Music of the Karat frogs calling themselves commies

via S.Kalyanaraman published on January 7, 2008

Let us see the sequence:

1. Buddha says there is no alternative to capitalism

2. Basu says Bengal is only a province in a capitalist economy

3. Pankajakshan asks if CPM is plunging into the depths of old capitalism

4. Karat says some leaders have come out with confused reactions in a contradictory manner and himself contributes to the muddling of the lack of ideological clarity in CPM (assuming that he is the real Secretary and that the super boss is the nonagenarian Basu.)

I doubt if Karat feels strongly enough to throw out both Basu and Buddha out of CPM for muddling the debate. How can he afford to have confused ideologues? Karat forgets that he started the muddle by starting the mating dance with Congress (aka Antonia Maino the empress in 10 Janpath).

Stepping aside from the dance, let us revert to ideology.

Having enjoyed the fruits of power for nearly 30 years, though in isolated provinces, Karat’s chamcha-s may not be willing to give up the crumbs of office. To hell with the poor in Nandigram. Rape them. Call Tata for a tea session not in a matka but in a five-star imperial ambience to push the Singur car.

How can CPM call it a peoples’ car when the entire project is so heavily subsidized by the capitalist state through concessional lease terms and permitting the setting up of elite housing schemes as Singur nivasi languish in their huts?

So, the contradiction, starts with Karat and Co. treating the people of Singur and Nandigram as fodder for the capitalists, as fodder to be trampled to achieve the capitalist utopia applying Brinda Karat’s dumdum balm (in plain Bengali, this means, kill and rape Nandigramis).The road to capitalism of the Karat variety is paved with rotten intentions and practices.

When the intellectuals march for justice in Kolkata and cry for the raped children of Nandigram, they are also muddled, not knowing how to question the big brothers of CPM. Taslima episode becomes the sidekick in a pathetic attempt to divert attention from the CPM cadres’ capitalist atrocities in Nandigram.
I doubt if Karat, Basu and Buddha have read the stunning account of Nandigram events summarized by D. Bandopadhyaya former Exec. Director, Asian Development Bank. If they had, they would have called for a meet of the Left Front and issued a public apology to the people of West Bengal. Nothing like this happened.

Karat and Co. have become fellow-travellers of a god that failed. Commie-ism is dead because, it is shorn of humanism. Karat talking of socialism reminds one of koopastha manduka talking about abhyudayam of Bharatam –

THEY who lay quiet for a year, the Brahmans who fulfil their vows,The Frogs have lifted up their voice, the voice Parjanya hath inspired.What time on these, as on a dry skin lying in the pool’s bed, the floods of heaven descended, The music of the Frogs comes forth in concert like the cows lowing with their calves beside them… (RV 7.103)

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