Never ending sexual crimes of Christians clergies and teachers on children!

published on February 16, 2010

Written by

Hans Atrott
(from Klaipéda, Lithuania), author of „Jesus‘ Bluff – The Universal Scandal of the World“ ( PublishAmerica,Baltimore, MD, USA, 2009, 583 p) [email protected]

·    Crimes of  Abuse on children  already reported from Christian “Apostles”, i.e., is as „old“ as Christianity is

·       Pope’s Declaration of wanting to prevent Abuses of (Christian) children is just a Fuss of Perfidy–

·       SRICTLY BAN Christian clergies and teachers from children’s education – the risk of sexual crimes on them is likely


At present, Catholic Irish bishops are gathering with the pope  in the Vatican on account of an Irish report proving that in Christian-Irish orphanages sexual abuse and rape of children by Christian clergies was the rule, in fact,  for decades if not centuries. A victim called that what he had to suffer in Nazi camps during WW II “a tea party” compared to the “love” he had to endure by Christian clergies.[i]
At the same time, in Germany Catholic schools admit the same crimes on hundreds of children entrusted to them for education. We know that already in the U.S.A., Catholic sect paid hundreds of millions of US-Dollars in order to free itself from becoming prosecuted by the law enforcement authorities. Indictments on Christian clergies because of sexual abuses are also reported from Australia and France. From other Christianly conditioned countries, there are no  such reports because the Christian clergies (argot: „good shepherds“) do not commit those crimes but because Christian sect can provide impunity to itself as it could do so in Australia, North America, Ireland, France or Germany, in former times. Where there is Christianity, crimes of sexual abuse are the rule and the absence of such crimes an exception…

Sexual misdemeanor and crimes are as „old“ as Christianity is. Already, Christian Eucharist of very early Christians was known as sexual scandals so that several Christian councils even forbade it.[ii]- There are early Christian – not Pagan or anti-Christian – scriptures like, for example, „The Acts of Peter“  relating that the little daughter of a gardener became entrusted to religious lessons to Simon Peter. Suddenly, she was found as a corpse. The „St.“ Murderer afterward praises her death, e.g. by alleging what seductions (of Satan) the girl now becomes spared by being dead…[iii] Christian criminals and murderers not only as “benefactors” but even as “saints” …! The Christian „saint“  (Simon Peter) also murdered because of greediness. According to Ac 5:1-10 a couple (Hananias and Saphira) Peter murdered since they did not deliver all their properties to (greedy) Christian sect. Sexual misdemeanor even is reported from Jesus „Christ“. In the second century, a sexual licentious Christian sect („The Carpocratians“) in Egypt referred its sexual wantonness to the original gospels of Mark in which Jesus was reported having spent a night as „naked man with naked man“. Clement of Alexandria (150-215) contests this information but advises his fellow Christian even to perjure that „The secret Gospel of Mark“ was written by the „apostle“ Mark…[iv] He did not do so by dicing… In 1945 a lot of suppressed early Christian scriptures were detected in Nag Hammadi (Egypt). Christian sect tries diverting attention from these debunking scriptures by fervently „discussing“ the scrolls of Quran. The latter have nothing to do with Christianity (but with Judaism). Among the redetected Nag Hammadi scriptures, there is one reporting how the left eleven disciples visited her boss lonely hiding on an Isle presumably in the Mediterranean Sea as pearl seller while he was lied having ascended into heaven “to god’s right”… Even there, he did not do it  without a young boy.[v]
The Christian „martyrs of the truths“ have been sexual criminals since ever, from the outset, i.e. even the founders of this sect are sexual criminals.  Early Christians rightly were regarded as a dangerous species of criminals until Christian emperor bestowed impunity to them. In addition he handed over social buisiness to Christian sect. Hereby, Constantine deliberately wanted felons to appear as “upholders of moral standards” or the evildoers as “benefactors” to “the poor in spirit” (Mt 5:13). Today, it is a milestone regarding efficiency of Christian conditioning of humans. In many Christianly conditioned countries at least regarding sexual criminality, the  slaves (argot: „sheep“) do not accept impunity for their slaveholders (argot: „Good Shepherds“). At least partly,  Christianly conditioned countries do not accept impunity for Christian clergies and teachers, whereas other parts still are doing. The latter are the countries, e.g. in Southern Europe, Latin America or Africa, that do not report those Christians’ crimes. When Christian emperor Constantine in 305 made Christianity the only allowed religion in ancient Rome, he successfully turned the Christian clergies‘ reputation from  felons to „martyrs of the truths“ and „preachers of love“ by bestowing impunity to them and punishment of “blasmphemy” to those who did not cringe before those furtive criminals….[vi] Constantine forbade the courts to rule against the statement of a Christian clergy.[vii]  This impunity for Christian criminals worked for millennia and even in those countries like, for example, in  the U.S.A. of the 20th century. The U.S.A. is used to praising itself as a role model for democracy. For instance, in the 1960ties there was a murder on several colored people in Birmingham (Alabama, U.S.A.). Among the murderers, there was a Christian clergy. The murderers became acquitted because the members of the jury took the view that a Christian priest cannot become condemned of murder, even if he commits a murder (in recent years the case  became reopen and the clergy – now more than eighty years of age – became a life sentence…). Those who have fallen for this sophisticated Christian sham are surprised of that what they hear today, e.g. the immense sexual crimes of Christian clergies and teachers.

This sort of impunity even is refused in Ireland, today. For Christian sect, it is a completely new situation. The pope affirmations to impede those crimes in future are ridiculous and the usual fuss of perfidy that shall make “the poor in spirit” (Mt 5:3) to trust in their evildoers… As long as there will be Christianity, there will be crimes, especially, sexual ones. Only impunity can render the impression of „martyrs for the truths“ and “benefactors” to  Christian clergies… In a sense, the Christian sect still enjoys impunity. If they could accuse their rivals, e.g. the Muslims, Hindu, Scientology Church or Freethinkers etc. of such crimes, they (the Christian “good shepherds”) are used to perpetrating, they certainly would not only demand that those rivals are to ban from children’s education and the social buisiness but also become forbidden as organized crime… Although the pope on March 12, 2000, admitted crimes outdoing all other organized crimes  together, the Christians, nevertheless, are presume to prohibit Scientology Church and Asian religions in France and Germany. By the way, if the French fairly would apply their new law on religions, the first sect that is to prohibit would be Christianity… Protect our children from sexual abuse first means to ban Christian educational and social facilities… The sexual abuse is perpetrated too often as one can call it a (single) vitiation of Christianity. On the other hand, the Germans even punish John Bull if he inadvertently stumbles upon  a web page showing child pornography. However, nothing happens to the Christian criminals abusing children, really and not only virtually. Punishment becomes replaced by  words of hypocrisy and perfidy that the criminals never will do it, again –  what they always are used to feigning… Criminals are also those who allow, provide and finance  “fresh flesh”, i.e. children,  for the Christian sexual abusers, although knowing the risk. It is a matter of course, that the Christians – very deft at  perfidy  –  will affirm that they never will do again what they committed and are going to perpetrate… It’s always the same old story. Detailed information how Christian (sexual and other sorts of) criminals became “upholders of moral standards” in the book of Hans Atrott “Jesus Bluff – The UniversalScandal of the World”.[viii]


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