Modi must obey Shoma Chaudhury’s diktat : He should not mention his identity’

published on July 13, 2013

In a professional and well conducted, well moderated program on NDTV ‘Narendra Modi shocks with ‘puppy’ analogy (July 12, 2013) the anchor Vishnu Som gave all the panelists a chance to speak while he himself did what all good anchors should do, ask questions,make a few short comments and then leave the discussion to the floor and intervene only to moderate.

In an astonishing revelation of her intolerance Shoma Chaudury of Tehelka Magazine focussed on the question of Shri Narendra Modi’s Hindu identity. In the Reuters interview in response to a question he had said : I am a patriot, I am a nationalist, I am a born Hindu, so you can call me a Hindu nationalist. He meant he had been born a Hindu.

Chaudhury took exception to that. She is herself a proud Hindu she said, but she does not feel the need to foreground her Hindu identity. Hence, all Hindus must follow suit. That is presumably the logic of her argument and it is the most blatant case of intolerance that anyone who calls herself a Hindu can display !

She did mutter some words about Hegdewar and Golwalkar. It is doubtful whether she has seriously read any of these people. She merely reproduced the bad Indian history that she must have learned at the various schools she attended in independent India where students are even taught that Mohammed Ghazni was only an invader not a destroyer of Hindu temples ( revisionist history a la Romila Thapar). Be that as it may . . . .

Chaudhury was significantly quiet about the wrong stats that she put forward about the riots during an earlier show on CNNIBN having been bested there by Meenakshi Lekhi who produced the relevant stats. She seemed to want now to shift her focus on the question of Hindu Nationalism. It did not matter that all that Mr. Modi said was that he was born a Hindu and he was also a nationalist.

The world according to Ms Chaudhury is : all Hindus must behave as she does ! They should not mention that ‘dirty’ word ‘Hindu’. It must be kept secret and allowed to fester inside themselves, as it seems to have done in her case.

Shut the Hindus up, let’s get on with our various agendas, one of which is to throw the word ‘majoritarianism’ around. It is also doubtful whether Ms. Chaudhury understands that the Indian Constitution itself is a force against her much feared Hindu majoritarianism and that has been the case since the republic of India came into being.

So why then is that word being bandied about ? Clearly to intimidate the Hindu population. Ms Chaudhuri may believe herself to be a flaming liberal but her language and arguments are unbelievably intolerant. She wishes to cast all Hindus in her image ! Heaven forbid that this should come to pass !

Shri Modi, ofcourse, will continue to speak his mind, nothing festering there. But self professed Hindus who wish to silence other Hindus, can be tolerated in the way one tolerates curiosities.

(The writer is a Political Philosopher who taught at a Canadian university)

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  1. Raa Reply

    July 14, 2013 at 12:31 am

    Media Bit..h
    she is just another media dog ..thriving on congi money ..they can oppose/not like the term HINDU but what they do is they just show Patriotic Hindu people as untouchables.Before 4 years out of four so called leading English channels 3 wont allow any of BJP members to respond to a debate..anchors will simply shut them of or they will continue ‘analysis’, inserting opinions against BJP without a BJP member on discussion panel. Because of their mad arrogance they promote a pathalogical aversion to Dharma & satya by terming Hindu nationalists as terrorist fundamentalists. Barka like shameless creatures just created a scenario that what is spoken in their TV is happening outside. they simply thrived on lies. NaMOji just break all these so called english tv they are singing tunes to NaMOji.still some weeds are there like NDTV,soma..See her dress,sppech & behaviour typical bi…Bharat Mata Ki jai

  2. Archpagan Reply

    July 14, 2013 at 8:11 pm

    Call spade a spade, not agricultural implement.
    I would request Modiji to clarify in his next speech that India is secular because it is a ‘Hindu’ nation. Is there any Muslim nation on earth which is secular? So, Hinduism is same as secularism.He should also clarify that what Christians and Muslims despise as ‘Polytheism’ is actually pluralism or multiculturalism.

  3. GSK Menon Reply

    July 14, 2013 at 9:53 pm

    Modi must obey
    Why bother about such silly media extras ? Simply ignore such people.

  4. Guru Reply

    July 14, 2013 at 10:43 pm

    Reverend Shoma indulging in her fantasy papal role-play ? Wake her up !
    How can she claim to be a Hindu if she has rejected Hindu Dharma ? Hindu Dharma requires you to strive for inner progress using a path of your choice… Shoma seems to have made no effort.

    Does claiming to be born to Hindu parents give Shoma the license to sell out all other Hindus ?

    Being a nationalist or a libertarian or a capitalist or a socialist is all on a different dimension, separate from your faith. I thought every elementary school student knew this, but unfortunately some of our journo’s don’t.

    It is a free country as far as political beliefs are concerned, you can be a Hindu and at the same time a nationalist without taking special permission from Shoma. Thankfully there is no Vatican and no Pope in Hinduism. (Even if there were to be a Pope for Hinduism by decree by a parliament of secularists, Reverend Shoma stands no fat chance, I am told!).

    Someone should politely ask her — “Shoma, you claim to be a Hindu. What does that mean ? What is your Dharma ? Please explain”.

  5. Sunil Jaggi Reply

    July 15, 2013 at 8:06 am

    Hindu Certificate
    Who has given her Right to give Certificates of Hindus and they can’t be Patriotic or Nationalist. Someone can tell her that India is Secular because of Hindus. We don’t need any Certificate from any so called Pseudo-Secular. What is her Credibility. GARV SE KAHO HUM HINDU HAI. We Hindus have to Take Care of our Motherland. Why People Don’t ask these Journos. Can she Name any other Country in the World which is secular. I am Born Hindu and Proud to be Hindu.Ask her Which country Hindus Conquer with the Swords / Guns in fact what they call our Neighbor is part of OUR INDIA. iT IS A Most Scientific Religion.our History is Distorted by So Called Pseudo- Secular Historians / JNUites.Why nobody talk about Sardar Patel who United India of 563 Princely States. Only one State was Handled by Nehru and look at the Condition till today India is Bleeding because of that State. Ask her Why Nehru Invited RSS. workers in Republic Parade.

  6. van iyer Reply

    July 16, 2013 at 1:30 am

    These name sake hindus will come and praise NAMOji after the election which may be held on 2014 (if Sardar Manmohan will be able to clinch till that time). Don’t waste your time on these vultures who get money from lobbies of anti nationals. Hindus should unite and fight the next General election. Don’t leave any hindus. If you provoke the result will be like Karnataka. Who is the loser ? V should fight the election unitedly.

    Sange sakti Kale Yuge.

    Jai Hind

  7. Shiv kumar Reply

    July 17, 2013 at 7:46 am

    Fear of Modi’s popularity
    The anti BJP gang has realised that it can not match the leadership qualities of NaMo.They have scores scandals to hide.The long term plan is to subdue and dispirit the Hindu role models,icons,spiritual symbols, Hindu self respect which they are doing with western tilting media.

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