Michael Witzel, Marxist women, Miranda Historiography: The myth of “secularism” of secularist anti-Rightists

published on July 16, 2009


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While Michael was covering up his defeat in Bharat2, particularly in the South India, his women-friends were trying to publicize their joint-article3, “The Hindutva View of History: Rewriting Textbooks in India and the United States” by Kamala Visweswaran4, Michael Witzel5, Nandini Manjrekar6, Dipta Bhog7, and Uma Chakravarti8. After verifying the background of these women, it is clear that the Marxist ideologists have colluding with Witzel and vice versa with a single agenda of circulating bundle of lies with their undue influence, they have in certain quarters. It is evident that they do not bother about any question of fact or law, as they always think that they have above law in India and elsewhere. In spite of the lack of authenticity, legality and facts, they continue to rehash the same stuff again and again. Once in a month or three months, publishing some article in their ideologically affiliated newspaper or journal9. Of course their yahoo.groups and internet tigers and lions would immediately campaign and re-circulate during their weekend musings.


Contempt of Court: But, the “eminent historians” do not care: In spite of the Supreme Court of India judgment [Aruna Roy vs UOI]10 dated September 12, 2002, the Marxists have been carrying out their propaganda of “saffronization of education”, “re-writing of history’ etc. When the Marxists, anti-Hindu and anti-Indian groups, experts and ideologists were campaigning vigorously inside and outside India, the Supreme Court came out with the judgment clarifying the following points:


Regarding Sanskrit Language
The Court rejected relying upon11, “…….Santosh Kumar and others vs Secretary, Ministry of Human Resources Development and another – (1994) 3 SCC 1, negativating the contention that teaching of Sanskrit language as an elective subject would act against secularism as accepted by nine-Judge Bench of this Court in S. R. Bommai vs UOI – (1994) 3 SCC 1”.

Regarding Vedic Astrology
“It is pointed out that what has been mentioned in the curriculum is `astronomy’ and not `vedic astrology’. Astronomy is well known science and different from vedic astrology”12

Regarding Vedic Mathematics
“It is pointed out that merely because epithet `Vedic’ is used, the petitioners has attempted to attribute something of religion to it. The word `vedic’ in this context indicates only time factor”.13

Regarding Hindu Festivals being treated as National Holidays
“It is submitted that this is a clear distortion as the curriculum book no where says so. On the otherhand, it says, “Schools may organize joint celebration of festivals of major religions and cultural groups. This would generate better understanding of and appreciation and respect for one another and create a tolerant and cohesive society”14.

About “Mughal invaded the country as against Britishers conquered the country”.
“The aforesaid submission does not deserve any consideration hence rejected.”15

About “spiritual quotients” and “Intelligent quotients”, drawing attention that IQ only is used but that has been also banned in USA.
“The aforesaid question cannot be decided in a writ petion under Article 32. It is for the experts to lay down the criteria for evaluating the merits / gradation/standard of the students and to decide whether criteria adopted in USA should be followed or not,”16


The lies, distortions and misrepresentations of the “eminent historians” completely exposed: From the above, it can easily be seen, who have been lying, misinterpreting history, misrepresenting historical facts, distorting the facts even before a forum like Supreme Court with a lot of “publicity” created in the media, as if the entire Indian acadamecia was “saffronized” and so on.


Ø      There is no merit in the first objection raised…..against Sanskrit – the objection has been unconstitutional and illegal.

Ø      “It is pointed out that what has been mentioned in the curriculum is `astronomy’ and not `vedic astrology’. Astronomy is well known science and different from vedic astrology”

o       giving wrong details, misleading – submission of falsities.

o       Ignorant or confusing purposely.

Ø      “The word `vedic’ in this context indicates only time factor”

§         CanIndian school and college students believe that the eminent historians, professors and experts do not now all these things?

§         How is that they do not know the “historical periods”, when they themselves teach and write?

§         Was the hatred against the adjective used “Vedic” or history or chronology or period?

Ø      “It is submitted that this is a clear distortion as the curriculum book no where says so.

§         How then they could have such courage to present “distortion” before the Court?

§         Who gave such courage for distorting the history?

§         While they themselves are culprits, how and why they accuse others?

Ø      “The aforesaid submission does not deserve any consideration hence rejected.” – that is historical facts cannot be denied. The simple truth has been  –

ü      the mughals invaded

ü      the Britishers conquered.


Thus, the persons who are dealing with such issues should read the judgment at least once, before writing anything on the subject matter. And it is unbelievable such learned professors and experts Kamala Visweswaran, Michael Witzel, Nandini Manjrekar, Dipta Bhog, and Uma Chakravarti have decided to stoop down to such a low level to tell lies, that too, against the established law of this land.


The so-called “Hindutva Rewriting of Textbooks in India”: The Supreme Court rejected all the above submissions made and thus dismissing their petitions. That is the introduction of the above by NCFSE / NCERT is legal according to the law of this land.


The Hon’ble Judge D. M. Dharmadhikari17 in disposing the Petition no.98 of 2002 concluded, “For the reasons given above, we do not find that the National Education Policy 2002 runs counter to the concept of secularism”. Yet theses women and Witzel continue to write in 2009 rehashing the old stuff without any reason.


 Prof. Makkhan Lal18, Meenakshi Jain19 and others20 have already pointed out the “stereotypes” of all sorts that have been operating for many years in the textbooks written by the Marxist historians. If anybody reads or has read, he would have understood to what extent these “eminent historians” of India and USA have been lying to the core fooling Indians. In fact, telling lies against the Supreme Court judgment amounts to contempt of court, but, yet they go on repeat such offence just like Shahi Imam21 and the secular government would not take any action.


Anti-Gandhi and pro-Gandhi attitude or stereotype: When many books were written and films shot denigrating and disparaging the “Father of Nation”, these scholars of all sorts just keep quite, however, the Customs would be notifying such proscription of such books and films. But, taking every opportunity, they would make a reference about the “involvement of RSS” in the murder of Gandhi. Thus, Michael Witzel at al make such reference in their write-up22. The stereotype of events could be noted that only in the BJP ruled States, people would die because of hooch trade and drinking tragedies. Some months back, it was in Karnataka and now in Gujarat and therefore, the media has been happy enough to mention it to beat Modi next to Ediyurappa, but not bother about Gandhi and his principle of prohibition. Anyway, they fight for the rights of drinking, dancing, dating, i-pill etc. Kindly recollect the Renuka’s “Pub-baro andholan” just before elections in Karnataka, “Renuka-Sonia” dance party at Medak during the elections etc.


RSS and Gandhi assassination: The RSS should clear off the mess, as now the so-called “assassination” is mentioned as “murder” in the books, media and blogs23. Though RSS filed a case against Arjun Singh, the former HRD Minister and the key collaborator of the Marxists, when he made such statement in September 2004. With his influence, he got bail on January 31st 2005 and escaped. The Congress influenced the Taminadu government and the XIIIth magistrate of Egmore Metropolitan Court dimissed a similar petition filed in Chennai against Arjun Singh in October 2004 as there was not “sufficient evidence”. However, the case filed in Haryana has been still pending. Meanwhile, another case was filed against him for dowry harassment by his relatives. Taking the opportunity, RSS filed a contempt plea against him on September 27, 2006. Thus, he sought separate trial for the defamation case filed by the RSS on November 4, 2006. Then CBI probe was ordered in his dowry-harassment case on July 31st, 2007. Because of this legal wrangles, Sonia denied ticket and moreover, she did not want RSS or BJP to take advantage of the situation by fielding Arjun in any constituency. Remember, how and why Arjun Singh wept before the press? Therefore, RSS can take similar action against these “four women and one man” group, who have written24, “……..a former RSS member assassinated Mahathma Gandhi in 1948”. And they can request the court to tag it with the pending case of Arjun Singh.


The attack on Christians in India: Pre-election campaign or Christian propaganda?: It is really, interesting to note that the media was blaring day in and day out about the rapping of nuns25 in Kandhamal, burning of women, attack on Christians etc., and suddenly calmed down the moment Naveen and Congress won the elections. Of course, Chidambaram had a visit there, just like that as he made a visit to Kashmir. The Christians have been meddling with the social system and status of SCs and STs in this land, particularly in the north-east and then in other states, wherever they have been with sizable population. 


The pre-election violence against Christians in Chennai, Bangalore, Mangalore26, Kandhmal (Orissa) and Rajasthan had been stage managed, because of their over enthusiastic evangelization of SCs and STs. The more the elections were approaching fast, the media started blaring out such attacks occurring dramatically everyday from the above states one after the other. The international media immediately picked up the stories and crying wolf that nuns were rapped, Christians persecuted, churches burned and so on. And from Vatican to India, the radical Christians were happy to cry with vengeance that the days were near as the signs were clear27. In fact, the Catholics supported Sonia-Congress28, which was already in power and again has come to power as expected after the elections with the rout of BJP29. How the Miranda Women helped Naveen30 to come back power by ditching BJP has also been revealed and ironically, he was / has been ruling, while the so-called violence was reportedly going on. In both cases of Chennai and Bangalore31, it was found that the disgruntled Christians themselves reacted against the exploitative Christians by breaking glasses of windows, bible case etc. In Rajasthan and Karnataka, again, it was the handiwork of the rabid Christian priests who wrote incendiary stuff against Hindu religion and God, which started trouble. A for as the Orissa incidence is concerned, the role of Christians have exceeded and crossed all limits, as they have been engaged in the following activities:


Sex-tourism conducted at Puri, Bubaneswar, AP border Orphanages [many priests and Christians have been arrested and proceedings have been going on].

Supplying coal from the forests to industries exploiting the tribals, and middle men SCs and STs.

promoting Maoist activities with all missionary logistics. John Dayal32 and company is responsible33.

Setting SCs and STs against each other by giving material benefits. The converted SCs are asked to continue as Hindus officially, so that they get all benefits from the government. However, by converting to Christianity, illegally, they get benefits there also, However, for STs, such conversion makes no difference. Thus, there have been always dissensions among these two groups.

Above all, the Christian missionaries, Marxist historians, Miranda women [only the involved and not all] and other activists suppress the fact that the 80 years aged Hindu Sanyasi along with other Sanyasis including two women and one boy were brutally killed by a gang on the eve when they were celebrating Krishna Jayanti just like Christian Christmas.

“Iravatham Mahadevan” like Indians should realize the facts: “Iravatham Mahadevan” like Indians, who have been hosting and accommodating such liars, anti-Indians, anti-Hindus and such-sampradhaya-vadins, should realize the facts. Knowingly, if they try to act like this, then, it is better that he could resort to “fast undo death”for saving this nation. Thus, it is clear that “Iravatham Mahadevan” has become a stereotype-personality just like the Marxist / Miranda women. What we are dealing have been human beings with urges, drives and ambitions would be very active after retirement, vigorous while aging and working till death. And therefore, no individual is pointed out or blamed. However, when they try to affect others, definitely, others would take interest, abct and interact with each other. Many of Chennaiwasis (residents of Chennai) even today do not know who is Witzel and all. Yet, definitely, some hundred persons are thinking and dealing with him directly or indirectly as some of them deal with Clooney and others. Therefore, these species should be subjected to ontogenetical, phylogenetical and epigenetical analyses critically find out their pathological causes for indulging in such acts. There have been many such stereotypes and stereotype-personalities could be noted in foreign and in Indian counterparts to mention a few as follows:


Ø      Paula Richman and Nandivarman36.

Ø      Hema Ramakrishna and Nandivarman37.

Ø      Francis Xavier Clooney and host of Vaishnavite well-wishers of Chennai.

Ø      Testa Steldvad and her friends in Chennai

Ø      Romila Thapar and her friends in USA.




Miranda House is residential college for women in Delhi University from which many Indian women of repute have come. However, the women who are well-known for their leftist, Marxist and anti-Indian views are figuratively mentioned as “Miranda historiography”, as nowadays, the middle-class women of India has been target by all ideologists, as they are responsible for the custodians of Indian tradition, culture, heritage and civilization and thus keeping Indian in the medieval period!

2 Read about his “conferences” and consequences coming out in the net at different forums, blogs etc. It is still alive, as Iravatham Mahadevan has now only started circulating his version of speech.

3 Kamala Visweswaran, Michael Witzel, Nandini Manjrekar, Dipta Bhog, and Uma Chakravarti, The Hindutva View of History: Rewriting Textbooks in India and the United States, Georgetown Journal of International affairs, Winter / Spring 2009, pp.101-111.

4 Kamala Visweswaran is an associate professor of anthropology at the University of Teexas, Austin,

5 Michael Witzel  is a professor of Sanskrit at Harvard University.

6 Nandini Manjrekar is an associate professor at the Tata Institue of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

7 Dipta Bhog  is a co- director of Nirantar: Centre for Gender and Education in Delhi.

8 Uma Chakravati  is  professor emeritus of spirit and “national consciousness” through generating history at the Miranda House at Delhi University.

9 Vinay Lal, “Palpable Flasehoods”, Outlook dated Feb.7, 2006, http://outlookindia.com/fullprint.asp?choice=1&f

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21 Shain Imam was the rabid fundamentalist Muslim leader, who called “Mother India” / Bharat Mata a bitch, of course, no women of India worth of salt cared for that. However, when he cried that he would break the legs of Supreme Court, arrst warrants were issued by three High Courts of India, but none could gather courage to arrest and produce him before the Court.

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27 Revelations: see bible for more details. If they do not occur, the evangelical terrorists would take steps to see that such events occur so that the Kingdom of god is established immediately on the earth by eliminating the heathens (Hindus).

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33 I have posted many blogs in www.sulkha.com, www.indiainteracts.com and yahoogroups giving all details. In fact, John Dayal was contacted through e-mail more than hundred times at that time. But, he never responded and that he has been “dialogue”, they have in India.

Vedaprakash, Swami Lakshmanandana killed while celebrating “Jaanmasthami” festival in Secular India: The Christians meddling in Orissa, killings and communal issues,  http://vedaprakash.indiainteracts.com posting dated 24-08-2008.

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As threatened in the Sanskrit College, when Radha Rajan was reportedly “trying to disturb” the “conference” of Wizel on 06-07-2009 evening at the Sanskrit College, Chennai.

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