Muringoor Devil Centre

published on May 5, 2007


There is a sense of misplaced victory in the minds of all those who are opposed to the evil practice of Religious Conversion, freely indulged in India by the Christian community, ever since the start of the current Muringoor episode. But I wish to caution all of them on their optimism. Please remember that there is no Arjun Singh or Jaichand among the Kerala Christians, especially the Catholics. The FIR has been prepared by Vincent Paul and it will definitely have all loopholes for escape. It will be another one of those Baby’s Bills for complete victory of the Catholic Church. The case will not only be lost but Muringoor Devil Centre (as it should be called) will continue with renewed vigour and added publicity.
From time immemorial, Christianity is famous for this technique. Even the hanging of Jesus (they call it crucifixion) is a case of complete deceit. The whole incident was manipulated. Judas (the obedient disciple) was instructed to betray his faith ( The sole intention was to crucify Jesus and cook up a story of his resurrection. Initially only a clever few knew the truth and a foolish few believed in it. Even now it is the same case. The Pope and the clowns around him know the truth. And one or two billion retards are made to believe in this gross untruth which is built on deception and treachery. The purpose is purely political and there is nothing religious and philosophical in Christianity.
Muringoor episode will be yet another eye-opener for Kerala Hindus to realise the depth of cunningness and deception surrounding them in the form of various factions and institutions of Christianity. In fact, each Archbishop palace in each district is a Devil centre. These palaces not only consume maximum liquor and flesh, but are the epicentre of religious conversions. The various institutions in the form of medical colleges, hospitals, colleges and schools participate in the business of conversion in a very effective manner. Their demographic growth is so rapid that a critical figure will be reached very soon and thereafter the growth will be exponential.
Vellapally has rightly called for closing down the Muringoor Devil Centre, which has resulted in a conceded figure of 980 un-natural deaths. But what is really required is a court case from our side for cancelling the religious conversion of atleast one lakh Hindus who have been converted by the Devil centre. Their ‘ghar vapasi’ is the legitimate step that should be pursued in the court. A complete listing of the thousand odd victims of the Devil centre is enough to highlight the real intentions and target of the Devil centre. Hindu Aikya Vedi must go ahead with the construction of a memorial (with the listing of all the victims) in the vicinity of this infamous renewal centre. The current court case will be lost (by the government in power) but the Kerala Hindu conscience must be stirred to realise the impending catastrophe for their inaction.

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  1. Gajendran Reply

    May 8, 2007 at 9:48 am

    Re: Muringoor Devil Centre
    We have some such centres in Tamil Nadu too which relish on feasting on Hindu flesh. Time is surely nearing for all of these gown wearing dark world demons. 5

  2. narendran Reply

    May 11, 2007 at 1:51 am

    Re: Muringoor Devil Centre
    Belief in devil and devilary is what makes catholic belief what it is and exorcism of the Muringoor fame is an essential ingredient of that faith.Who does not know that Vatican in Rome runs a college headed by a senior Cardinal to train priests to impart to them the latest techniques availabe in this field to drive the devil out of the body of catholics considered to be the favourite haunt of the Chief Devil because the special malice he carries against the God of Christians? Besides,how to conduct a successful exorcism operation is one of the main subjects in all Bible Colleges that is taught to the one who aspire to be a priest.Where to utilise their srvices,then,other than in places like Muringoor? I doubt if a case can stand against them considering the religious freedom they enjoy under constitution of India.Do not forget that a belief becomes a superstition only when such beliefs fall outside the Christian sphere in “secular India’. 5

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