NDF threat to Narendra Modi

via HK Correspondent published on January 17, 2007

As NDF and several Jihadi groups express outrage and issue death threats over Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to attend the Virad Hindu Sammelan in Thiruananthapuram, many pseudo secular leaders and the Communist media are responding, not with condemnation of the death threats against democratically elected Chief Minister, but with condemnation of peace loving Hindus who organize the conference.

This is the latest example of the apologies and hand-wringing that occurs anytime there is widespread display of Muslim anger and death threats. The biggest problem facing Kerala is that Muslims can get away from their death threats and violence. This NDF death threat against Chief Minister Modi evades one truth: the hatred, the threats, and violence heaped on Hindus are irrational and undeserved. The same NDF that issued death threats against Chief Minister Modi was silent about the Ghodra massacre, bombing in Varanasi, cold blooded murder in Marad, Kilimanoor, and Kannur, bombing Kozhikodu, New Delhi and Coimbatore. Or consider NDF opinion over the brutal treatment of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Islamic dictators deprive Hindus of every basic freedom, keep them in unspeakable poverty, and routinely tortures and execute Hindus.

NDF and other Jihadi grievance collectors in Kerala oppose Hindus and Narendra Modi not because of any legitimate grievances, but because they are steeped in a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam-one that views that all non-believers are to be subjugated and converted. They do not seek respect for the rights of the kafirs; they seek a world in which the rights of all are sacrificed to the dictates of Islam.

The proper response to NDF threats is to identify them as terrorists and enemies of the state and dispense justice accordingly. Political and secular leaders must intellectually discredit NDF and Jihadi terror groups and should be prosecuted for issuing death threats.

The Marxist government, like the Congress party and phony intellectuals, has taken the appeasement approach. Instead of identifying NDF as a terrorist outfit to be discredited, the Marxist government has determined to appease them. The Marxist coalition has sought their cooperation and even cast them as coalition partners.

Such appeasement policy has rewarded NDF and their terror gangs. They have learned that political leaders will praise their terrorist ideals and meet their demands. Every attempt to appease Jihadi terrorists’ preserves, promotes, and emboldens them. Every concession to angry, violent terrorist outfits gives hopes to Jihadi causes. Every day the government allows terrorist groups to exist and issue death threats give them opportunity to plan next bombing and massacre.

Kerala needs honest leadership with the courage to identify and defeat Jihadi terrorism. The government should declare that militant terrorist groups like NDF that threaten freedom and democracy will be met, not with appeasement, but with destruction. It is time to remember that there is no road map for achieving peace and freedom by negotiating with terrorists.

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