Mass Daily Prayers to Prevent the Looting of Guruvayoor Temple

via Krishnadaya published on June 22, 2008



Guruvayoorappa ! Dear Bhaktas ,

The atheist  government in Kerala is doing everything possible to destroy the Vedic Temples under government control . 

After completing the first part of their hidden agenda ,  by nominating militant  God-haters  in the autonomous Devaswom Baords , now they are moving to  the  second phase  of looting the Capital Funds .  

There is a move to withdraw 100 crore Rupees from the fixed deposits of Guruvayoor temple. Out of it ,  50 Crore will be diverted to State water authority department , 35 Crore to  Multi
Parking System coming in Guruvayur and 15 Crore for making annexes for
the palatial guest houses Sreevalsam and Panjajanyam. These Govt.  guest houses  are meant for the men in power and not  the genuine Devotees . There is acute shortage of  facilities
even for the primary necessities of Devotees , but the anti-Temple
rulers are not interested in the welfare of Krishna-devotees  .  

During the term of previous Congress Government,  the move to divert Rupees 50 lakhs for Water Authority was defeated by  protests from Devotees and Vedic  organizations .  

In the name of GuruvayoorTemple , there is a  fixed Deposit of 342 crore Rupees. If 100 Crore is withdrawn, it will seriously affect the  day to day functioning  of the Temple.   This clandestine move to  divert the Temple funds is to start a new working system. Once this precedence is started , within no time the temple coffers will be wiped out by the Atheists  in power .  

At present Guruvayur Devaswom spends more than One Crore rupee just for the salary of Temple staff, which is much higher than the monthly income generated from Devotee’s offerings .  

The  Devaswom
Chairman is planning to buy a new luxury car as the present Lancer he
is using is outdated! Devaswom Administrator bought a new Ford Fiesta
recently dumping the previous Hyundai accent – All with  Guruvayoorappan’s money .

Guruvayoorappan’s Will , ignored by the Sinful Administrators .

In the recent  “Astamangalya Devaprasnam” , Guruvayoorappan has revealed His will to implement the following


  1. Replacement of the defective “Suvarna-Dwajam” ( Gold plated Flag staff) .
  2. Renovation of the  “Upa-Deva” Ganapaty’s  Temple.
  3. A Shelter for Aged Devotees .
  4. An institution to teach the Vedas and associated Rituals .

Unfortunately , the sinners in Guruvayoor Devaswom Board have ignored Bhagavan’s will . And they are diverting  Bhagavan’s money to benefit those  vested interestshostile to the Temple .

Mass Prayers to SaveGuruvayoorTemple

Guruvayoorappa devotees all over the world are performing “Nama-Japam” from 6.30 – 7.00 PM , seeking Guruvayoorappan’s  direct intervention to save the Temple.  Bhakthavalsala will never let down His Devotees .


Namo Narayanaya !!!!

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