Media Watch unearth Mid Day Reporter’s Fantasies over Naked BSY and Donkey Sacrifice

via Courtesy: published on March 1, 2011

Outrageous Article in Midday

This entry to Media watch pertains to extremely distasteful reporting in Midday. We can understand Middays zest to condemn beliefs of BSY but it donot give them the right to misrepresent and insult Hindu beliefs.

Midday claims that Bhanuprakash Sharma, the CM’s family priest has advised him as

“His zodiac sign is Scorpio. Rahu will enter this sign shortly, which could mean that his enemies might harm him. Such dasha brings insult and shame. To overcome this, naked surya namaskara is performed,”

The fact is Bhanuprakash Sharma or Veda Brahma Bhanu Prakash Sharma guruji (as he calls himself) is an self proclaimed  astrologer who claim to perform rituals and ceremonies to ensure better luck for their clients. He also claim that he had earlier advised JD (S) leaders and now guides BJP leaders including chief minister B S Yeddyurappa. Leaders like G Vijaya and Ambarish take his advice before making decisions. For the looks of it and simple google search it seems that Bhanuprakash Sharma is a fake out to get some cheap publicity!

Then Midday goes on to claim that

Yeddyurappa had visited Bhadrakaali temple in Kerala to perform the Shatrusamhara ritual, which involves sacrificing a donkey to subdue one’s enemies.

The fact is Shatrusamhara pooja is a very common pooja which is conducted in almost every temple in kerala and it definitely donot involve sacrifice of donkeys!

Media Watch sincerely hope this article was written as a satire. Even if it was written as a satire such misrepresentation of facts insults Hindu beliefs and is not acceptable. Lastly drawing nude photo of CM of a state elected by popular mandate is extremely distasteful.

Media Watch strongly demand that Midday withdraw this article and issue an apology.

Details of Mediawatch conversation with Abhijit Majumder; Editor of MidDay

@i_panchajanya: @abhijitmajumder Sir We strongly protest this extremely distasteful reporting by Midday request its withdrawal & Apology

@abhijitmajumder: @keshda @i_panchajanya We’ve done the story through confirmed sources, but I’ll still look into it

@i_panchajanya: @abhijitmajumder I am a keralite I can assure you no donkey is ever killed for shatru samara pooka @keshda

@abhijitmajumder: @keshda @i_panchajanya There’s always scope of error on our part, but the reporter wrote what he was told. We don’t have agenda in this

@i_panchajanya: @abhijitmajumder thanks sir for taking time to clarify Can you please atleast retract shatrusamhara part. Its very offensive @keshda

@abhijitmajumder: @i_panchajanya @keshda We are double-checking on the shatrusamhara bit. If there’s a mistake, we’ll certainly carry a clarification

@i_panchajanya: @abhijitmajumder Sir as we await your decision, we are extremely grateful you took time to give repy. Wish all editors were as responsive

@i_panchajanya: @keshda agree @abhijitmajumder thanks we await ur feedback. Can I put our conversation on blog. It will be a good guidance for others

@abhijitmajumder: @i_panchajanya Sure, you can @keshda

Media Watch thanks Mr. Abhijit Majumder; Editor of MidDay for being responsve to our requests. We wish all editors of our media houses is like him.

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