Media Hatred of Sangh Parivar

published on February 5, 2006

Westernized Indian media pundits are obscurantist, since they are obsessed with the hatred of the cultural nationalists and the Sangh Parivar. The phony secular media and the intellectual morons are afraid of the collapse of the Communist? Muslim? Christian / pseudo secular unholy alliance, its power and the order of things. Since RSS, VHP and several Hindu organizations have been working to establish schools, colleges, social service institutions, the unholy alliance of the media, ideologically inspired hoaxes and frauds have lost both the capacity and the will to confront Sangh Parivar. They lost the capacity to explain the active participation of the Sangh Parivar in education and social welfare activities.


Now the media and their robotic agents are busy spreading falsehoods, and creating a negative image of RSS and VHP.Ant-Sangh Parivar is the new mantle of the westernized Indian media. Recently RSS has planned to establish a University and several educational institutions in Rajastan. The Rajastan government has allocated land for the University. Alarmed by this, AAJ TAK (TV) has reported that RSS has hidden agendas and the land for the University was obtained under false pretension forcing a government inquiry and stalling the project.


If AAJ TAK sees itself as the champion of fair-play and the enemy of nepotism, why has it so disastrously failed to recognize and confront the hatred of Hindus by the Christian Central Minister Ajit Jogi, Corruption of Mayavati and Lalu Prasad Yadev?  Is it because anti-RSS phenomena has became so deeply enmeshed with their dishonest agenda of anti-Hindutva propaganda? And what role do leftists and missionaries play in this phenomenon? What explains media’s desire to rid the RSS of the capacity to effectively provide education and social services to the poor? Anti-RSS diatribe, deconstructionism and media bias has been in the works since the Italian Catholic Sonia Manio Gandhi became the leader of the Congress party. In addition, the westernized Indian media, selfish politicians and the missionary conversion crusaders have a psychological need to annihilate RSS. Because this is impossible, the anti-national Indian media is willing to fabricate false stories to tarnish RSS.


Leftists, phony liberals, pseudo secularists, missionaries and subversive agents may find the rise of Hindu nationalism to difficult to grapple with and prefer to project an outdated totalitarian vision for India. The westernized Indian media and the Muslim/Christian alliance have wrongfully identified RSS with social problems created by Jihadi terrorists and Christian missionaries. Thus the media has collaborated with anti-national elements in scapegoating RSS for the many grievous crimes committed by corrupt political parties and Christian/Muslim groups.


If AAJ TAK is concerned with the land allocation for the university, why has it had such a difficult time recognizing and confronting foreign money flowing for religious conversion in India? Why the media ignores corrupt practices of the Christian Central Minister Ajit Jogi? The reason is that the media wish to identify and appease with anti-national forces. In addition, the media has completely ignored effective educational programs provided by RSS including Ekal Vidyalas and hospitals for the poor and social services for the needy. RSS has initiated programs to make Delhi a literate province, but the media projected it as a communal agenda. The fraudulent religious conversion activities of the missionaries is projected as a populist vision. What is unfortunately all too certain is that Jihadi terrorism is justified as a social protest. This pattern of media myopia is moral vanity and smugness.


It has become a fad for the media to question any positive move by the RSS. The media has completely ignored the activities of the Guruji Birth Centenary Celebration Committee. When the NDA ministers attend Basnat Panchami in Bihar, it is communal. But when the Congress ministers attend Ramona in New Delhi and mingle with Jihadis, it is a sign of tolerance and pluralism. It is the betrayal of the media. It is a dishonest and deliberate attempt on the part of the media to silence the public and misguide the innocent. It is an attempt for advancing the specific political agenda of our enemies. It is time for the majority to shatter the negative game plan of the media.

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