Nadu into a Nagaland, the North eastern conflict is being sought to be re-vivified.  

The Home Return movement of Hindu Nationalist movements has rung the alarm bells for global Church and the North East as a hotbed of Christian insurrection zone and potential Western strategic asset are imperiled by prospect of large scale tribal return to Hinduism.

The Objectives of this Christmas terror strike aims at not just a tribal ethnic strife, but making the very presence of a Liberation Struggle to be globally noticed.

It reminds the world that all is not honky dory at India under Narender Modi’s new Government and that India is still very much a disputed land of disparate entities, an arena of Class struggle against Religious extremism so oppressive , a Right wing regime stifling minorities,  so ruthless that justifies the ‘victims’ in seeking world intervention.< r />
The Terror strike is about defiance of that positive perception of the world about Modi regime.

Secondly, the strike aims at a predictable smear campaign against the Government-
‘ever since the Hindu Right wing extremists under controversial PM Modi himself accused of complacence earlier in 2002 pogoms against Muslims in Gujarat had taken over’ would go the global Left liberal description of Modi’s India- and dwell in diatribes about how after assuming office in 2014 “the minorities such as Muslims and christians are facing forcible mass conversions and attacks on their lives such as the massacre of Muslim tribals in Assam whom Modi had vowed at his election rally in Assam to send back as illegal migrants back to Bangladesh’.

This again is not an innocent misperception of media scribes but deliberately constructed to suggest, to the Muslim youth especially -an alarmist sense of atrocities upon atrocities- so they pick up the call of the Caliphate of ISIS and Al Qaeda to rise against the Indian State and infidels.


The Indian State and ruling party must therefore understand the Objectives of Liberation theology.

There is no way other than a clear spell out of Liberation theology movements’ involvement with the North east insurrection.

Unlike the Islamist Qatar, Saudis or Pakistan’s ISI that sponsor Terror- the Catholic Church is quite sensitive about its perceived image in the world.

The best deterrence for thwarting Liberation Theologians misadventures and ambitious moves in India-is to highlight them by documenting them and airing them very candidly.

The North East insurrection and separatism as Church sponsored must be spelt out-instead of meaningless ‘denunciation of attack’ or ‘Terrorist strikes’ that really provides no insights.

The revival of LTTE, North east Liberation movements and Maoist insurrection aim at contesting Modi’s vision of India Rising. India’s image under its new Prime Minister is soaring – but the imperatives of Liberation Theology and Western power equations feel that has to be stopped.

The terrorist strikes in Assam aims at propaganda of how minorities like Muslims are getting forcibly mass converted and butchered under Modi’s regime in India.

If we mince words avoiding mention of church role in this Destabilization of India via Liberation theology- the Indian state will be caught in knots of Political Correctness and put on spotlight as ‘oppressor of minorities and downtrodden’ and how India needs to be liberated!

Liberation Theology is steadily making its moves.

This requires a robust fresh commitment of Armed Forces pulling out all the stops.
Among Southerners there is a saying- ‘to pinch the baby in cradle and rock it with lullaby’

 Liberation Theology’s next move would be to unleash the Maoists on a staggering scale. Then call world attention to plight of the oppressed peoples and minorities under a Right wing regime to Liberate.


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