Meddling with History-In Marxist style

via Bhakta Chandra published on March 12, 2006

The sacred history of `Bharat’ is a thorn in the flesh of Marxists Secularists ,and minorty fanatics, who can’t digest the fact that in spite of the continuation of the venemous Mc Caulay’s education
system , still Hinduism survives in this country. On a war-time footing , these forces are using the services of greedy anti-vedic hindu born writers to distort the historical facts . Such demonic
writers dutifully  blaspheme the sacred scriptures to support their `hidden agenda’ . They propagate that,  the ancient Rishis are fictitious ; and that  the modern Sages are fake `Human-Gods’ . This sinful blasphemy is the root cause of the  pitiful condition of  “Nehru-created INDIA” ( Christianised `BHAARAT’ ) .

Following is  the “new” history that students of Class 11 are going to learn under the CBSE and ICSE courses , soon . The revised history book, Medieval India History, published by NCERT, demolishes historical facts and tarnishes the images of the great heroes of Bhaarat.

“Prithviraj Chauhan was a coward who ran away to save his life during the second battle of Tarain with Mohammad Ghauri.”

“Jaichand (who was believed to be  a traitor) was, in fact a `hero’ who gave up his life while fighting the forces of Ghauri.” 

Edited by the pro-marxist  Prof. Satish Chandra, the fifth chapter of the book on Medieval History clearly states that Prithviraj Chauhan tried to run away from the battle, but was taken prisoner. The book says that when Prithviraj accepted the supremacy of Mohammad Ghauri,
the latter allowed him to continue as ruler of Ajmer. Prithviraj was later killed on charges of treason, according to the book, which goes on to say that Jaichand’s valour was unmatched and that he was killed while fighting the forces of Ghauri in Kannauj .

History, till now, had taught that Jaichand was a coward and a traitor who first betrayed Prithviraj Chauhan, and then was drowned while trying to flee the forces of Ghauri (History of Rajasthan, page 156).

The NCERT history book also demolishes the belief that the main cause of bitterness between Prithviraj and Jaichand was the fact that the latter’s daughter Sanyogita had eloped with Prithviraj and that Jaichand never forgave them.

According to the new book, there were major political differences between the two kings and Sanyogita was not part of it .

While the NCERT book throws new light on Prithviraj Chauhan and Jaichand, the Class 11 book Ancient India History, written by Prof. Ram Sharan Sharma, discards the presence of Lord Krishna during the Mahabharata. The book says, “Although Krishna plays an important role
in the Mahabharata, inscriptions and sculptural pieces found in Mathura dating back to 200 BC and 300 AD do not attest to his presence. Because of this, ideas of an epic age based on the Ramayana and Mahabharata have to be discarded.”

On Ayodhya, the book says, “Archaeological evidence should be considered far more important than long family trees given in the Puranas because Puranic tradition can be used to date Ram of Ayodhya to 2,000 BC, but diggings and extensive exploration in Ayodhya do not show any settlement of the time.”

The “new theories” being propounded in these history books have expectedly created controversy in Uttar Pradesh. The Vedic believers  are up in arms over the deliberate falsification of History . The Hindu leaders have said the manner in which history was being distorted here was nothing short of “blasphemy”.

Sri Krishna Paramatman declares in the Song of God , Geeta :

Gita Verse 7.15

na mam duskrtino mudhah
prapayante naradhamah
asuram bhavam asritah

Those miscreants who are grossly foolish, who are lowest among human beings, whose knowledge is stolen by illusion, and who are having the atheistic nature of demons,  do not surrender unto Me.

Gita Verse 9.11/12

avajananti mam mudha
manusim tanum asritam
param bhavam ajananto
mama bhuta-mahesvaram
moghasa mogha-karmano
mogha-jnana vicetasah
raksasim asurincaiva
prakrtim mohinim sritah

When I appear in My human-like form, foolish people with mundane intelligence disrespect Me, because they cannot know My nature as the Supreme Lord of the entire universe. The hopes of such foolish people for liberation, their fruitful actions and their culture of knowledge all go in vain. Thus, with their minds distracted, they adopt the deluded nature of Atheists and
Asuras (Demons).

Let us pray to  Lord Sri Krishna to save Vedic faith and Bhaarat !!!

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  1. AravindG Reply

    March 12, 2006 at 7:12 am

    Re: Meddling with History-In Marxist style
    The story gives the real picture of our agony.Even our president Dr.Kalam hinted about false history of india. it is a misfortune that we got such historins. But out scriptures also gives contradictory references of the facts. Ramayan differs with authors. Rama the ideal man became god so that we need not live as Rama/Sita because only god or supernatural can live like that. the cronology of events is also confusing. also instead of getting inspiration from the clever and smartness of Krishna and Arjuna or from the mighty Shivaji we made them gods. Now we are continuing the tradition with the emotional acceptance of cine,cricket stars and even sonia. we made the masses illiterate enough to be like that. if we keep the exaggerations and emotions out and think the social and life of the charectors of mahabhatath or ramayana we can find raal people and real history. so the last slogam of the story seems exagerated and also semitian. we had to present things in a pratical and realistic manner considering the fact that the rulers of ancient india spend a lot of effort and money to write exagerated stories of the rulers. We neither found any weapons of mass destruction when ghori/british came nor the brotherhood relation after Rama’s coronation. But some sort of casteless democratic set up better than the epic age existed in the vedic age. Therefore we cannot give lectures in the battle field. Winning war is heroc but misusing the social status and power to personel pleasure disregarding the existing partners and and using any tricks to win sacrificing truth and justice seems simply humanistic. Even the life itself of these rulers is humanistic. None never done anything about social injustise like castism but enjoied it well like the Jats or other uppercastes who enjoys even now. No hints of democracy also. No matter how we try to justify it(supernaturally). We have enough literature beyond the exagerated stories of the rulers. We saw canons when foreigners came.If Shivaji was born much before the persian invasion, we can have another exagerated stories and a God.NASA’s pictures about setu at Rameswaram says that it is Man Made and their date matches with that of TretaYuga, but our popular scripturs says that a real setu is not built rocks with the ‘Rama’ inscription floated in the sea. Why we cann’t say that a brave and efficient human accured the friendship or alliance of monkeys(Now also monkey’s social setup is like that of kings and servents)when no other option was available to recover Sita.
    So we need real History of humans beyond exageration. Iam not an expert, but I hope someone bring some realism to our history and belief. and we can present a refined and real Hinduism. 5

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