NDTV’s cultureless debate on M.F. Hussain

via Dr. Vijayalakshmi published on March 2, 2010

Happened to listen to a debate on NDTV last night on whether the Indian Govt. has let down M.F.Hussain, the perverted painter who caricatured Hindu Goddesses and Hanumanji in obscene postures. It was, as usual, a hypocritical exercise by your foreign-funded channel, which cares two hoots for Hindu sentiments and indulges in Hindu-bashing with alacrity. At the same time you will not dare to say anything against the protests by Muslims and Christians, as in the case of the Danish cartoons of Mohammad and the novel and film ‘Da Vinci Code’. You have full sympathy for them. It is preposterous that you and your pseudo-secular cohorts have scant regard for the genuine religious sentiments of the Hindus, and shamelessly hold brief for Muslims and Christians who hurt Hindu sentiments with impunity.

As usual, your hand-picked audience for the debate/discussion consisted of only pseudo-secular hypocrites like commies/pseudo-intellectuals, Christians and Muslims. You deliberately had only Chandan Mitra as a lone voice to support Hindus, so that the odds will be against Hindus. Husain is a celebrated artist only for vested interests and bleeding-heart liberals and anti-Hindus. The commie who stated that Husain should be given the Bharat Ratna has cheapened the highest award of the land, and also indulged in Hindu-baiting, thereby proving that some of these commies are anti-nationals. If you wanted to have an honest discussion/debate, you should have had a mixed audience and been fair to the subject on hand. But you could not fool the viewers. By now your credentials as ‘Nation-Damaging TeleVision’ is known to most of the general public. Manish Tiwari of the Congress party was there. How would he have reacted had Husain caricatured Sonia Gandhi in the nude? Would all the dames and guys supporting the perverted painter support him if he had painted in the same objectionable poses revered Muslims and Christians? Would Sharmila Tagore have supported him then?

The double-standards of the foreign-funded pseudo-secular Media like NDTV is appalling. They deliberately trivialise Hindu sentiments and the culture and heritage of this land. Husain is a fugitive from the law of the land. If he accepted Qatar citizenship, it is his wish. Why should it bother Indians? But knowing Islamic nations, we are not surprised that only the perverted Hussain was given citizenship there, but not the humane writer Taslima Nazreen, who is being unfairly hounded by Islamists. Do bleeding-heart liberals/ seculars have any explanation for that?

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