Ms Saba Naqvi is living in a dream world if she thinks No Life After Liberhan

via Dr Vijaya Rajiva published on December 8, 2009

The Editor,

Dear Mr. Mehta,

Re: No Life After Liberhan by Saba Naqvi (, Dec. 7, 2009).

Ms Saba Naqvi, I assume, is not a Hindu and in one sense one should reserve one’s criticism for Hindus who drag their feet on the question of Ayodhya.

Neverthless, she continues to write negatively about all things Hindu. I have been reading her columns for some time now. It is a free country, unlike some of the Islamic theocracies, so she can say what she wants.

But she is living in a dream world if she thinks the Ayodhya issue is going to go away. Since she is not a Hindu she is unable to appreciate the depth of sentiment that Hindus have towards Ayodhya.

Fair enough. It is not expected of her. It would be nice if she could exercise some imagination and empathy. Perhaps that is too much to ask of her. But where she does get her information regarding BJP members who are loathe to take up the Ram temple issue ? Just today there was a remarkable, impassioned speech by the President of the BJP that there was a Ram temple there, and there is one now and it will continue to be there.

Is she making things up as she goes along? She claims that no one is reporting about what is going on, presumably because there is an agreed silence in the liberal press about the Ayodhya issue. She coyly claims that she has some insider information about the BJP ! She speaks mysteriously about some ‘friends’ who have told her such and such. . .

And yet all the mainstream media have been carrying reports about the issue. NDTV, Times Now, Hindustan Times, Indian Express have detailed accounts of the speeches in Parliament. And there must be many more of which I am not aware.

The Pioneer has  daily reports. And the Hindu Press publishes important documents from the VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) and Hindu writers who are deeply concerned with the issue. Fortunately,thanks to the Sangh Parivar, we Hindus who want to be informed, are well informed. We don’t any longer have to rely on the columns of people like Ms.Naqvi.

I recommend she read Dr. N. S. Rajaram’ s excellent article ‘ The Evidence from Ayodhya‘ in the current issue of Haindava Keralam. com

If she sends me her e-mail address I am willing to send her some of the lengthy documents that VHP has put out on the evidence for the existence of the Ram temple prior to its destruction by the invader: archeological, literary, travellers’ testimony, even the writings of contemporaneous Muslim writers.

She is welcome to hide her head in the sand, but the Ram temple issue will always be central to every Hindu’s thinking. The millions of everyday Hindus continue to think about it, despite the Congress and its vote bank.


Dr. Vijaya Rajiva

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