MSM sulks, as BJP wins again in Karnataka

via K Vijayan published on August 4, 2011

Our Main Stream Media which had run amok trying to bugger the BJP Government via Yeddyurappa for the last several months, seems to have gone into a disgraceful sulk now that the BJP has democratically elected another CM, and the Party has not been split in two or three.

Love’s Labour Lost, but it has left the MSM even more exposed than the UPA as a stooge of alien powers, alien religions and an Anti-Hindu Force whose only contribution to Society has been the release of enough H2S to puncture the Ozone layer over the entire world.

It has produced a Lok Ayukta whose 25,000 page pus-filled Opus and name will be synonymous with Alien Rule, subservience to His Mistress’ Voice, and perversion of Office, almost on par with the Lie Bare Hen who slept for 18 Years to lay a rotten, unfertilised egg.

(We are reminded of the Nursery Rhyme “Hickety, pickety my black hen, she lays eggs for gentlemen, sometimes nine and sometimes ten , , , , ,” – command performances.)

Democracy has won – and the process of election was by secret ballot with an eligible electorate without EVMs and imported Vote Banks. But that has not been noticed at all, let alone praised by the alien-owned MSM. Much like our Minorities’ Deep sense of sorrow and deprivation, not in the least alleviated by a thousand years of gorging on Hindu Loot.

Yeddy’s Sacrifice in obeying his Party High Command and observing Democratic Dharma has not come in for adoration, adulation and Global Gushing – as happened when the Italian Widow was kicked out when trying to grab the PM Chair. Nothing new there – it is the Media’s Minority Birthright to ignore or vilify and loot Hindu Saints, and boost Albanian, Italian and other paedophilic, philandering imports as well as local half-breeds into Saintly Orbits, with their faces stamped on our coins.

The MSM has gone gagagaaaa.. .h over Curnatonky Caste Factors, even though no caste factor seems to have come into play.

Perhaps we should be thankful that till now no one has said that it is the anti-Minority, anti-secular, intolerant, fundamentalist Hindu Terrorist Factor which has played the dirty role of restoring the BJP power in the state – till now. Perhaps we will hear this Claim from our Poll Cheat Home Minister, Raja Dig Vijaychand, and other Islamo-Christian-Commie Stooges in coming days.

But will any one, particularly our very Vociferous MSM,  be moving for the arrest of Sonia & Son, Manmohan SIngh, Peachidambrum over Corruption so vast it boggles even the World Bank?

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