Media needs to be more responsible

via HK Correspondent published on January 18, 2006

CNN, the media darling of the west is turning out to be a comic figure in the recent days. Recently, CNN has made some glaring errors while reporting from Iran on several issues. CNN has made some severe ethical mistakes and violated media standards.


Going through the CNN channel in India two days back, several disturbing facts were observed. CNN has apologized to Iranian government and to the people of Iran for fear of permanent ban from Iran. CNN was afraid of the violent Islamic reaction for the error in reporting.


On the other hand, the very next report on the Pakistani government’s objection to the American air attack in a village in Pakistan CNN showed a map of India without the whole of Kashmir in it!  Did anyone protest?.


Look at the two incidents. Due to a misinterpretation of a speech where the Iranian Prime Minster was quoted as saying that Iran has the right to Nuclear weapons instead of nuclear energy, the country decided to ban the news channel from reporting from inside Iran. The Iranian government has shown the world that even the world’s largest media group can be tamed if and when needed. CNN couldn’t afford ignoring Iran since Iran is going to be the next big media event theatre. CNN cannot afford to be an outside observer when Iran faces the wrath of the west for their nuclear program. CNN wants to feed the media hungry Americans on hot news from Iran. Why shouldn’t India also ban news channels that show maps without Kashmir or send false and misleading reports from India for foreign viewers?.


In India, the media has become very biased. The public is aware of the media bias while watching misreporting on events that affects the nation.


During the tsunami tragedy, Sewa Bharati has worked tirelessly to provide social services to the tsunami victims. Sewa Bharathi has allocated resources, manpower to help the victims. As a volunteer organization, Sewa Bharathi was in the forefront to provide emergency assistance for the helpless victims. In fact, even now Sewa Bharati is actively involved in rehabilitation but the biased media has no interest in reporting Sewa Bharathi’s selfless social services. When Sewa Bharati handed over the first set of homes for the homeless victims, the media completely turned a blind eye to the function. When RSS conducts a Rashra Raksha Sanchalan in Kerala to make the public aware of the dangers of terrorism, the media has completely blacked out the function attended by thousands of people in every town. Without any propaganda the march has evoked great receptions in every street and home they passed through.


The pravasi bharateeya divas award function was also shown live on many channels. The incident where some anti socials objected to the award given to Dr.Parekh, an American based NRI was also telecast. First of all it was a big insult to the office of the President of India. Secondly when all channels spoke about why the objection was raised no one bothered to report about whom or why an award was given to Dr. Parekh.


When a terrorist is being arrested from the Hajj house that overseas the matters of the Hajj pilgrims, we must realize how deep the terrorist network has penetrated. But the media has no interest in reporting Jihadi terrorist’s criminal acts. When the media has shown great expertise in sting operations on corruption the same enthusiasm is not seen on investigative journalism into terrorism related activities. Is it the fear of Jihadi terrorists that prevents the Media from terrorism investigation?.


The media in Kerala has become a caucus for the political parties and the money mafia. The communist’s have two channels promoting Communism. , Asianet from the beginning has an affinity towards the communist and congress. A news channel by the congress is also in the pipeline. Where does all this money come from? The political parties are supposed to be doing service for the society and the public. We don’t need political parties to run TV channels and make big profits for themselves. Today the communists have become a major corporation with TV channels, newspapers, water parks and many more projects. Who funds these? They loot the treasury and accept money from Christian and Muslim money mafia and big corporations.


Almost all states have channels that support one or other political parties. Surprisingly, one would see more of this concentrated in the southern states. Kerala is now flooded with black money and counterfeit notes. This unaccounted black money is channeled for developing television programs. A glaring example is that of Shri. K.P.Mohanan who invested all the money (15 cores) he stole from a Community school in Kuwait into Asianet. Today he is the Managing Director of the channel. He has absconded from Kuwait with his loot. He has been sentenced for eight years of imprisonment during his absence by the Kuwait court.


Media is essential for any country as it covers important information from around the world and brings it to us in the form of news and entertainment. But the manipulation of the media by politicians, fanatics and profit making business houses will only reduce the respect they have in the society. Indian media is increasing becoming a divisive and ant-national force.


The media needs to be more responsible. Until the majority join together and demand fair and unbiased reporting, the media will continue such anti-national, pro-enemy stands without any fear or corrective forces.

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  1. Raghavan Nair Reply

    January 20, 2006 at 2:36 am

    Re: Media needs to be more responsible
    Dear All,

    The observations made are correct and factual. What all happening around have been depicted well and such revelations are coming forward from all corners and help to spread the awareness. Whether it is the politicial parties or the religious pressure groups, they all amaze wealth taking advantage of the conducive atmosphere prevailing in the country and the state in particular. Our existance depends on how best we could check these things and how we could also
    attain developments. What is happening in Gujarat is definitely
    a way ahead for us too. Firstly generate self respect, react
    to any thing that relates to terrorism, national security,
    conversion, measures by govt. to appease the minoiry, devise measures to get rid of curruption and nepotism in all walks
    of life, ensure communal unity at any cost which then should be used to attain political mileage in the state and become
    a powergroup in the government and then bring in income generating measures to establishment social security and
    independence. Without the power of gonverness, it is not
    possible to change the society and then the country.

    Raghavan Nair 5

  2. KALIDAS Reply

    January 21, 2006 at 5:24 am

    Re: Media needs to be more responsible
    Though the biased treatment of PSEUDO-SECULAR media towards Sangh’s programmes is not a new feature , I am very disappointed to AMRITA TV is trying hard to secure first rank among the PSEUDO-SECULARS Even their Motto of AMRITA NEWS team ( ) with Regd. to NEWS is not matching with actions of your NEWS team.

    AMRITA TV have virtually ignored a good & great event taking place in KERALA- RASHTRA RAKSHA SANCHALAN – organized by GHOSH ( Musical Instrument ) team of Sangh Swayam Sevaks. Though they have shown some clippings of the marching swayamsevaks in AMRITA News on two or three days, they have relegated it to a last position.Their deliberate action is unpardonable when large quantities of ammunition (which is handiwork of certain ANTINATIONAL ELEMENTS who wearing the mask of political-religious institutions)is being discovered in various part of KERALA on a regular basis.And it is named after AMMA [ SADGURU MATA AMRITANANDAMAYI DEVI] whose mission is DHARMASANSTAPANA.The SANGH PARIVAR organisations are also engaged in same mission.

    They fears that reporting the programmes & events of these SELFLESS SERVICEminded people (SANGH SWAYAMSEVAKS) will make them subject of discontent of ‘some political-religious institutions’.

    This action on the part of AMRITA TV authorities clearly indicates tommorow they may even refuse to telecast the AMMA’s satsang when invisible knots in the form of DOLLARS from VATICAN & SAUDI ARABIA falls on their necks

    I have a humble request to AMRITA TV Channels & all other Media to put an end to this biased & unfair treatment in future.

    MUMBAI 5

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