Marxist Taliban Join the Jihad to Destroy India – Launch Culture Wars

By Aron published on February 15, 2016


Revolutions start with the youth, so ideologies catch them when they are young.

Totalitarian ideologies therefore seek minds that are receptive and bodies that will serve as foot soldiers for their cause.

They promise the Revolution that will bring the Change.

Revolutions in history have ended up in bloodbaths and a change for the worse. For this very same reason, that young do not have the hindsight that obtains wisdom for the old.

The French elite, who envisioned a revolutionary change of the feudal order, suggested to the public mind that Change is Futuristic. Marxism later argued that since Change cannot come from a nation’s past, it meant however rich a nation’s Culture, it is redundant and needs be removed out of way, quite violently, if you seriously meant any ‘Progressive’ Change.

Whatever that is full of vehemence against their culture and seeks its destruction is welcome as revolutionary. The global Islamist Jihad movement is thus seen as an ally of the Revolutionary and spun as harbingers of change for the good.

Secondly, if you sought Change for a better world, then you must look ahead, to the Future.

Similarly if you sought for the people who will usher in the desired or envisioned change, then those people most near to Future should be best equipped for the task. That is the younger generation.

This idea is clearly laughable if applied to any field of human activity. No one entrusts their cars to a novice mechanic. No one would trust his abdomen surgery to the freshman intern instead of senior consultants.

But that was how it happened in Politics- perhaps because even today the only people who need no special qualification to do their jobs, to run countries are the Politicians.

This was how the term ‘Progressives’ came.

Progressives put the inexperienced and naïve Youth in French popular imagination, as the folks who belong to the Future since they are the future, as well its executives of Change.

Lack of worldly knowledge or life experience no longer barred Youth from suddenly being elevated not just as equals to the older elite but also somehow best qualified to show the way.

In two French provinces of Brittany and Anjou, the Youth emerged for the first time in history as a Political force for Change.

They were hailed as embodiments of the Ideal and welcomed as hero comrades in arms. For no other special merit they possessed, than this fact of being simply naïve and young.

The older revolutionary Elite sized the youth as a weapon to lay their hands on power while till then they required a cabal and an army to overthrow the crown.

With the entry of this entry of this new Political Force of Youth- the Revolution unrolled the guillotines and mass executions of the Class enemies began.

The Jakobites’ Revolutionary Tribunals drove youth groups to mindless violence in a scale that was never seen so horrifically. It is this indoctrinated Youth who would feature in all the subsequent horrors of Lenin and Stalin’s purges, and mercilessly put to death the millions whom Mao pointed fingers during Cultural Revolution.

The Indian Marxist elite dream of this Jakobite Revolutionary reign terror that will ‘eliminate’ the Oppressive Brahminical fascist Class oppressors. So they look at with awe the horrifying barbarism of Kashmir insurgency that did Ethnic Cleansing of all Pundits from the Kashmir Valley- and the exodus of brahminical hindu minority as inspirational Revolutionary process.

The Marxists seek to expand this successful revolutionary process of Kashmir insurgency to liberate rest of India and its Oppressed masses starting with the Dalits. The Jakobite youth must derive its inspiration from the mass murderers and Terrorists who inflicted the heaviest casualties. They were the role models and Pioneers of revolutionary change.


There was another reason why French revolution succeeded. There was a Power vacuum in which they could operate in the years between 1788 and 1791.

In my earlier essay I had warned Hindu nationalists that the decimation of the Left of Centre Congress Party in 2014, may not be actually good for Indian nationalism or democracy, as the vacuum will be filled up by Communists, anarchists, ultra leftists who will forge an alliance with Islamist Jihadis and regional Separatists.

This has already come partially true with rise of anarchist Kejerival’s Aam admi Party and more setbacks for nationalists in regional elections.

But the longer it takes for a nationalist opposition Party to recover, the longer this vacuum will remain to suck in the Ultra leftists like Maoists and Jihadi separatists.

This vacuum in Opposition political space would tell the Leftists that the chances of success for a Revolution are that much closer.

So they would dare and try staging the revolution by forging an alliance with every centrifugal force- be it Dalit subaltern movements the other day or Kashmiri separatists today in the University campus, or perhaps Tamil Separatists the day after.

There is likewise another Vacuum in the Cultural War space.

Since the focus on the government supported by Hindu nationalists was on Economic development and not Cultural Change- the Revolutionary elite want to take full advantage of this retreat of Cultural Nationalists from the Cultural wars.

It is not a coincidence that this student Protest at JNU is amusingly called a ‘Cultural’ event. More such ‘Cultural’ events would spread across the Youth habitats of India.

Hindu Nationalists and especially the Government must understand that if they do not face the Culture Wars and shirk the battles- the war will come to them.

There is therefore no escaping the need to add Hindu Culture and its defense to the Development focus.

Otherwise centrifugal forces doing Culture Wars would be unleashed on an unprecedented scale, even as counter measures by the democratic state would be projected as Fascist and oppressive of legitimate dissent.

Political dissent is legitimate in democracies within bounds of law. Since those bounds are defined by the Constitution, the attacks will be always targeted upon its own legitimacy versus its challenge.

Put simply, Indian Constitution will be constantly demanded to vacate space in the name of legitimate dissent. This is really war by other means on the Indian State.

The more the democratically elected state attempts to fight these challenges staying within bounds of constitution and law, the more it will be driven to a corner.

The Leftists will dare the state to step out, ever narrowing the space, till the democratic state admit it is powerless to enforce the Constitution even in that narrowed space.

Put simply, the Indian Constitution will be suspended, cease to exist in effect and its agencies rendered toothless.

A kind of defacto transition state of Revolution.

Even as this frustration of Indian State by centrifugal forces gets achieved, the Ultra Leftists would invite the Leftist Global media to create a bogey of Indian State as an oppressor, and an Extremist Right Wing fascist state from which the minorities and the downtrodden Dalits need to be rescued.

This is the real danger.

The leftists would invite Islamist movements from overseas like the Iranian Left invited the Ayotollah.

The open sloganeering for Martyrs of the Past Jihad of Afsal Guru and Ajmal Kasabs is towards priming the Indian mind for the Martyrs of the Future jihad from the Islamic state.

If the Indian Government fails to enforce the writs of the Constitution against Sedition in JNU, the Left will bench mark this for expanding this sedition to newer grounds.

Islamic state will not only have Imam of Delhi but the entire Left and global media to plead for its activists.

The Iranian revolution destroyed the Left liberals who helped it in same manner, but Indian Left never learnt anything from history.

Western Interventionism has sown Civil Wars in a row of nations that were till that date stable.

The Left will supply the Humanitarian Interventionists a ready cause.

The Marxist Taliban is suddenly active all across the country. It is apparent that Left movements are awash with funds.

A Newyork Times story revealed recently that Western interventionists siphon huge funds to such activists in third countries, from Arab states and donors and later arms to buy and supply an insurgency.

Therefore, if the Nationalists do not remove this Marxist Taliban from the political vacuum space, then Centrifugal forces will rip India apart and open the doors to the Islamic State.

We must defeat this attempt to recruit our Youth and students by the Talibanis of Marx.

Counter intuitively one way to ensure this should be the bringing to the fore of the Parents and their concerns in this debate.

But the Jihadis have anticipated this problem and have begun recruiting parents as well to endorse their cause. The parents of the Dalit student activist who committed suicide were put on display in the Islamist rally of Muslim League.

But most parents would not share this animosity for India like their brainwashed wards, or consent to this abuse of their children by the Marxist Taliban.

The Parents must be brought into this battle ground- like the Progressives marched the naïve youth to gallows in the French revolution.

With their help and showing their demand, the Campuses all over India must evict the Marxist Taliban.


The French Revolution and the Origins of Modern Youth Movements, 1788–1791
by Deplanche, Nicolas, Ph.D.,

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