Musings of an innocent NDF Terrorist

via Blah Blah Koya published on March 26, 2007

IN THE NAME OF ALLAH…we don’t understand what this fuss is all about…no one knows the difficulty of being ‘nationalist and developmental’ in a state like kerala,a place where even avowed Marxists are in their hearts Hindus, who go for temple rituals like Poomoodal.. and where Hindu fascists from P Parameswaran to Vellappally Nateshan rule the roost.

 After all what is wrong with us ? True, we have hacked a few RSS men in the past few years…but it was our Marxist brethrens who taught us this art….and now they are after our blood..

Yes …we conducted the first Hindu slaughter in Kerala after the glorious period of great tipu sultan…and did the sky fall on us ?? NOTHING happened… except some noises here and there….and by killing these Hindu fascists, we have successfully booked our berth in heaven…why don’t anyone understand our vision and hardwork behind all this…?

Yes …we do have hqrs in Green valley where we play host to some guests from outside the country. It is the RSS backed media, Hindu fundamentalists and fascist forces who call our guests ISI agents, Pak trained terrorists and all….for us they are our brethrens who are ready to help us in our fight against fascist forces…

Another accusation is that we are conducting weapon training classes…Let me tell you… these RSS men are not ready to move with changing  times..They still roam around with that typical colonial police lathi. And we have not seen them killing anyone with lathi…but take our case, we have this unique method of using Malappuram kathi and sword..with just one thrust, we send our enemy up…Aren’t we better ? fact we thought that after our victorious Marad experiment, the Marxists and others would queue up in front of our door to learn these tricks to kill RSS devils…no one came..they are equally useless..these Marxists….

And now the intelligence agencies accuse us of using hawala money racket for fund raising..we feel pained that these govt agencies are after us because of their anti-minority mindset… Poor devils, they don’t understand that our existence itself is based on this hawala thing….how can we forgo that…it is high time that these agencies are disbanded and hawala made official . One of our men,  E Ahmed is there in the central ministry holding a key post. But Alas! he is just contended with useless acts like visiting Gulf countries,Marad mosque etc and issuing statements…One day our real MAN will be there instead of a Muslim league prompted pseudo Muslim…then you will see how things change…

Now the latest from Kottakal…they say we attacked police station…absolute rubbish…we just went there to enquire when our leaders would be freed….WHAT.. we roughed up the constables?? But bhai that is our style of pleading and presenting our case before the authorities…WHAT.. we went in the night?? quite natural …as NDF workers, we work in the night…because during daytime we are either Muslim League members or Marxists….

Now you tell me what is wrong with us…I swear again… we are NATIONAL, we are DEVELOPMENTAL and with leaders and workers from both the fronts helping us,  we are the ONLY true political FRONT in kerala…

our only headache are RSS men…don’t worry …INSHALLAH.. we can finish and eat them up ALL before this LDF govt completes its term..AND THEN JUST WATCH US ….

Always at your service…..

Blah Blah KOYA

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